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fun events, activities, attractions and things to do in Seattle. Concerts, Sports, Family Fun, Couples Dating, Group Fun...

2020.09.27 06:39 CyCoCyCo Intel based Gaming & Streaming PC + KVM w/ Ultrawide monitor, no peripherals

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
I’ve built my past few rigs and generally do all the research myself, just have been out of the scene for a while and am not familiar with the latest gen stuff.
Gaming, any latest games, competitive too. I’m playing AOE2:DE right now, but like to play new things on PC, possibly cyberpunk, CoD etc. Basically, play any new games at almost the best spec possible.
Have the PS5 ordered too, so will play some games on that.
Also, will use it for basic streaming. My current rig seems to be able to handle that fine (30% RAM used, 10-20% processor), but the stream is low res for some reason.
I also keep tons of stuff open at the same time, Chrome windows (5-10 with 200-300 tabs, I use the great unsuspender for that).
I also plan to use this to WFH. So adding in some sort of KVM solution to connect a work laptop and 3x monitors would be awesome.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
Let’s say $2700-ish for now. Ideally, I want it to last a while, like my 5960x build which has easily held up for 7 years.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
If I can can find a Build quickly, maybe this thanksgiving.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Lighting - Some kind of easy to setup lighting system would be fun. I got LED strips for this box but it seemed complicated to setup so never did it. Blue would be nice, else RGB or changeable colors.
I’m trying to figure out the best monitor to upgrade to. Any help would be great! Ideally I want a 34” 4k 2160p 240hz 1ms, but that doesn’t exist afaik.
The G9 looks awesome, but I’m just not sold on superultrawide. On one hand, bigger is better :). On the other hand, it just feels too big. Right now, My setup is 24” vertical 34” Dell 24” vertical. I definitely want atleast 1 vertical monitor. I’ve heard good things about the LG 38” too.
Graphics Card : I’ll get the 3080. Ideally I want the Founders edition, but I doubt i can get my hands on that. Maybe the EVGA FTW3, assuming I can get that. I don’t have to get this the same time as the rest, can wait till Christmas or whenever.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
Seattle or San Francisco. Micro center, even if there is one, I doubt I’ll go physically to get stuff, so let’s say no.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
My current rig:
I will be reusing all the HDDs, don’t need that. I plan to buy a new monitor separately as well.
I have multiple mice and keyboards, my generic speakers are fine, have a headset too, can reuse the DVD rom drive etc. Already have a wrist strap, magnetic tray etc.
Mainly the CPU box without HDDs and monitor suggestions.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
May not mind down the line. Don’t particularly see the value of that tiny bit of extra juice to stress the hardware
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
I just bought a Synology 1819+ for simple mirror backup + will backup that to backbone, so no need.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Yes! Written in the main answer. Repeating here, full tower, with colors.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
No, reusing my current windows drive.
Extra info or particulars:
Ask me any questions, happy to edit and update this post with more info.
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2020.09.27 06:20 coy-coyote [URCHIN] The Pauper and The Pimp

Metaplot: The Urchin storyline revolves around a rogue personafix program that has begun to develop a xenosapient intelligence form within its own programming; the personafix exploits street children to create a gang of thieves and hoodlums above common criminal suspicions.
This is the intro run to a long series of runs of individuals and organizations chasing down the Urchin P-Fix. Other runs involve the children's heists, a foundation run to give the A.I. some better roots, and of course LE interventions and surveillance runs to attempt to apprehend the children.
Meet occurred in the Everett D-zone, in a disused intersection near an apartment complex. Runners met with Urchin's team as they street-chopped a parked Shin Hyung.
Runners opted for a social infiltration using portions of the children's gang as a 'youth group' after having Ashes insert some false data into the registration and booking intel on the second data host for K.E. records. Niko, Dave, and Enoch went on-site, with Niko and Dave providing social cover and Enoch using illusion spell cover for the rigging team. Iosefka provided general overwatch and used electronic warfare to jam signals from various reporting devices on the property. Runners did not opt to engage in the riskiest phase of the theft and only received low scaled High threat rewards.
Urchin's got an entire fleet of stolen and re-stolen vehicles available for cover for his gang of ragamuffins; further metaplot hooks will involve this theft and prior history of Urchin's crimes.
1500 (R3 fake SIN [Here Are Your Passports]) X2; 350 nuyen for GMC bulldog van rental x3
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2020.09.27 03:21 BrunoIvan343 I carly ep 2

Which is why I say the potato is superior to the sports bra. And if you don't believe us, try making French fries out of a sports bra. Okay! Next on iCarly, we're gonna talk about the doorman who works in the lobby of this building. - His name is Lewbert. - The meanest man alive. We hate his guts. And so you can hate Lewbert's guts just as much as us We asked our technical producer, Freddie Say yo to the people, Freddie. Yo, to the people. How you all doing out there? That's enough, Freddie. Anyway, we've been secretly videotaping Lewbert for almost a week. So let's take a look at some of the highlights. - Freddie, roll the clip. - Playback. Okay. And there's Lewbert sitting at his desk. Just a nasty little man working in the lobby. And if you look real close, you can see his wart. Zoom in on it, Freddie. Digital zoom. There it is, living happily right on Lewbert's face. I call that wart Little Lewbert. Zoom out. Okay, see that lady? Watch what happens. - Out! - I just need to check my mail. - No dogs in my lobby! - I will leave in a minute! Now! Out! You know what? I pay rent in this building. This is not right that you are treating us like this. He's arguing with a pomegranate. - Pomeranian. - Whatever. Okay, okay, now watch Lewbert closely. See that little kid with a balloon right next to him? - Mommy! That man ate my cookie! - You took my son's cookie? No! No way. How dare you! - You are so cruel! - I'm cruel? You have crumbs falling all over your face and all over my face. Security! That man took my son's cookie. What are you going to do about it? - You see what he did? - Did you see that? As you can see, Lewbert's a bad person. which we call, - "Messin' with Lewbert. " - "Messin' with Lewbert. " - And there's Lewbert, live. - I'll dial the lobby downstairs. Main lobby. And that concludes this segment of - "Messin' with Lewbert. " - "Messin' with Lewbert. " Who is this? What up, my peeps? Wow, that greeting was uncool in so many ways. Yeah? Well, uncool is the new cool. Wow, that comeback was uncool in so many ways. - All right, you know what, Sam? - What, Freddie? - Why don't you tell me what. - I am a human being. - You're a human being? - I deserve respect! - You deserve a brain. - At least I have a brain! No, you don't have a brain. You have nose hairs - What'd you just do? - What was that? See, when you have a cat, that's how you get them to stop misbehaving. You just spritz them with some water. - Well, you can't do that to us. - We're not cats. Yeah, just put your little bottle Spencer! Dinner time! You guys staying for dinner? - Yeah, I got no place to go. - Sure. I'm here. One sec. - So, what's for dinner? - We're having my special spaghetti. Nice-looking meatballs. Hey, your guys' web show was pretty awesome tonight. I loved how you guys zoomed in on Lewbert's big old wart. I wonder what'd happen if you squeezed that thing. You think some kind of Lewberty goo would squirt out of it? I just wish we could get more people watching the show. The same number of people watched iCarly this week as last week. That's the problem. Our show's getting better and better, so more people should be watching it. Why do you guys care how many people are watching? Why do we care? You're an artist. When you create a new sculpture, do you want two people to see it or do you want two million people to see it? Two million. So, ideas? Yeah. Your spaghetti could use more garlic. I think Carly's spaghetti is great. Then why don't you put some down your pants. Because maybe I don't want to put pasta down my pants! Maybe you should try All right, look. We all know that making a good show is important. And so is getting more people to watch. So, what if we each come up with a cool way - to get more people to watch. - Yeah. And then we show our ideas to the iCarly audience. And we let them vote on who came up with the best idea? Right, like a contest. That way we do a good show and get more viewers. - I'm on Carly's team. - Teams? She said "each. " And why do you get to be on Carly's team? 'Cause "each" sounds like a lot of work. Relax, buddy. I'll be on your team. - Seriously? - Yeah, I got time. - You're not still dating that girl? - She only liked me for my socks. - That's weird. - Is it? - Well, okay then. We're partners. - Partners! Perfect. So it's me and Sam versus Freddie and Spencer. Team with the best idea to get more viewers wins. Okay. But I think the team that loses should have some penalty. Hasn't life already penalized you enough? - That's for being mean. - It was worth it. All right, come on. What should the losers have to do? I'm gonna say, losing team has to touch Lewbert's wart. Yeah! I mean Hey, Freddie. Man! - What are you doing? - Bleeding. - Why are you here? - We are gonna win the contest. I came up with an insanely awesome way to get more people watching your guys' webcast. - Tell me. - We get a bunch of fireworks, right? And not the lightweight consumer-grade stuff. I'm talking Fourth of July razzle-dazzle. - Razzle-dazzle? - Yes, both. Then, at night, we launch the fireworks off the roof of our building, and they explode spelling out "iCarly. Com" in the sky. - Can we really do that? - No. So I came up with something else. A sign. - A sign? - A big sign. One that lights up all different colours and says, - "Please go online to iCarly. Com. " - Yeah, yeah, that's good. We should hang it someplace like Like over a really busy highway. Thousands of people will see it when they drive by. You are a tiny genius. Well, well. Look what the janitor swept up. Spencer Shay. I thought I'd seen the last of you eight years ago when you graduated. But, sadly, you're back. Nice to see you, Ms Briggs. Or, now that I'm older, may I call you Margaret? - You may not! - Why? My name is Francine! Now get out before I give you detention. I'm 26. You can't give me detention. Then I give you detention. - One week. - What? - You don't scare him. - Yes, she does. - Get out! - No. - Two weeks detention. - Dude! Get out of here! No, no, no, no, wait. I am not letting this lady Spencer Shay, you have 30 seconds to leave or else Freddie gets expelled. Go! - I got it! I got it! - You thought of an idea for the contest? No. You remember at lunch, that piece of corn I got stuck in my teeth? - No. - Well, here it is! And thank you, for flicking your used corn onto my floor. Now, give me that. You gotta help me think of an idea. All right. - Right after we watch Seattle Beat. - No. - Please? Come on - No, we're not watching the show. - We're watching Seattle Beat. - No, we're not. I'm not gonna let you. - We're watching the show! Come on. - No, I don't want to watch it. Okay, fine! Okay, you may like the old drummer better, but I still say they're the best band happening in Seattle today. And to prove it, you're gonna see 'em right here on Seattle Beat, live, coming up in less than a half hour. Is that cool? And how about you people outside the Seattle Beat window? I got it. I know how we're gonna get a ton more people to watch our webcast. - Does it involve dental floss? - No, why? I think that piece of corn had a friend. Listen! You see those people outside the window on Seattle Beat? Yeah. You and I are gonna make a big banner. I enjoy big banners. And we're gonna take it down to Seattle Beat and hold it up right in front of that window for this whole city to see. That's brilliant. Everybody watches Seattle Beat. - Well, say thank you. - Why? I thought of it. - Yeah, but I thought of watching TV. - Let's just go make the banner. All right, let's banner it up. Okay, okay. I'm coming. I'll go. I'll go. I'll go upstairs. I'm hurrying. I'm hurrying. I'm hurrying. I'm going. Hey, that's my thighs. Hurry! It's about to rain. I'm right behind you and it's already raining. Come on. Pardon me, ma'am. I'm really sorry. Move. Step aside, here. We're from the Internet. - We just need to get through right now. - Sorry. So, just move. Yeah. - Hold it up high! - Let's spread the word, baby. Move! We're from the Internet. Get ready, Seattle! And if you like what you just heard, you can catch that band live at The Showbox next weekend. That sign is messed up. We're gonna have to touch Lewbert's wart. Okay, I got the ground wire attached. Let's see if we got a hot circuit. - No, no, no, no, no, no, no. - Why no? Seven times? 'Cause you're a child, and this is high-voltage stuff, and you're not even wearing safety goggles. See, you gotta be extra careful when you're And that is why we wear safety goggles. Hey. - Do I smell barbecue? - No, that's my burning flesh. - What's that? - Soggy banner. Our plans to get more viewers didn't go too well. Yeah, like how the Titanic staying afloat didn't go too well. Come on, maybe a few people read our sign. Before the rain ruined all our hard work and made us sad. Yeah. We could still win. Yeah, I don't think so. I think me and Spencer are gonna win, and you two are gonna have to touch Lewbert's wart. I feel bad for you, Carly. Not for you. - Sore loser. - You haven't won yet. What are you guys planning to do? You'll find out. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a contest to win. No offence, Carly. Come on, let's go dry off. Remember, iCarly goes live in three hours. - We'll be ready. - To win. Still no offence, Carly. All right, kid. Help me get this puppy down to the lobby. Okay, but then I gotta come back up here and help get ready for the show. I understand. - Who's that? - It's my buddy with the truck. Hey, you downstairs? Okay, we'll bring it downstairs, then me and you can load it on the back of your truck. Okay, down in five. Now let's get this sign on the road. Freddie? - Yo, Fred-o? - Help me. Okay, on our last webcast, Sam and I told you to go to iCarly. Com and click that feedback button. And man, you people clicked on that sucker like it was your job. So first, we wanna say thanks. - Thanks. - Thanks. And second, we wanna show you a video clip sent in by three iCarly viewers from Denver, Colorado. Freddie, play that clip. - Some people might say please. - Yeah. I didn't. Playback. Hey, Carly and Sam. We love your guys' web show. - Love it! - Yeah! Okay, okay, good. We got an important question for you. Can you drink spaghetti and meatballs? - Spaghetti and meatballs! - Spaghetti and meatballs! Okay, we have no idea why that guy in the middle was wearing a bunny suit. But it did get our attention. And so did the question, "Can you drink spaghetti and meatballs?" We gonna find out. Okay, we invited the little boy who lives two floors down to come up here and be our little tester. So, get out here, Emmett! - This is Emmett. He doesn't talk much. - Isn't that right? See? Luckily, Emmett will eat or drink anything. Seriously! One time Sam dropped a quarter. Emmett ate it. I got it back three days later. Okay, Emmett. We wanna know. Can you drink spaghetti and meatballs? So first, we take this spaghetti. And the meatballs. You gotta love spherical meat. We put it in the blender. - There we go. - Ready? And press frappé. - You ready, kid? - Go for it. - And there you have it. - You can drink spaghetti and meatballs. Now get out of here, Emmett. You creep me out. Yes, you can have the rest. Okay, now, we're gonna do something we've never done before. Tell us what it is, Carly. We thought it'd be fun to have a contest. Me and Carly against our technical producer, Freddie. Who teamed up with my older brother, Spencer. To see which team could come up with the best idea to get more people to watch iCarly. Sadly, our plan didn't go too great. Check it out. And if you like what you just heard, you can catch that band at The Showbox next weekend. So be sure That sign is messed up. Okay, obviously, that sign won't be getting us any more viewers. Our project failed. But luckily, we weren't the only ones with a plan this week. So let's go to my brother, Spencer, live on a remote camera to tell us about his and Freddie's idea. Okay, going to Spencer, live. Hey, Spencer, how's it going out there? What's up, Spence? - Spencer? - Hello? - Put the taco down. - Are you there? - Can he hear us? - Yeah, he should be able to. - Try now. - Hey, Spencer! Hey, Carly, Sam. You guys owe me half a taco. Yeah. So tell us what you're planning to do out there. Well, I'm currently standing by the interstate near the Lumford on-ramp in downtown Seattle. Now, as you can see, there are literally many cars. I'll show you. Literally many cars passing by every minute. Which makes this the perfect place to hang a gigantic, luminescent sign. Like this! Behold the sign! Are you beholding it? We're beholding it. And since we're good sports, I have to say that sign does deserve a Good job, Spencer. You too, Freddie. Thank you, Carly. In your face, Sam. Carly, Sam. You cannot understand how awesome this sign looks from out here. It is so dazzlingly bright, I swear, it's like What's going on out there, Spencer? Well, it seems our sign is so bright and dazzling, it distracted one of the drivers below. Actually, two of the drivers Three of the Literally many of the drivers below are being distracted by our extremely dazzling sign. Quick! Turn it off! - Turn it off! - Okay. I will now turn off the sign. - That's not "off!" - Spencer! - Dude! - Man. I am pressing the buttons, literally all of them, trying to turn off the sign. You're gonna overload the circuits! - "Pee on Carl"? - Turn that off! I'm trying! If the stupid cars would just Don't look at the sign! Stop beholding the sign! I stepped on my taco. Wait, wait, and read this one. - Insane. - Unbelievable. - I know, can you believe this? - I said unbelievable. I'm sorry, I thought you said you were doofy and annoying. All right, one more comment like that Try not to kill each other while I get the door. - He belong to you? - Yes, sir. He's my brother. Thank you, Officer. Do you have any lotion? No! Now, I'm letting you off with a warning. But next time you cause one of the worst traffic jams in Seattle history, you will get arrested. I think that sounds fair. What were you thinking? Putting up a sign telling people to pee on Carl? It was a terrible mistake, Officer Carl. Well, that was And just so you know, I did have lotion. Cucumber melon. - That was weird. - Yeah, that was weird. - Yeah, that was not right. - That was messed up. Anyway, sorry I kind of ruined your webcast tonight. - You didn't. - Come here. What? We were just reading the comment boards. Listen to this one. "The spaghetti in the blender made me LOL. But I swear, "when your brother's banner said, 'Pee on Carl,' "I almost peed myself. " Now read the one below it, about Seattle Beat. Yeah, here. "Carly, loved seeing you and Sam on Seattle Beat. "Sorry about the wet banner, but that was hilarious. "I'm gonna forward that clip to every kid in my school. Rock on, iCarly!" Sweet. How many comments like that? - Tons. - People are linking to us. - Telling their friends. - Okay, so wait, wait, wait. We all failed miserably trying to get you guys more viewers for iCarly. And yet it is precisely those miserable failures that are getting you guys more viewers for iCarly. - Right. - Yeah, that's it. Insanity. - Hey, we almost forgot the best part. - Yeah? - What? - Since all of us pretty much lost the contest, none of us have to touch Lewbert's wart. - Yeah. - That's right. Well then I say, let's go get us some low-fat cheese-less vegetarian pizza! - And some cucumber melon lotion? - Please! Hey guys, I love iCarly. Now watch me pick my nose with my toes.
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2020.09.27 01:52 Thicciraz Looking for a $600 build for 1080p gaming and some light video editing.

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
I'll probably do some light video editing and playing Black Ops: Cold War when it comes out.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Probably Black Friday but I can wait if new parts drop.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Just the tower.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
I'm located about an hour north of Seattle. No, there isn't a Microcenter near me.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
I'm not reusing any parts.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
No, I won't be overclocking.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
No, there aren't.
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Just need ethernet.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
I'd prefer mATX but any other size is fine.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
I don't need a copy of Windows.
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2020.09.26 23:57 combolations 29 [M4F] Looking for a date or FWB in (North) Seattle

Hi there, Reddit :)
I'm a tall, kinda chubby, 29 year old white male who's looking for a date or a FWB situation in Seattle, ideally North Seattle. I'm 6'8", around 270lb, safe, sane, kinky, and DDF. I love kisses, cuddles, board/video games, kitties, and naps. I'm looking for a woman who's 21+ and safe/sane/DDF as well, and being kinky is a plus. I have and use Snapchat if you're interested.
Hope to talk to you soon ;)
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2020.09.26 21:46 CrystalBloodWolf The Last of Us Part II - A sample out of my rewrite for feedback!

Chapter 24 - Aquarium Tour
Date: 17th of May 2038
Location: Aquarium, Pier 59, Seattle

Ellie had sat down at one of the couches that had been laid out in the reception area of the aquarium. She's had some time to take in her environment now and she quite enjoeyed the serene atmosphere this place gave off.

With the ocean so close, the paintings on the walls gave her a sense of warmth and safety, like a long buried memory rising up to greet her and give her a hug, after what seemed like an eternity.

She had taken her guitar with her, pulling softly at the strings to fill the void that had settled over this place.

It was a calming melody, allowing her to lose herself for just a moment in this moment of peace and clarity.

After a little while, she heard small taps against the floor, eratic breathing and a tail swinging in the air, coming closer to her.

She opened the eyes she had closed to focus on the music, and looked up on the object that had pulled her out of her trance. And there it stood, innocently enough, the german shepard that belonged to none other than Owen's pregnant girlfriend, just starring back at her.

Ellie: Hi there, little fellow.

She had cought that her name was Allice. Ellie had to admit that it was quite a beautiful dog, looking fascinated with the stranger that had entered her home. The dog had sat down, slightly tilting her head to take in her apearance.

Ellie picked up the guitar from her lap and put it to the side, leaning forward, slowly outstretching her hand towards the shepard's head. She made sure not to startle her and slowly began to pet her.

Ellie: Oh, you like that, don'tcha? do...

It was clear Allice loved every bit of attention Ellie was giving her at that moment. She leaned into it, tongue sticking out of her mouth and a satisfied expression on her face.

Ellie: You're such a good girl, I bet you are.

Ellie had now abandoned her position on the couch and crouched down infront of the shepard to treat it in a better manner.

Now with both hands roaming over the dog's head and upper body, giving everything a good scratch and petting. The dog seemed to love it, and Ellie couldn't shake off that grin on her face that had started to build throughout this process.

She hadn't even noticed that Joel had come back inside and already stood a couple metres away from her.

Joel: Looks like you already made a new friend.

She looked over her shoulder at him, a bit surprised of his sudden apearance, but that smile never left her face.

Ellie: She's such a beautiful dog, isn't she?

Joel: Yeah, she's cute. And trained to kill.

Ellie: Come on, Joel! She's a sweetheart. Arren't you my little girl? Yes, you are!

Joel crossed his arms and stepped closer towards them, sizing the dog up and down a little bit.

Joel: Hmm...guess she's alright.

Ellie: You heard that, Allice? Sounds like ol' papa Joel is a little jealous over there.

Joel just shook his head, a small chuckle escaping him.

Joel: If you wanna put it like that. Just be careful, you never know what they've done with their attack dogs.

Ellie: I'll be fine, Joel. You see anything out there we have to worry about?

Joel: No. Area looks clear, as far as I could tell. Turns out the boy isn't as full of it as I had assumed.

Ellie: He's a good guy. You shouldn't be too hard on him.

Joel: Funny coming from someone who kept bossin' him around on our way here.

Ellie: Well, that's how I made sure he'd be trustworthy. Believe it or not, I'm actually getting better at judging people.

Joel didn't miss the look that had passed over her face. Her expression was somber, he could tell bad memories were giving her trouble. He looked off to the side and let out a breath, now giving the space he was in some attetntion.

Joel: I'd guess it'll be awhile before those three'll get back. What d'ya say, kiddo? Wanna give this place a little explorin'?

She snapped back into reality and put her head down in though.

Ellie: Why not? I mean it's not everyday that we have an aquarium all to ourselves.

Joel: That we ain't. Let's get goin't then.

A small smile had come back on her face and she turned back to face Allice, who had still been looking back and forth between Joel and her.

Ellie: How about you be our guide, girl. Huh, you wanna show Joel and me your home?

She stood up from her kneeling position and gave Allice a couple more strokes before she had stood up. With a couple of barks, the shepard had stood up as well and lead them towards a door, out of the reception.

Ellie: You see that? I think she really understands me.

Joel: Or she's just hungry, looking for her food bowl.

Ellie: Stop being such a downer. She's a smart girl, I can tell.

They started following her out of the room into a connector corridor leading to the first set of exhibition windows, that were sadly empty.

Joel: Oh really? And how exactly you'd reckon that?

Ellie: Just a feeling. And she hasn't attacked any of us yet, so that has to count for something.

Joel: Seems so. Then let's see where she leads us.

Allice had continued to walk forward and only came to a stop infront of a sign above another set of doors. They all looked up at it.

Ellie: "The Ocean Experience", Well that's...vague.

Joel: These things are always like that. Tryin' to catch your interest, so that you'd invest your time in it.

Ellie: Hard to believe that people back then had problems to decide what to do. Back in Boston, we had to constantly come up with things to do, when we weren't busy with school or getting ourselves in trouble, of course.

Joel: How come you've never told me anything about the life you had before we met?

Ellie: Dunno, never found the right moment, I guess. It's not like you're one that's big on sharing what's in the past.

Joel: Fair point. All right, how 'bout this? We take turns. I'll tell you somethin' from my past, and then you'll tell me somethin' about yours?

After a moment of consideration, she nodded her head in agreement.

Ellie: Sounds good. You wanna start, or should I?

Joel: Just ask me somethin' you wanna know. We'll go on from there.

He shoved open both of the doors and allowed them entry, Allice quickly heading infront of him, down the small set of stairs infront of them. The room was filled with the same kind of windows as the corridors before had.
All the windows had a small picture and the name of the sea creature they showcased, on a little billboard infront of each respective one, but the tanks were still left empty.

Ellie: Such a shame. There arren't even any traces left of them.

Joel: The bacteria in the water probably took care of that.

Ellie: Looks like your genius is showing again, old man.

Joel: I have my moments.

They went down the steps and inspected the billboards. All kinds of different fish, crabs and other sea organisms were depicted, in different shapes, sizes and colours.

They took their time to inspect it, even if it wasn't much.

Ellie: So let's see...Ah, I've got one! Back in Boston, you and Tess. Was there ever anything going on between you two, or were you just friends.

Joel: You really ain't pullin' any punches on this one, huh? Um...well, we were partners. We'd been doin' work for quite a while together, so I'd be lyin' if I said that there was nothin' that'd crossed my mind.

Ellie: Uh huh. I mean, I could tell that there was something between you two. Just couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was.

Joel: Trust me, kiddo. Neither could we.
Allice had stopped infront of one of the windows, the bilboard reading "Sea horses"

Ellie: Watcha looking at, girl? No cute little sea horses here, I'm afraid.

Joel: We already got land horses waitin' for us outside, so she can look at those if she wants.

Ellie: You heard that, Allice? I think he's warming up to you.

She had bend forward to give her a couple more caress her behind her ears. Joel just let a "tss" and entered the next room, with a similar display that had been setup, but the windows inside there were fewer, but larger. Ellie and Allice had followed him inside there shortly after.

Ellie: I think it's your turn now.

Joel: always mentioned growing up in that military boarding school. Was it really that bad?

She needed a moment to collect her thoughts on this topic before she was able to answer.

Ellie: Looking back at it, sure it wasn't the best place to be, but also not the worst. I mean, I had trouble getting along with the teachers there and the other kids, plus getting up at the crack of dawn for military drills was a pain in the ass, but other than that, there wasn't much to complain about. I had food to eat and a bed to sleep in. And Riley was there.

Joel: The friend of yours that was there when you got bitt?

Ellie: Yeah, that's her. She was probably the only thing that kept me sane.

Joel: and her, uhm...were you...?

Ellie: Together? Like in a relationship? Nah, never had the chance. At least I got to show her how I felt before she died.

Joel: I'm sorry, Ellie.

Ellie: Don't be. Getting to spend that day with her in that mall...that was one of the happiest moments in my life. I have to be thankful for that. Even if remembering it hurts.

They start to inspect the different windows again, until Joel came across one he recognized.

Joel: Huh, dolphins. Sarah loved those.

Ellie: Really? Why?

Joel: They looked cute and pulled off tricks during shows. Why'd you sound so shocked?

Ellie: Because they are brutal!

Joel: C'mon Ellie...

Ellie: I'm serious, Joel. They might look cute, but on the inside, they're truly diabolic creaturse.

Joel: How the hell'd you figure that?

Ellie: Because I read up on it. In Jackson during our time...apart, I spend a lot of my time in the library, reading all sorts of books. Just trying to keep me busy, you know. And I came across this magazine about sea-life and there were some not-so-nice facts about these fuckers.

Joel: Oh really? Like what?

Ellie: Like the fact, that the males gangrape the females once breeding season comes around.

Joel: What? You sure, it was a science magazine you were readin', and not some fantasy stuff.

Ellie: Do I look like an idiot to you?

Joel: You want my honest answer?

Ellie: Oh, just shut it, old man.

Joel: (chuckles) All right, all right. So go on. How exactly do dolphins "gangrape" their females?

Ellie: Well, according to the mag, groups of males would team up together into so called "Super-Alliances", which tended to be as large as 14 males. Together they would then set out to aggressively "herd" fertile females.

Joel: Aggressive as in...?

Ellie: Um you know, the usual. Chasing'em down, hitting them with their tail, biting, or even slamming into them.

Joel: Sweet Jesus. Never would've thought them capable of that.

Ellie: Looks can fool, Joel. Especially when they're hidden in the dephs of the ocean.

They stepped away from the billboard and kept inspecting the other exhibitions.

Ellie: Anyway, I think it's my turn again. Since I was a little harsh the first time around, I'm gonna go a little easy on you. What was your job before the outbreak hit?

Joel: I was just a simple carpenter, working from contract to contract.

Ellie: And what would you do?

Joel: Y'know, I had to take measurements and calculate the size and amount of the material we'd need, according to the blueprints I was given.

Ellie: That a lot of math.

Joel: I'd also have to cut, shape and smooth out the material, we'd be workin' with. It was a fine job, not the easiest, but a fine one none the lsee.

Ellie: Were you happy with it?

Joel: It wasn't my dream job by any means, but it was enough to get by.

Ellie: You were living together with Sarah back then, right?

Joel: That's right.

Ellie: Okay.

Allice barked and turned towards them, gesturing she wanted to move through the still closed door infront of them.

Joel: Looks like our guide wants to continue our tour.

Ellie: Then let's not keep her waiting.

Ellie went over to the door Allice was motioning towards, and opened it for her, letting the dog pass through. She gestured for Joel to go through as well.

Joel: How very thoughtful of you. Thanks.

Ellie: What was it you said? Age before beauty?

Joel: Would you drop it already? My bones are enough of a reminder. They ain't in need of your help.

Ellie: All right, fine. No more remarks concerning your age.

Joel: Good. Thank you.

Ellie: At least for today.

Joel: (Sigh).

This door had lead them to a new area, being anounced by another sign that had been hung up along the ceiling, with the title being written in shining colours to catch the eye.

Joel: "The Stunning Hunters of the Sea". Wonder what that entails.

Ellie: I hope they actually have some sharks in here. That would be fucking awesome compared to the boring fish-pictures we've seen 'till now.

The corridor was formed in a spiral, slowly leading them up to the second floor, but the floor remained as a smooth surface, not turning into a set of stairs like most would expect. The exhibitions were inbedded into a giant pillar structure on their left, that the walkway was build around.

Like before, they sadly remained empty.

Joel: Is there any chance you read up on some fun facts about sharks, too?

Ellie: Actually, I have. You wanna hear some?

Joel: Hit me with it.

Ellie: Okay, let me think...Did you know there are over 500 different species of sharks?

Joel: That many? Whoa.

Ellie: Yeah, they can also vary dramatically in size and also live in most ocean habitats.

Joel: What's the biggest and smallest shark?

Ellie: If I remember correctly, the smallest shark is the dwarf lantern shark, which is about as big as a human hand.

Joel: Wow. That's...really samll.

Ellie: Yep. And the biggest one was...uhm..oh yeah!. The whale shark! It could grow up to almost 40 feet.

Joel: Jesus! I wouldn't wanna come across that fella.

Ellie: They've also been around for quite a long time. Scientists estimated that they have existed for over 400 million years, even predating the dinosaurs!

Joel: Oh boy. That's definetely somethin' I didn't know.

Ellie: Looks like you're finally not the oldest thing around anymore.

Joel: Didn't we just agree to stop commenting on that?

Ellie: Sorry, couldn't hold back on that opportunity.

When they reached the top, they found themselves on a balcony overlooking the reception area they had been in before. Allice had already run off to the end of the walkway, scratching against a set of double doors leading into another small area of the Aquarium.

On their way over, Joel decided to speak up again, as their eyes roamed over the hung up skeletons of whales and other giant remnants of sea life.

Joel: I think the ball's in my court again to throw you a question.

Ellie: All right. Shoot.

Joel: When I spoke to Marlene in the hospital, I got the notion that she and your mother were close friends. Has she told you anythin' about her, or your parents in general?

Ellie's steps gradually slowed down before coming to a complete halt. She rubbed over one of her arms, turning her head away from Joel, who had stopped to advance towards the doors as well ,at that point, and turned his whole body over to face Ellie.

Ellie: Um...not really, no. To be frank...she hasn't told me anything about them.

Her voice was low and her tone soft. Joel took careful steps towards her and put his hand on her shoulder. She turned her head towards him, a somber expression on her face. Joel gave her a weak smile, giving her shoulder a light squeeze.

Joel: If I go too far, just say the word and we can stop discussin' it. I don't mean to reopen old wounds.

She cleared her throat and recovered from the sudden wave of sadness that had come over her, slowly nodding her head, after reaverting her gaze to the side. She reafirmed eye contact a moment after.

Ellie: It's okay. Just been a while since I even thought about her. She's never been a real part of my life. But I can still feel her missing from it. Isn't that crazy?

Joel: It's more normal than I'd like it to be. When Sarah kept askin' questions about her mother, while she was young...I struggled to find the right answers. Marlene probably didn't speak about her because it must've been just as painful for her.

Ellie: Yeah. Maybe.

A set of barks pulled them out of their moment, their heads snapping to the door still waiting agaist the same double doors she's been scatching against for some time now.

Joel: Looks like someone's gettin impatient.

He gave her shoulder one last squeeze, before retracting his hand and motioning with his head towards Allice. He continued his walk over, Ellie falling in line behind him a split second later.

Joel: We better not keep her waitin' for much longer.

The two of them came up beside her and looked at the entrance sign to the next area. It read "Stingray Bay Café". Joel opened the doors for them, Allice once again rushing through.

Inside, they found a small counter area to their right, where the drinks probably had been served and sold. The room was still filled with a couple tables and a set of chairs, but they'd all been pushed off to the side and neatly stacked up.

They figured it had probably been Owen, who had cleaned up this place. The light was coming in from the giant windows at the end of the room infront of them. The siting areas had been split into two parts, the bigger one being right infront of them, with a lot of now free space to walk around in, and a smaller one, that was reachable through a small set of stairs to their left.

It was on an elevated platfort, enough for about two tables or so. Allice had gone off towards the right side of the room, past the counter, where a set of T-shirts, with all kinds of different ocean motives on them, and other souvenirs had been hung up on.

Joel and Ellie inspected the room on their own leasure, him stepping further inside of it first, his eyes scanning his surroundings. Ellie followed suit and turned her whole body, taking everything in it had to offer. She found that some plushies of various sea creatures had been hung up on the ceiling, dangling around on the thick ropes that had been bound around them, keeping them in a tight hold.

Joel: (Whistle) Not bad. This place surely isn't too shabby.

Ellie: You can say that again.

Joel took the steps to his left and walked onto the elevated platform, walking up towards one of the giant windows. The view was breathtaking, giving them an outlook of the ocean, together with the other piers in the distance, the great Seattle Wheel being one of the elements that made it fantastic.

Joel leant against the wall beside of it and remained in that position, letting the vista leave it's mark on him. Ellie joined his side a moment after, letting her eyes linger on the smoothly moving waves, crashing into the shore closely infront of them.

Ellie: And? Is this everything you hoped for?

Their gazes met, both now wearing warm smiles as they shared this moment of tranquility together.

Joel: Well, I think the jury's still out on that. But you certainly can't deny that view though.

Ellie: Hm, yeah.

They remained like this for the next minute or so, simply bathing in the silence as the world kept breathing around them. It was only until they heard a high pitched squeezing sound from behind them, that they were able to pull their eyes off of the sprawling vista.

They turned around to see that Allice had returned to them, but she had a chew toy in her mouth, that squeeked when pressure was applied onto it. It was in the form of a purple squid.

She put it down infront of them and begged with her eyes for someone of them to throw it. Ellie couldn't rsist that invitation and quickly stepped up to pick it off the ground.

Ellie: You wanna play fetch, girl? All right. Here we...go!

On her last word, she threw the toy out, onto the other side of the room. Allice quickly chased after it, running towards it with high speed, jumping over the small railing, onto the lower floor before them.

Ellie: Oh man! Look at her go!

Joel: Damn. She really seems to like that toy.

When she reached it, Allice picked the squid up into her mouth and hurriedly brough it back over to Ellie, putting it right back infront of her. The woman in question proceeded to pick it up again and threw it over to the other side of the room this time. Allice practically flew off towards it once again.

Ellie: You're so fast. At it girl!

She once again retrieved the toy and made her way back, but this time, she put the squid infront of Joel. He turned towards hie head over to Ellie giving her an amused look, before bending down to pick it up.

Joel: Woho. My turn now, it seems.

Ellie: Give it a good throw. She seems to love it, when you throw them far.

Joel: Here goes nothin'. Fetch!

He swung his arm wide and threw the toy across the room, Allice running after it again. This whole process was repeated a number of times more, with both Ellie and Joel having to keep throwing the toy around the café over and over again. But like all things, they started to grow tired of it after a while, even though the german shepard looked like she could still go on for days, just bringing the toy back to her momentary handlers.

Joel: I don't know 'bout you, but I've had my fair share of this. How 'bout we finish up our tour. Figure there's not much left to this place anyway.

Ellie: Yeah, I was starting to get bored of this too.

She left the purple toy down at the ground and proceeded to walk towards the exit on the other side of the room, past the mentioned souvenirs, where Joel had already positioned himsels moments before.

Ellie: Come on, girl. We can play some more later, all right?

After a second, Allice came strutting over to them, leaving the toy on the ground behind her. They opened the next set of double doors, Joel taking the lead as they stepped over onto the next balcony, the other two stepping in line behind him.

The balcony lead them to a set of stairs back down into a a round side room. It looked like a playing area for kids, with paintings of different animals littered across the walls, playground structures like a small tower and slide half hazardly still set up on both sides of the room.

What appeared to be a little out of place though, were paper targets that had been set up all across the room, sitting on a couple of the structures, others hanging onto thin rope from the ceiling.

It only made sense to them, when they noticed two light pink toy bows, sitting off on the side of the room, leaning against a wall. Above them was a small whiteboard, with the names "Mel" and "Owen" spelled on them, the numbers "9" and "11" standing beside them respectively.

Joel: Looks like he set up this course. Probably as a little game for them.

Ellie: Seems so.

He turend over to her, a playful grin stretched across his face.

Joel: What d'ya say, kiddo? You up for a little challenge?

Ellie: I don't know. I mean, this is their little love cave. We probably shouldn't intrude more than we already have.

He went ahead to put both bows up, giving them a closer look. They looked to be in good condition, and he turned back to Ellie, same smirk still plastered on his lips.

Joel: That is very considerate of you. Even though I can tell it's just an excuse you're usin' to avoid havin' to face me.

Ellie: What? Pff, I'd shoot you to the moon and back if I wanted too. I'm just trying to be a respectful guest.

Joel: Oh don't worry, I don't blame ya for it. I mean, if I were you, I'd be shakin' in my boots too.

Ellie crossed her arms, looking incrediously around the room, seeing that Allice was just wandering around and starring at some of the paintings that were littering the walls around them. After a moment of consideration, she uncrossed her arms, and walked over to Joel.

Ellie: All right, old mna. If you want an ass beating, I'll give it to ya. But how about we raise the stakes by a little. Winner gets to ask the last question to the loser. You in?

He stretched out one of bows over to her, she took it into her hands, seeing that a whole bunch of plastic arrows were attached to the lower base of it, same with Joel's identical one.

Joel: You're on, kiddo. Far as I can tell, there are 15 targets set up. Means first one to eight wins.

Ellie: You better not hold back, Joel. I'm a pretty good shot with this thing.

Joel: Please. I've been doin' this longer, than you've been alive.

Ellie: Oh yeah? Okay, get ready to be destroyed by the bow-master!

They got into position beside each other. Allice had noticed instinctively noticed what they were doing, and got beside Ellie, sitting down beside her, her tail wiggling from side to side on the floor. She shot the dog a smile while she tried to focus on the upcoming competition. She knew Joel was experienced, like he had mentioned, but she had always been a great shot with bows. She hoped that would help her to edge him out.

Joel: All right. I'd say we start on three. You got that, Ellie?

Ellie: Do your worst, old man.

Joel: (Chuckles) Fine. On three then. One. Two. Three!

Their competition was kicked off, Joel imediately sending out an arrow with his call. It hit one of the targets, toppling it over.

Joel: Ha! Got one.

Ellie: Hey! You're playing dirty, Joel!

Joel: Just try to keep up, kiddo.

Ellie shot out her first arrow, it found it's mark as well. She didn't celebrate it though, quickly changing over to the next one and smashing it down to.

Ellie: How do you like that? Got two in a row.

Joel: Now don't get cocky. We're far from done.

They both tried to focus, shooting down more targets as they went on, keeping it close between them. After a while, it was clear that it would be coming down to the last target, which had been placed furthest away, at the top of a plastic tower, at the other end of the room.

When both of them had seven taken down, it was Joel who shot out his arrow first, it fell short and hit the lower end of the tower.

Joel: Shit!

Ellie put all the focus she could muster in that moment into her next shot, pulling back the arrow and putting just the right amount of strain onto it with the string. Releasing it simultaniously with the breath she was holding, it bolted out and flew across the air.

With a satisfying sound, the plastic tip collided with the paper target, knocking it off the tower and securing victory Ellie. A victorious smile graced her features while she held up one of her arms in celebration.

Ellie: And that's that! Bow-fucking-master!

Joel: (Exasperated sigh) Oh well...

She bend down to one knee, put the bow down and grabbed a hold of Allice, softly scratching across her back neck.

Ellie: Did you see that, girl? Papa Joel just got his ass handed to him!

She reacted with a bark, tongue sticking out as she enjoyed the attention that was given to her by Ellie.

Joel: All right all right, you did it. You beat me. Couldn't have you cryin' over a crushin' defeat, now could I?

She turend her attention back over to Joel, looking at him with a playful smile, joy clearly visible in her eyes.

Ellie: Uh uh, don't give me that front. I saw the sweat running down your brow during that last shot. Looks like we got a sore loser on our hands here, Allice.

Joel: (chuckles) Guess you caught me there. Good job, kiddo.

Ellie: (laughs) Thanks, Joel.

She stood up, both still holding eye contact, Joel with his arms crossed, a sense of pride filling him. He only noticed then, how long it had been since the last time he had seen her just having fun and enjoy life for what it was.

Joel: A deal's a deal. You won, you get to ask me what'cha want.

Ellie: Okay, uh...let me think. Hmm...

She thougthfully rubbed her chin as she tried to come up with a good question she had always wondered about. After another moment of thought, she snapped her fingers together and posed her question.

Ellie: Ah! I got one. You ready?

Joel: Shoot.

Ellie: Esther. Is she just a fling, or do you actually like her.

Joel: That's a loaded gun and a half.

Ellie: Joel...

Joel: Uh, well, I...She's certainly an attractive lady and has a good sense of humor. Plus she seems to show genuine interest when we get to talk. So yeah, to get 'round to it, I do very much like her.

Ellie: Oh. Wow.

Joel: What?

He tilted his head to the side, slightly narrowing his eyes while running a hand through his beard.

Ellie: Nothin'. It's just...I guess I never saw you get close to anyone else in that sense. The thought of you finding comfort in someone else so far along your kinda gives me hope.

Joel: You thought I was to remain a lonely old man 'till I eventually kick the bucket?

Ellie: No, no, no! That's not what I meant.

Joel: I know, kiddo. I'm just pulling your leg. But thanks for the kind words.

He gave her a genuine smile, which she promply returned. They stood there for another moment in that comfortable silence between them. Only Allice's steps filled the room, as she headed for the door, leading them back to the main area.

Joel: We should head back. They should be back by now.

Ellie: Guess you're right.

Joel: Okay. C'mon.

Together, the three of them walked through the next set of doors and entered the main area again, but there was still no sight of the others. Ellie was trying to hold down the worry that had started coming up.

They'd said it would take them a couple hours, but it had been at least four by now since they were gone. Before she could voice her concerns to Joel, the front door jolted open, with Owen and Mel rushing in.

Mel: That's her fault, not yours. She made her choice.

He stopped in his tracks and turned around towards her, a number of blueprints clutched in his hand, deep concern inbedded in his features.

Owen: It was me that convinced her she should come back. If anyone is at fault here, it's me. I need to get her out of there Mel. She'd do the same for me.

A look of disbelief formed on Mel's face as she put her hands on her hips stretching out her neck towards her lover.

Mel: Yeah, right. The woman who left us for her stupid, selfish revenge quest would just do everything in her power to save you. Next thing you tell me is, that she rescues a group of scars who are stuck in a burning building.

Owen: Listen Mel, I--

Before he could go on, the other two had aproached them, concern all over Ellie's face while Joel triede to keep his expression neutral.

Ellie: What's going on with you two? Where's Abby?

Owen focused his eyes on her's, his features still displaying discomfort, his eyes tense.

Owen: We, uh, had some trouble while we were at base.

Joel: What kind of trouble?

Owen: You know, the kind you'd expect. Isaac wasn't particularly thrilled with how Abby just got up and vanished. So,

Ellie took a couple steps closer to him, her expression serious and fierce, wanting a straight answer out of Owen.

Ellie: Owen,. What has he done to her?

Before Owen could answer her, Mel did it for him, crossing her arms while she spoke apathetically.

Mel: He locked her up. She's supposed to rot away in there for the coming two days.

Owen: Mel!

Ellie: What the fuck? And you just let that happen? Why didn't you say anything to protect her from him?

Her gaze shifted from one to the other, starring them both down to get some answers, the fire starting to build in her eyes.

Owen: Hey, I tried, okay? But Isaac's not really known for his understanding and kindsness. Plus he seems to be extra on edge from the way he was acting.

Ellie: And what are we supposed to do now? Just wait it out and let her rot away in there? Or worse?!

Joel had stepped up behind her and tried wrapping one of his arms around her.

Joel: Ellie, calm down.

She turned her head towards him, the deep worry clear in her green eyes as she stared into his.

Ellie: Joel! What if they hurt her while she's in there! We gotta get her out!

Joel: We'll figure it out. I promise.

Owen: And I got the tools we'll need to do it.

He waved around the pieces of paper he still held in his hand, a satisfied smile on his face and mischief visible in his eyes. The same couldn't be said about Mel though, who still looked quite upset with the prospect of what her boyfriend was proposing.

Mel: Owen, no! You don't get to risk your life for a stupid mistake she made!

Owen: She needs me, Mel.

Mel: You got a family that needs you! And I swear to god, I'm not bringing this kid up alone, you hear me?

She stood infront of him, the worry and concern buried under her anger now shining through her eyes as he stared back into them.

Owen: I hear you. But I made her dad a promise. I broke it once. I'm not doing it again.

The resolve in his gaze was enough for Mel to notice that there was point in further argueing with him. His mind was made up. Her posture slumped, as she let her head hang low, closing her eyes. After a second, she snapped her head towards the other two in the room, starring both of them donw.

Joel decided to step forward, taking careful steps towards Mel.

Joel: We'll keep him safe and bring him back in one piece. You can trust us.

Her stare was still harsh, hiding the pain that residing beneath. Her gaze shifted between him and Ellie, but resting inside of his eyes at tje emd.

Mel: If you let anything happen to him...god forbid what I'll do to you.

With that she turned away from them and dtomped off towards the nearby kitchen space.

Mel: Allice! Come here! I need at least one that has my back...

The dog followed her without hesitation, only shortly turning around and sparring a fleeted look for the three, before heading after her master.

Owen let out a deep sigh after Mel had slammed the door shut behind Allice. A nerrvous hand ran through her hair.

Owen: Please excuse her. The pregnancy has really taken a toll on her mood. And, um...It's been a while since she and Abby really got along.

Joel: It's all right. This ain't the first time I was under the scrutiny of a concerned wife.

Owen: We're not married.

Joel: She sure acts like it.

Ellie raised her voice to while crossing her arms, fixing her intense gaze onto Owen.

Ellie: So what's the plan?

He pointed his papers towards the desk in the middle of the room, motioning for them to move there and speak through what he had in mind.
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The three things that bring me joy in life are building connections, creating memories, and gaining experiences.
If time, money, etc. were no factor, my perfect date would involve a gondola ride to dinner on top of a ski mountain, followed by a one on one dance party and a relaxing evening in a hot spring afterwards.
Being able to take and give people shit is an essential life skill, and as an only child I had to teach it to myself.
I'm looking for someone who just fits. Our personalities bounce off each other like a trampoline. We may not share all the same interests, but that's okay because exploring each other's interests is half the fun. We share songs and inside jokes, and our silences mean just as much to each other as our conversations.
Some of my likes:
Everything about fall, especially the weather
Food, especially tacos, ramen, and sushi
Dancing, especially at dueling piano bars
People-moving methods
Getting a great seat when I fly Southwest
Sonic the Hedgehog
Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and everything in between them
Please be close-ish to my age, and since it has to be emphasized these days, please be SINGLE. I'm more than happy to trade pics as well.
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2020.09.26 03:28 r4rthrowawatc 33 [M4F] Denver - Looking for a love that just fits and makes sense

The three things that bring me joy in life are building connections, creating memories, and gaining experiences.
If time, money, etc. were no factor, my perfect date would involve a gondola ride to dinner on top of a ski mountain, followed by a one on one dance party and a relaxing evening in a hot spring afterwards.
Being able to take and give people shit is an essential life skill, and as an only child I had to teach it to myself.
I'm looking for someone who just fits. Our personalities bounce off each other like a trampoline. We may not share all the same interests, but that's okay because exploring each other's interests is half the fun. We share songs and inside jokes, and our silences mean just as much to each other as our conversations.
Some of my likes:
Everything about fall, especially the weather
Food, especially tacos, ramen, and sushi
Dancing, especially at dueling piano bars
People-moving methods
Getting a great seat when I fly Southwest
Sonic the Hedgehog
Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and everything in between them
Please be close-ish to my age, and since it has to be emphasized these days, please be SINGLE. I'm more than happy to trade pics as well.
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2020.09.26 02:59 pharmmeow I Need Help Understanding Please

Hi everyone. I’ve read through some posts on here and considered making a post in the past but just couldn’t bring myself to do it, but I really need help and I know you all offer great advice.
My boyfriend of 6 years (25M) broke up with me (27F) this past May 8th. It was completely unexpected and devastating. We had been living together for the past 2 years and had adopted 2 cats together too. We built a whole life together and planned our futures around each other. I would have never guessed in a million years that he could break up with me and say all of the horrible awful things he said to me. I also later found out he had been cheating on me with a coworker of his. He told me he didn’t love me anymore, that he just couldn’t deal with the arguing anymore, (the arguing was not terrible or as often as he made it out to be and had never been mentioned before), calling out any part of my personality and acting like everything about me was terrible and projecting so much guilt onto me, and went on to tell me a few days later when he was moving his stuff out that he had sex with his coworker that morning and that it was amazing and that if he had known it would be that good he would have been hooking up with her for months(which he was) and that I was just too boring in bed and that maybe if I had been better we wouldn’t be breaking up. He moved out a week after the breakup into an apt 2 min away from me. The first week or so after the breakup I would try to talk to him and tell him I was so sorry for anything I did and that I would do anything to keep him and make this work and he wouldn’t have it and told me to fuck off and get over it. It was such a terrible nasty ending to what was a beautiful 6 years together.
I have since seen his tinder account, Reddit posts, and other things on social media and saw just how much of a disgusting pig and pathological liar he really is. From what I could gather he was dating 2 girls at once and still keeping a tinder too. Highly doubt the girls knew about each other and were okay with it.
I was very strong on the no contact other than creeping on his social media’s. He texted me on the 4th of July and gave me some lame apology that was not sincere, and still not owning up to cheating on me and it just felt like he didn’t truly understand the gravity that his words had on me. I didn’t reply.
This past week he moved across the country to Seattle for a 3 month travel nursing contract. One of the two girlfriends he had blocked him on Instagram, and he now made his Facebook status in a relationship with the coworker he cheated on me with... even though he has had a thing with her even before he broke up with me early May. I will sometimes check his Apple Music to see what he’s been listening to, and this week I noticed he was listening to a lot of John Mayer, someone we listened to a lot together, and then yesterday he messaged me on Instagram saying he wanted to talk to me. That he wanted to apologize for anything he did or said that hurt me, that he still loves me in a way and always will but felt trapped in the relationship. That he isn’t trying to get back together or anything but just wants to talk once because he misses me.
I ended up letting him call me and we talked on the phone last night for 3.5 hours. He admitted to the cheating partially but still wouldn’t tell me everything. I hadn’t heard his voice in 4 months, and it was weird and sad that he is now no longer in my life when we used to talk every single day for 6 years straight. He cried and said he was sorry for how he broke up with me and that he regrets it and wishes he could go back and do it differently. I said I just wish you could have communicated with me any issues you had and maybe actually tried to work on things with me instead of throwing me away forever. He said he knows and that he wishes he would have given it a shot and that no one knows him like I do and how we had so many good times together. He said he so wished we could stay friends and still talk and hangout when he gets back home.... I told him I couldn’t do that because I never wanted any of this in the first place. I can’t just settle as friends after everything we had.
Why is he doing this? Why is he saying he wants to remain friends with me when he was so willing to just completely throw me away? How can he say he still loves me, but yet here we are? If he still loved me we wouldn’t be in this situation? Did I do the right thing by talking on the phone with him? I wanted to hear him out and see what he had to say and felt like if I didn’t answer that I would just always wonder, but I’ve been hurting so bad now. I was in a better place where I wasn’t quite as upset all the time, but now it just feels new all over again. I so badly wish we could be together, but too much has happened and too much has been said to ever go back and that hurts me so bad. It is really hard knowing I have to live the rest of my life without the person I loved more than anything on this earth and never see or talk to him again. And to live with the fact that he chose this. I so badly wish I could turn back time.
Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this. It was hard for me to write it.
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2020.09.25 23:50 coy-coyote [HOLIER THAN THOU] A Camel And A Needle

Contact - 'Kimberly Cagliari' - 3/1 - Rosicrucian Zealot
Female / Human / 30's / Celibate / Preferred Payment: Shadowrunner Job
'Kimmy' Cagliari has taken a vow not unlike a Jesuit priest; she will commit any sin, tell any lie, and take any life when so doing will serve the greater glory of God. This appears, to most, to simply be ridding the world of wealthy individuals, though her machinations and support network of magical contacts seem to allude to a deeper connection to other organizations, and is known to consort with the Order of St. Sylvester and other religious entities in her personal crusade. Known for getting close to her subjects, Cagliari is an expert infiltrator and PsyOps manipulator, and rumored to be a powerful mystic adept in her own right. Gear Contact: Talismonger Power: Side Business [Armor and Clothing]
This is the introductory run to the metaplot series, testing runners ability to access the preliminary outlay of a luxury property with minimal security staffing and interventions. Runners faced difficulties in scheduling, keeping out of exposure, and looking for avenues for insertion of the objects they had received from their employers.
Runners met in the 'Our Lady of the Snows' Catholic monastery, in northern Snohomish. 'Sylv' [Kitten] had their anthrodrone LOTO'd by an aggressive technomancer located somewhere in the church, who then proceeded to manipulate the drone's reboot procedures while the drone was locked out of access. Sylv opted to wipe the drone's memory and isolate the malicious code on a datachip with the assistance of Weasel, unfortunately isolating the prior history of the drone's memory up to that point as well inside the bombed, encrypted rootkit upgrades bootstrapped to the drone's pilot. No other players encountered difficulties, opting to leave explosive weaponry and forbidden and restricted equipment in their vehicles.
Players were given a mission to place up to 6 icons in the path of Ms. O'Leary's daily routine. Players did not opt to assense or psychometrize the statues before hand, and missed the 'easy deadline' by a day from mis-ordering placement of relics.
Players conducted reconnaissance and surveillance in all spectrums, assessing security threats of active magical detection spells being cast at intervals; on-site live patrol and security response; concealed host security measures inside the data host; bound spirit assistance; warded security rooms; extra concealed sensor tags in trees and natural camouflage.
Weasel was nearly killed by a data bomb exploding during recovery of the subject's itinerary from their commlink. Firstaid assistance was rendered by Sylv. Orca infiltrated the property twice, sneaking past sensor buoys and first tampering a generator, then climbing up 4 stories to the master bedroom's window to leave an object on the windowsill.
Raptor opted to assist by leaving a relic in a happenstance manner outside the doors of the salon Ms. O'Leary was visiting in a discrete manner. Sylv opted to bribe the deliveryman of her favorite restaurant to include a statue in a bag of food for her.
Ms. O'Leary suffered her mental break on the fourth day of exposure, instead opting to escape Seattle for a vacation somewhere... far away.
No significant aftermath; exposure on players minimal and unlinkable to any allegible felony activity.
3,500 Nuyen bribe: sushi restaurant employee; 1800 nuyen, workspace rental
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2020.09.25 23:36 dourdan Rise of Hellion ch5: Norcal

Rise of Hellion ch5: Norcal

Rise of Hellion ch5: Norcal (Barry Pepper fanart fiction inspiration)

I was pregnant, that much was certain. (The influx of hormones explained a few moments that I'd rather forget.) It all started when Anya and I hitched a ride to Seattle with a van full of stoners, heading to a music festival. My metal legs were in decent, usable shape although the straps had seen better days. I was struggling to keep up with Anya’s able-bodied, human legs, but I was grateful to have her as my friend.
She walked with a sweet, sensual confidence; something that made people want to trust her, to know her. Along the way, we got free cigarettes, food and even money. We met the sexy college-age stoners (three men and two women) in a truck stop in Oregon. I never even had to talk.
I was offered copious amounts of pills, cheap vodka and weed. I tried to take just enough to relax and sleep my way to Washington. But through it all, I started to remember more and more details of my encounter with Noah. Piece by piece, each moment came back to me in the form of the Flower Child (my neon glowing guardian angel) leading me through a series of rusty metal doors. Each door led me to a different part of that night’s conversation. Apparently, I had told Noah about my past sexual abuse, running away from home, and getting my legs blown off: total cringe.
"I feel like I was put on this earth to serve powerful men," said the drunk, past version of me.
"Powerful men?" Noah said with a chuckle. "Like congressmen and shit? Good thing there are no powerful men here, just a bunch of screw ups and good-old-boys." Noah put his arm around me, holding me close. "And you, our newest teammate."
"You were great out there," he said taking another drag off the cigarette. "A real assassin."
I cupped his face, with the biggest smile. "What would you say if I kissed you?" Before Noah could reply I brushed my mouth to his. "Sorry." I was giggling uncontrollably.
Noah smiled sweetly, placing a finger to my cheek. "Do I make you nervous?”
I bit my lip, lost in his eyes. “I feel like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs."
A jolt of pain blinked me back to reality as my head smashed into the roof of the van. We were flying, falling, eventually crashing. I was already in the back, comfortably wrapped in a blanket, so I was able to punch my way out of the back window. Looking around I could see the van had fallen down a steep cliff, landing on a beach. "Anya!" I shouted, hoping to God she was alive.
I struggled to my feet which was difficult to do with my left leg falling off. Suddenly, two arms grabbed me, pulling me backward towards the water. I tried to scream, but was too injured to fight back, especially when my captor started to pick up speed. This was a human, flesh and blood but he was moving as fast as a car.
So, I just buried my face against the abductor's chest to protect myself from the g-force. We landed on a wooden surface with a thud. I expected to hit my head, but the man carried me like a bride, placing me down carefully on a hospital bed. When I caught my breath, I sat up just enough to look around; somehow, we were on a boat. "Did you just walk on water?" I asked with a forced chuckle.
"Just one of my many superpowers," replied a familiar voice.
"Tony!" I shouted. My body filled with energy, I sprang up, throwing my arms around him.
"I miss you too, kid." Tony returned the embrace, looking over my shoulder. "Yo, Axel."
"Axel's here?" I heard his footsteps before I heard his voice.
"Is the target secure?"
"Affirmative," Tony replied.
"The target?" I asked, suddenly feeling less homesick for my TAC friends.
"Just a formality," Axel said as he patted my arm. "We're glad to have you back."
"Me or just my bionic legs?" Both were still attached but holding on by a thread.
"You would be technically correct," Axel said with a friendly smile. "Your legs are lo-jacked. I'm surprised the Lifers let you keep them." Our fearless leader went to the front of the boat, steering us in the direction of a very noticeable helicopter. "We tracked you to the artic base, that was why we sent the unit in after the battery.”
"Um, what?" I felt like I'd been stabbed in the heart. I was the reason why Noah was in trouble, and possibly dead.
"TAC wanted it's property back, but we wanted you back.”
"Who's we?" The people who love me? Was that what Axel was going to say?
"I for one, and certainly Tony." Axel made it to the pickup point, signaling for the chopper to lower the ropes to attach to my bed.
"Yes, sir," Tony said, taking a seat on my hospital bed. together we were raised up to the cargo hold. Upon reaching the landing pad, the door shut.
I could see where a single pilot was controlling every aspect of the process. The roar of the engine was so loud, speech was impossible, as I found out the hard way. "Where are we going?" I shouted as loud as I could.
"What?" Tony replied.
My throat was already sore, and I didn’t feel like repeating myself. Instead, I simply rested my body while blinking tears from my eyes.
Tony took it upon himself to hold me close, rocking me in his arms like a frightened child. "We're headed to Vancouver, you'll love it there, I promise. I'll be with you every step of the way."
I sobbed, burying my face in Tony's shoulder. Grateful that I somehow heard his words of kindness over the roar of the wind.
He held my hand, giving my fingers a squeeze. I could imagine he was thinking about all the horrible things Anya and Baron had done, how I must be crying out of fear or even pain. He would never in a million years, guess why my heart was broken.
Tony's breath was trembling. Was he cold? Or did he truly care? The very idea seemed so sweet. And that was why I kissed him.
Tony closed his eyes and smiled. Maybe he silently mouthed my name, I wasn’t sure, but I’d like to think so. I placed my hand to his chest. He was wearing body armor, so moved my hand lower, to his belt. I knew the pilot could see us, possibly even heard us, but I didn’t care.
Tony could have stopped me but he didn’t. I’d had sex with beautiful boys like Tony before. He was so open and gentle, possibly a virgin. The idea made me want him even more; I wanted to be the one to make the robot-superhero-boy into a real man.
We held on to each other even after landing in Canada. "I'll give you two a moment," the pilot shouted from his seat. There was other stuff to unload from the back, giving us time to make ourselves presentable.
"Was I your first,” I asked with all the flirty seduction of a teen prostitute who watched too many Disney movies.
Tony laughed awkwardly as he helped me off the cargo ramp. “I still can’t believe that just happened.”
“Yeah,” I muttered. I was a slut; I was a whore, but at least I was the one in control. “I just needed to feel something.”
“Love?” Was he being sarcastic? I couldn’t tell. Yet in that moment he sounded human.
“Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what love is.” Looking into Tony’s dark eyes, I knew my plan; I would learn to love Tony, I would give Dr. Toki the super soldier baby that she wanted.
Which brings me to today.
It had been a little over a week of working out, eating great food and spending time on the beach. I had been feeling a little sick, so I was given a pregnancy test in the form of a urine strip. It was the kind that was supposed to show either one or two lines. It showed nothing, as if I had no female hormones at all. (Apparently that was not uncommon for females who survived trauma.) I was told to return to training; weights, cardio etc. The Vancouver TAC base was a nice enough facility but there was no outdoor gym, not even a track. I would work out with Tony, competitively trying to stay on the treadmill longer (I'd given up on trying to out lift him.)
During our downtime, we were watching cartoons while drinking weird Gatorade mixtures, when suddenly the local news reported a breaking story. “What the hell?” I groaned. “What could be so important that they had to interrupt syndicated reruns of Bob’s Burgers?”
“A team of heavily armored individuals have been attacking parked vehicles in the downtown area.” The camera zoomed in on a masked man wearing Noah’s armor. Was this Noah, was he alive?
I gripped my chest, sinking my nails in to my skin. Was I high? Was I dreaming? I could feel my heart pounding right before I fell forward.
Tony rushed to my side, and stayed with me even as I started vomiting. I went limp in his arms as he carried me to the medical ward.
That was when I was given a blood test, followed by an ultrasound. I was unquestionably pregnant. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but no sleep came. The last thing I remember was holding Tony's hand.
"Does Tony have access to the third floor of the sub level?" the voice came from everywhere and nowhere.
“What?” The words made no sense given the vast number of buildings on the base. There could even be a sub-terrain lower level I didn’t even know about.
“Never mind,” the echo said with a groan.
I awoke gasping for air. I was no longer in a bed but rather on a rooftop in the pouring rain. I wanted to pull my legs close, in to a fetal position. If only to stay warm, but my prosthetics were gone. “Fuck my life.”
In the distance I could see a human figure; a man walking a large animal, like a lion or a bear. "Noah?" I said in a whisper. What was he? Did he take me from the clinic? Was he going to kill me?
The human figure let go of the animal, before taking a few steps back. The animal made a deep, sickly, inhuman sound but did not advance further. The human groaned, still standing out of view. He moved his hand, striking the creature in the back. The sound was sickening as metal tore through skin.
"Noah, please stop!" I crawled to the injured creature. Clearly it didn’t want to hurt me or anyone. I reached out my hand, the way I would for a stray dog. But once I was close enough to see the creature’s face I screamed. “Oh, dear God.” Even through all the armor and mutilation, I could never forget his blue eyes. “Noah, what did they do to you?”
Noah had deep scars all over his body; arms, shoulders, and back. On his neck was a collar held on by two spikes; one in his throat and another in his spine. The wounds were fresh, he had been bleeding very badly. It was clear he wanted to speak but couldn’t.
“It’s ok, I’m here.” It wasn’t ok, nothing about this was ok. I reached for his hand, but Noah shook his head. There were large metal braces on his hands, strange black spikes that made him look like the Marvel comic character Venom (or a demon from hell.)
Since it was clear Noah had no intention of attacking me, I stayed where I was. But if the restrained beast was Noah, then who was the standing figure? It had to be the infamous Feng, sent on behalf of Kitsune after Anya and I went missing. That made sense. And now I was completely sure I was going to die.
Noah opened his mouth, struggling for breath, “You- will- prevail.” He coughed up blood, his body convulsing. “I’ll never forget you. I could never forget you.”
I wanted so badly to hold him. Maybe I could save him or at least die trying. “I love you…” my breath trailed off. I wanted to vomit or at least scream. What kind of person falls in love with someone they knew for a single night? This isn’t a fucking Disney movie! Yet here I was. I wanted to die.
Noah swallowed hard, causing his throat to spasm as he spoke, “I will die loving you.”
The words cut me to my core. I screamed into the rain, as the standing figure pulled on the leash, dragging Noah away. All that was left of that moment was a streak of blood along the concrete roof.
I rocked back and forth crying. ‘Who was that? Where were my legs?’
"Hard to tell who you can trust," a male voice said from behind me.
"What's stopping me from hurling myself off this roof?”
“I don’t really know,” the voice replied. “The story would continue; Noah, Anya, Baron, etc. It would just be the end for you.”
“Am I the battery? Is this some kind of DaVinci code shit?" I started to scoot backward if only to adjust my weight, and immediately fell off a ledge.
My guardian angel grabbed my arm. “Hey, be careful.” It was the Flower Child but he seemed older, stronger, with a face weathered by time. "Maybe later, after you get rid of the passenger in your womb."
"Are you saying I should get an abortion first?" I asked sarcastically, through tears.
Flower Child chuckled as he took a seat at my side. "You're welcome for saving your life, Miss Nicki.”
"What are you?" I violently jerked my arm away. "Are you even real? Or are you some kind of mash up of every guy I've ever fucked?"
My emotional outburst was met with laughter. "You mean I'm your dream date? Am I your Ken, Barbie girl?"
I shook my head. "You're imaginary. I'm just talking to myself."
"Do you remember the Junior nationals, when you won your first medal?"
"No,” I replied quickly. I remembered; I just didn’t want to continue the conversation with my imaginary friend.
Flower Child nodded and stood up. "The day you won that medal was the day you became something more than a scared little girl."
"Sure." And now my brain was forcing me to remember that day. I had qualified for the vault finals but for whatever reason my coach pulled me from the rotation. No, actually I knew perfectly well why. He wanted to punish me for hiding in the bathroom when getting dressed. He liked all the girls to change in the public hallway, where he could ‘supervise,’ because we were all so disobedient.
I knew that for a fact. I still got dressed and walked out with the rest of the finalists. Right away I was pulled from the rotation. My coach had told them I was unfit to compete, which was clearly a lie since I had no injuries. I told the advocates what was happening; what my coach had down to me ever since I was six. There were tears in my eyes and I knew for a fact my coach would make my life a living hell, but was allowed to vault.
Assuming I was not in the running for a medal, I tried a vault that I had only been allowed to do in practice; The Produnova. For those of you non-gymnasts, it's when you run up to the spring board, and do a mid-air summersault without landing on your head. The legendary Elena Produnova could do two maybe three summersaults before landing. I always thought she looked like a bullet or a cannon ball.
I can remember doing my run, flying higher than I had ever been, and then landing on my feet. Every muscle in my body wanted to fall over, but I held strong. I was going to stick my landing even if it killed me. The audience was silent, in shock, awe and horror. A junior level gymnast was never meant to land The Produnova. I was supposed to be dead, crippled but I wasn’t. I was a performer and I did that vault for myself. After taking point deductions for doing the wrong vault (technical shit,) I got third place. Not that I even got to keep my medal. No one spoke for me, but no one could ever take away what was rightfully mine. But what did I have now?
The Flower Child started to walk backward, into the shadows of the rain storm. “I’ll leave that choice up to you.”
I didn’t scream or cry. in all honesty I didn’t care. He wasn't real, he was just the part of me that needed a good kick in the ass. I needed to find my way off the roof, and I needed to be smart about it. I spent the next few minutes scooting on my hands and my butt, making every movement count (as to not accidently fall to my death.) Eventually I located what was clearly a door.
Balancing on my leg stumps, I could barely reach the door handle. I tightened my core muscles to execute a leap, pulling on the handle with all my strength. It was, of course, locked. At least I had a place to rest my back. I waited until the rain stopped, taking a moment to breathe. "I could really use a rescue from a handsome prince. Or maybe a chubby-cheeked plumber named Mario? Yeah, right."
I suddenly heard a thump on the opposite side of the door, as if something had dropped down (or teleported.) "Hello?" I said with a tap. "Anyone there?" Just as I spoke, the door opened, causing my exhausted body to fall backward into a dark hallway.
I was indoors, that was something. I took a moment to lean back, anticipating my next move. I really needed to find my prosthetic legs (or some kind of replacement) so I wouldn’t have to bruise the shit out of my arms and wrists. Until then I would have to deal with scooting around like a crippled puppy.
I made my way across the hall, down a set of stairs. I wanted to scream for help but there were no security guards or human life of any kind, not even any cameras. The first hallway was lit by a single halogen bulb with a metal door (possibly a fire escape) waiting for me at the end of a short path. I went through, only to find a stairwell with only a single set of stairs going down only a single floor. “What the?”
I made my way down, then across a different hallway. Door after door had been left open, in a very distinct path. Was I being led into a trap? There were no windows, only digital lights that seemed to mark rooms with unintelligible binary numbers.
After a while, I saw a few security cameras (the kind that look like glossy black balls, or eyes, attached to the wall.) Was I being watched? The idea sort of pissed me off. Was I an experiment, a rat in a maze? Before every open door I heard a thud. It was sometimes loud, sometimes soft. The variation lead me to believe it was organic. Someone was physically opening the doors for me; they had a plan, and endgame. And I was just a plastic piece on a checkerboard; only exploring as far as my overlord wanted me to go.
The final door unlocked a server room where dozens of towers were being housed at refrigerated temperatures. The jungle of cords seem to lead to a central point. In the center of the room was a red, open suitcase with wires coming from all angles. It seemed alive, kind of like a digital sea creature. In the middle of the case, where a clam would typically house its pearl, was a small glowing D-cell battery. "The battery?" This was what Kitsune was fighting for; what Noah died for?
Every single tower appeared to be powered from the suitcase. A sound theory until I started to look closer at the plastic cylinder, housing the ‘battery.’ It was freezing cold, except for the areas near ports. That meant I was wrong; the room full of servers were trying to unload the files from the small device (resulting in a massive outpour of energy.) “Wow,” I muttered. “This must be what a Yoda byte looks like.”
My comment caused laughter; a deep, male voice spoke up from just out of my line of sight. “You’re standing in the presence of project Neptune; aka The Battery, one of the modern wonders of the world.”
“The battery is a massive glorified flash drive?” I asked, taking a step back.
"Pretty much. The only person who could have deciphered its contents is long gone."
"Noah? He was guarding it, right? Why didn’t he ever try to open it?”
“I imagine it was for the same reason why you’re not trying to make a grab for it: the damn thing’s more trouble than it’s worth.”
“You didn’t lead me here?” I turned expecting to see the Flower Child. I don’t know why, maybe on some level the voice was similar. “Axel?”
The tall imposing man stood in full camo armor. He crossed his arms, looking at the battery with a sense of nostalgia. "Noah wanted to invent his own creations," Axel said with a sigh. "And, well between you and me, I think he already knew what was on it.”
"Hi,” I said in a squeaky voice. My mind was a mix of sadness, and fear, combined with the physical pain of having walked on my hands for the past few hours. “Am I in trouble?”
“No, but you were being tested.” He picked up his com-radio. “Target is secure, stand down.” He returned his focus to our conversation. “You were taken from the clinic under the veil of bad weather. We had no idea where your assailant had put your body, until you were spotted by the cameras. Clearly someone was tracking you; someone who knew the location of the battery.”
And whoever it was, hoped that a legless teenage girl would be allowed to escape the base with the high-value target. “So, how well did you know Noah or Cronos or whatever?”
“Noah Garrison was a military asset who went AWOL. It’s assumed he suffered a mental break.”
“But you don’t believe that.”
“I knew him before he disappeared,” Axel said with a nod. “He was a genius, a warrior, a friend.”
“I didn’t even know his last name.” I bit my lip, trying not to cry. “I’m just some stupid kid at the zoo who keeps falling head first in to the animal enclosures.” That sounded about right; some were helpful creatures while others seemed to want my blood.
“Had you made a play for the battery you would have had the full force of TAC on your ass, but as it stands, I am of the belief that you are being stalked by the international terrorist known as Faust.”
“Faust?” My entire body went limp. I was now crying uncontrollably and was moments away from vomiting the contents of my empty stomach.
“Lift your arms,” Axel said like a comforting parent. “Not to be disrespectful, but I want to get you reunited with your legs as soon as possible.”
I nodded and he lifted me like a crying toddler holding me close. With his free hand he pushed a button to open a previously unseen side door. Curious, I turned my head just enough to see the massive amount of armed guards.
Axel waved his arm, and the armored soldiers stepped to the side allowing him to pass. I had never felt so safe and so loved.
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2020.09.25 23:35 MusicDrafts Fantasy Music Drafts... An Explanation

I figured that I'd share something with this group that my friends and I started in late 2016...
We are all big sports fans, and naturally we like fantasy sports. Our group is also REALLY into music. Real junkies.
I, myself, always used to take my iTunes library and work to pare down "greatest hits" albums for each of my favorite artists. What would an album look like? Single/Double Album? How many songs should be included? What was the order? Catalog sequential or more topical?
One night, two of us were having a beer watching a game and we started arguing about Smashing Pumpkins songs and which ones were the best. And it got us thinking...
As everyone knows, the best part of the fantasy season is the draft. You get the chance to craft your team with the best players available. You feel like a real GM.
That's when I had the stupid idea to "draft" 10 songs each and see who's was better.
We shared the two lists and they voted on which was better, and slowly this morphed into us starting a FANTASY MUSIC DRAFT LEAGUE.
Yes, we are a bunch of junkies and losers.
We also follow through with an idea.
Here's the basic logistics of how this works...
We have 5 guys in the league, and we started a group chat on our iPhones.
For season 1, I created a group of 10 bands to draft (subsequent "seasons" we would have a "band" pre-draft...)
We create a random draft order using a fantasy draft randomizer online, then we have a 10-round snake draft picking songs along the way.
We then have a short drop/add time to round out our 10 songs, then work to reorder those songs to make the 10-song playlist.
We create the playlist on Spotify and then share with the rest of the group. All of the picks and playlists are saved on shared Google Docs file to keep us organized.
Then, we each score the playlists with two criteria: "Draft Performance & Song Quality" and "Playlist Construction & Theme Quality". (By the way, this is the inherent flaw in our league, as music is incredibly subjective. We've refined the scoring system several times, still not sold on our methodology...)
The scores from the individual weeks add up over the course of the season and we declare a winner.
We are now in the middle of season 8. To date, we've done 87 official drafts, and probably another 10 side drafts. As you could imagine, our wives think this is the dumbest thing ever, but we persist...
Here are the bands that we have done thus far...
SEASON 1 Week 1 - Radiohead Week 2 - Incubus Week 3 - Coldplay Week 4 - Pearl Jam Week 5 - Pink Floyd Week 6 - Kings of Leon Week 7 - Red Hot Chili Peppers Week 8 - Led Zeppelin Week 9 - Smashing Pumpkins Week 10 - Beatles - Double Album
SEASON 2 Week 1 - Bob Marley Week 2 - G-Funk Era Week 3 - Dispatch Week 4 - Billy Joel Week 5 - Outkast Week 6 - Michael Jackson Week 7 - U2 Week 8 - Motown's Greatest Week 9 - The Who Week 10 - Dave Matthews Band - Double Album
SEASON 3 Week 1 - Eagles Week 2 - Jack Johnson Week 3 - Rush Week 4 - 2004 Week 5 - Allman Brothers Band Week 6 - Seattle Scene Week 7 - Death Cab For Cutie Week 8 - Eminem Week 9 - Weezer Week 10 - 1982 Week 11 - The Police Week 12 - Hair Metal Week 13 - 2017 Austin City Limits - Double Album
SEASON 4 Week 1 - War On Drugs/Kurt Vile Week 2 - Rolling Stones Week 3 - Black Crowes Week 4 - 1986 Week 5 - Tribe/Q-Tip/Busta Week 6 - Kanye West Week 7 - Beck Week 8 - Everything Jack White Week 9 - Tom Petty Week 10 - 1994 Week 11 - Elton John Week 12 - Rage Medley Week 13 - 2011 Mountain Jam Festival - Double Album
SEASON 5 Week 1 - Boy Bands Week 2 - Ben Harper Week 3 - Green Day Week 4 - 1981 Week 5 - My Morning Jacket Week 6 - Tame Impala/Mac Demarco/MGMT Week 7 - The Roots Week 8 - WuTang Clan Week 9 - Blink-182 Week 10 - 1998 Week 11 - Stevie Wonder Week 12 - Lil Wayne Week 13 - Woodstock Festivals - Double Album
SEASON 6 Week 1 - Beach/Chill Summer Medley Week 2 - John Mayer Week 3 - 311 Week 4 - 1974 Week 5 - Bob Seger Week 6 - Nas Week 7 - Beach House Week 8 - Chon/Ronald Jenkees/Tauk Week 9 - Kendrick Lamar Week 10 - 2005 Week 11 - Genesis Medley Week 12 - Grateful Dead Week 13 - 2004 NOLA Jazz Festival - Double Album
SEASON 7 Week 1 - Phish Week 2 - Death Cab Re-Draft Week 3 - Hieroglyphics/Bay Area Week 4 - Jimmy Buffett Week 5 - 1978 Week 6 - Black Star Week 7 - Toro y Moi Week 8 - Queen Week 9 - Fiona Apple Week 10 - 2000 Week 11 - Brooks and Dunn/Alan Jackson/Travis Tritt/George Strait Week 12 - Steve Miller Band Week 13 - Logic
SEASON 8 - Current Season Week 1 - Chuck Berry/Little Richard Week 2 - Frank Sinatra Week 3 - 1971 Week 4 - Aerosmith Week 5 - Prince Week 6 - Foreigner Week 7 - 1996 Week 8 - Credence Clearwater Revival Week 9 - Miles Davis Week 10 - Foo Fighters Week 11 - 2003 Week 12 - Pavement Week 13 - The Whigs Week 14 - Unknown Mortal Orchestra Week 15 - 1967 Week 16 - Anything Crosby, Stills, Nash, or Young Week 17 - Chromeo Week 18 - Bone Thugs N Harmony Week 19 - 2007 Week 20 - Erykah Badu/Jill Scott Week 21 - Undetermined Festival - Double Album
I'd like to start sharing the results of the already completed drafts somewhere here in the community. Maybe post them week by week, with links to the Spotify lists, and let the group at large vote on the playlists.
Wanted to get feedback from this group to see how to best make that happen.
Thought you'd appreciate the music nerd-dom...
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2020.09.25 22:03 TheBishop7 The 2020 playoffs are approaching. Who should I root for? (6.5 Weeks Remain)

You may remember this weekly post from the last six seasons. This post is designed to give you an idea of who to root for in MLS matches not featuring The Black & Gold, yet including teams that still have an effect on The Crew's final standings.
The last time I wrote this post, it was me effectively giving up on the season and the idea of sneaking into the playoffs. Despite a late season surge from a finally heathy (healthier?) roster, the Crew ended up near the bottom of the table.
We are in stark contrast as Columbus has a commanding lead over not just the playoff line, but the entire league. As of today, we aren't so much concerned about the playoff race, but the race for the Supporters' Shield.

Last Week

The Crew had a very solid home stand against both newcomer Nashville SC and Minnesota United FC, winning both matches 2-0 and 2-1, respectively.
Philadelphia was the main team nipping at our heels, having won 5 of their last 6, but they only managed a draw in Cincinnati, so fell behind to 5 points behind Columbus.
Also 5 points behind Columbus now are Orlando and Toronto, who both won their tougher road matches and are still serious contenders for the Shield.
Contenders out of the Western Conference include Seattle, Portland, and Kansas City, though there are a number of other teams who still have the ability to make their mark.

Who should I root for?

Listing (EDT) Home Team Away Team WSIRF? TV
Saturday 3:30pm Nashville SC Houston Dynamo Dynamo
Saturday 7:00pm New York City FC FC Cincinnati FCC
Sunday 7:00pm D.C. United New England Revolution United
Sunday 7:00pm New York Red Bulls Montreal Impact Draw
Sunday 7:30pm Philadelphia Union Inter Miami CF Inter
Sunday 7:30pm Chicago Fire Atlanta United FC Draw
Sunday 8:00pm Minnesota United FC Real Salt Lake Draw
Sunday 8:30pm FC Dallas Orlando City SC FCD
Sunday 9:00pm Colorado Rapids Sporting Kansas City Draw
Sunday 10:00pm Vancouver Whitecaps Portland Timbers Whitecaps
Sunday 10:30pm Los Angeles Football Club San Jose Earthquakes Quakes
Sunday 10:30pm Los Angeles Galaxy Seattle Sounders Galaxy
Note: All matches not nationally televised can be viewed on ESPN+
Disclaimer: I realize that cheering for the Fire or Toronto or whomever is not something you typically want to do, but remember that this is just statistics, and it is for the Crew's benefit for these results to happen. It also doesn't matter what you shout at your screen. What happens, happens, regardless of us. Root for the Mutiny, Fusion, or Chivas to win for all I care.

Current Eastern Conference Standings

Club Pts GP PPG W GD GF Current Qualification Possible Finish
1 Columbus Crew SC 30 13 2.31 9 17 22 Home Field Advantage 1st - 12th
2 Orlando City SC 25 13 1.92 7 10 25 Home Field Advantage 1st - 12th
3 Philadelphia Union 25 13 1.92 7 10 21 Home Field Advantage 1st - 12th
4 Toronto FC 25 13 1.92 7 7 21 Home Field Advantage 1st - 12th
5 New England Revolution 18 13 1.38 4 1 13 First Round Qualification 1st - 12th
6 New York City FC 17 13 1.31 5 0 10 First Round Qualification 1st - 12th
7 New York Red Bulls 17 13 1.31 5 -2 15 Home Play-in Round 1st - 12th
8 Montreal Impact 16 13 1.23 5 -4 23 Home Play-in Round 1st - 12th
9 Nashville SC 15 12 1.25 4 -3 13 Away Play-in Round 1st - 12th
10 Atlanta United FC 14 13 1.08 4 -4 17 Away Play-in Round 1st - 12th
11 FC Cincinnati 13 13 1.00 3 -9 8 Would not qualify 1st - 12th
12 Chicago Fire 12 13 0.92 3 -6 16 Would not qualify 1st - 12th
13 Inter Miami CF 11 13 0.85 3 -7 12 Would not qualify 1st - 12th
14 D.C. United 11 13 0.85 2 -7 11 Would not qualify 1st - 12th
E - Clinched Eastern Conference Champions
H - Clinched Home Field Advantage
P - Clinched Playoff Qualification
Strikethrough - Eliminated
Pts - Points, GP - Games played, PPG - Points per game, W - Wins, GD - Goal Differential, GF - Goals For
Tie-breakers: 1. Most Wins 2. Goal Differential 3. Goals For 4. Fewest Disciplinary Points 5. Road Goals 6. Road Goal Differential 7. Home Goals 8. Home Goal Differential 9. Coin Toss/Draw of Lots

Current Supporters' Shield Standings

Club Pts GP PPG 538 Probability
1 Columbus Crew SC 30 13 2.31 50%
2 Orlando City SC 25 13 1.92 6%
3 Philadelphia Union 25 13 1.92 15%
4 Toronto FC 25 13 1.92 11%
5 Seattle Sounders FC 21 12 1.75 9%
6 Portland Timbers 20 13 1.62 <1%
7 Sporting Kansas City 19 13 1.54 <1%
8 FC Dallas 19 12 1.58 1%
9 Colorado Rapids 19 13 1.46 <1%
10 Los Angeles Football Club 18 13 1.38 5%
Pts - Points, GP - Games played, PPG - Points per game
Tie-breakers: 1. Most Wins 2. Goal Differential 3. Goals For 4. Fewest Disciplinary Points 5. Road Goals 6. Road Goal Differential 7. Home Goals 8. Home Goal Differential 9. Coin Toss/Draw of Lots

Columbus' Remaining Schedule

Date Opponent H/A TV
9/27 Toronto FC Away
10/3 FC Dallas Away
10/7 Montreal Impact Home
10/11 Orlando City SC Away
10/14 FC Cincinnati Away
10/18 New York City FC Home
10/24 Houston Dynamo Away
10/28 D.C. United Away
11/1 Philadelphia Union Home
11/8 Atlanta United FC Home

Playoff Scenarios

There are no teams that can clinch a playoff berth nor are there teams that can be eliminated this week
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2020.09.25 20:22 WAResearcher Research inquiry -- $$ Cost of applying to grad school

Hello students and pre-students! With approval from your moderators, we are reaching out to you as researchers, interested in the financial costs of applying to graduate school in the healthcare fields. We are looking for individuals who are currently applying to graduate school in a healthcare profession, or recently completed their application process for this yeacycle. We would like to learn from you more about your experiences paying for application fees, interview travel, and other costs. In other words, we want to know what it cost you, out-of-pocket, to even have a chance at graduate school.
If you would be willing to help us with this project, the survey takes about 20 minutes and is available below. Because we are trying to capture total out-of-pocket spending, your data will be the most useful if you are done with your process, or almost done. If you are just starting or are in the middle of your cycle, but would be willing to take the survey at a later date, you also have the option to provide us with an email address, and we can send you the survey closer to when you anticipate finishing your interview cycle. We will not use your information for any other purpose.
This research has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of Antioch University Seattle. The principal researcher can be contacted at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Survey if you are ready to take it now (are done or mostly done with your interview cycle):
Email entry if you would like the survey sent later, at the end of your interview cycle:
We sincerely appreciate your help with this project! We hope it will benefit future students and the healthcare professional overall. We wish you the absolute best in your applications and your future role as a healthcare provider!
Erin and Dean
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2020.09.25 16:32 Jimmy_Comey Vancouver 86ers Results from 1987-1992

In my quest to find out the full historical records of Timbers vs Whitecaps I asked the Whitecaps organization (who replied before the Timbers, who have yet to get back to me) about their team records from 1987 to 1990 so that I could see if they have ever played Portland.
Currently the head to head all time is Vancouver 44, Portland 40, with 21 draws in a total of 105 meetings.
Vancouver gave me their records (which may not be complete) but are essential nonetheless. Here they are in all their glory :
Posted it here but they're going to be completely unformatted:
1987 (9W-8L-3D) Game # Home/Away Date Opponent Result Goalscorer(s) Venue Attendance 1 Home June 7, 1987 Edmonton 4-2 W Valentine (2), Evans, Mobilio Swangard Stadium 7,646 2 Home June 14, 1987 Winnipeg 2-1 W Mobilio, Lowery Swangard Stadium 7,830 3 Away June 18, 1987 Winnipeg 0-1 L 5,475 4 Away June 21, 1987 Calgary 1-2 L Meers 2,143 5 Away June 24, 1987 Edmonton 3-2 W Mobilio (2), Meers 4,783 6 Home June 28, 1987 Calgary 3-1 W Own goal, Muirhead (2) Swangard Stadium 6,139 7 Home July 12, 1987 Hamilton 3-0 W Easton (3) Swangard Stadium 7,140 8 Home July 19, 1987 Toronto 0-1 L Swangard Stadium 5,083 9 Home July 21, 1987 National Capital 3-1 W Meers (2), Evans Swangard Stadium 5,126 10 Home July 29, 1987 North York 2-0 W Meers, Mobilio Swangard Stadium 5,576 11 Home August 2, 1987 Edmonton 0-0 D Swangard Stadium 5,524 12 Away August 9, 1987 Toronto 1-1 D Easton 1,147 13 Away August 12, 1987 National Capital 1-2 L Evans 1,500 14 Away August 16, 1987 North York 0-0 D 1,200 15 Away August 19, 1987 Hamilton 2-3 L Mobilio, Sudeyko 2,000 16 Away August 23, 1987 Winnipeg 2-3 L Evans (2) 4,491 17 Away August 26, 1987 Calgary 1-2 L Easton 3,428 18 Away August 28, 1987 Edmonton 3-1 W Easton, Muirhead, Meers 1,622 19 Home September 2, 1987 Calgary 1-3 L Muirhead Swangard Stadium 4,983 20 Home September 6, 1987 Winnipeg 5-1 W Mobilio (3), Evans, Easton Swangard Stadium 4,887 P Home September 9, 1987 Edmonton 2-1 W Easton, Mobilio Swangard Stadium 3,942 P Away September 12, 1987 Calgary 3-4 L (OT) Easton, Mobilio (2) 1,683
1988 Game # Home/Away Date Opponent Result Goalscorer(s) Venue Attendance 1 Home June 1, 1988 Edmonton 2-0 W Catliff, Ion Swangard 5, 182 2 Away June 5, 1988 North York 1-3 L Ion 2,186 3 Away June 8, 1988 Montreal 4-2 W Catliff, Mobilo (2), Evans, Swangard 2,955 4 Home June 12, 1988 North York 1-1 D Lowery Swangard 4,586 5 Home June 15, 1988 Montreal 3-2 W Mobillo (3), Swangard 4, 031 6 Away June 17, 1988 Edmonton 3-1W Catliff, Mobilo (2), Evans, 3, 129 7 Away June 19, 1988 Calgary 3-1 W Catliff (2), Ion 3,172 8 Home June 22, 1988 Calgary 3-0 W Muirhead (3) Swangard 4,664 9 Home June 26, 1988 Ottawa 4-2 W Catliff (3), Evans Swangard 4,743 10 Away June 29, 1988 Winnipeg 0-0 D 3,190 11 Away July 1, 1988 Toronto 2-2 D Ion, Catliff 4,158 12 Away July 3, 1988 Hamilton 3-0 W Catliff, Lowery, Mobilio 2,350 13 Away July 6, 1988 Ottawa 1-0 W Catliff 2,100 14 Home July 10, 1988 Winnipeg 2-0 W Mobilio (2) Swangard 5,467 15 Away July 15, 1988 Winnipeg 2-0 W Ion, Sudeyko 2,903 16 Away July 17, 1988 Calgary 2-2 D Mobilio, Mitchell 4,124 17 Home July 20, 1988 Edmonton 7-1 W Catliff (3), Mitchell (2), Valentine, Mobilio Swangard 5,019 18 Home July 24, 1988 Winnipeg 3-1 W Catliff, evans, Mobilio Swangard 5,143 19 Home July 31, 1988 Calgary 6-2 W Mobilio (2), Evans (2), Catliff, Mitchell Swangard 5,069 20 Away August 9, 1988 Calgary 2-2 D Catliff, Mitchell 1,819 21 Away August 11, 1988 Winnipeg 4-1 W Mitchell, Catliff, McKinty Lenarduzzi, Valentine 5,650 22 Away August 14, 1988 Edmonton 3-0 W Mitchell, Catliff, McKinty 11,910 23 Home August 21, 1988 Hamilton 4-2 W Mitchell, Mobillio, Evans Swangard 7,486 24 Home August 28, 1988 Calgary 5-0 W Valentine, Mobillio (2), Evans Swangard 4,492 25 Home August 31, 1988 Winnipeg 4-1 W Catliff, Mobillio (2), MitchellSwangard 4,297 26 Home Septemeber 4, 1988 Edmonton 5-0 W Muirhead (3), Evans, Belfiore Swangard 4,139 27 Away September 7, 1988 Edmonton 2-1 W Evans, Catliff 1,800 28 Home September 11, 1988 Toronto 3-3 D Evans, Mitchell (2) Swangard 4, 561 P Home September 18, 1988 Winnipeg 3-1 W Mobilio (2), Mitchell Swangard 4,226 P Home September 25, 1988 Hamilton 4-1 W Valentine, Ion, Mitchell, Catliff Swangard 6,443
1989 Home/Away Date Opponent Result Goalscorer Venue Attendance 1 Away May 28, 1989 Ottawa 2-1 W Wilkinson, Easton 3,000 2 Away May 31, 1989 Toronto 1-1 D Murihead 1,777 3 Home June 4, 1989 Calgary 7-3 W Murihead, Easton, Evans, Saundh, Catliff, Titto, Sudeyko Swangard 5, 486 4 Away June 9, 1989 Winnipeg 3-1 W Catliff, Evans, Titotto 4,095 5 Away June 11, 1989 3-1 W Karpun, MacDonald, Titotto 1,811 6 Home June 13, 1989 Edmonton 3-2 W Catliff, Karpun, Titotto Swagard 3,564 7 Away June 18, 1989 Victoria 2-1 W Easton, Catliff 3,246 8 Home June 25, 1989 Calgary 5-0 W Mobilio (2), MacDonald, Catliff, Titotto Swangard 6,451 9 Home June 28, 1989 Victoria 5-0 W Catliff, Valentine, Mobilio, Muirhead 4,032 10 Home July 2, 1988 Montreal 0-0 D Swangard 4,514 11 Home July 7, 1988 Hamilton 1-1 D Catliff Swangard 3,964 12 Home July 12, 1988 Winnipeg 4-1 W Catliff, Lowery, Easton, Own Goal. 3, 111 13 Home July 16, 1989 North York 2-1 W Easton, Muirhead Swangard 4,258 14 Away July 21, 1988 Edmonton 1-0 W Catliff 2,260 15 Away July 23, 1988 Winnipeg 3-2 W Evans, Own Goal, Mitchell 3,500 16 Home July 30, 1989 Victoria 2-1 W Mitchell, Lowery Swangard 4,783 17 Home August 2, 1989 Winnipeg 2-1 W Valentine, Lowery Swangard 4,561 18 Away August 6, 1989 Calgary 3-1 W Valentine, Mitchell (2) 2,101 19 Away August 9, 1989 Edmonton 2-1 L Valentine 2,066 20 Away August 13, 1989 North York 0-0 D 3,000 21 Away August 16, 1988 Montreal 3-3 D Lowery, Mitchell, Mobilio 1, 797 F Away August 18, 1989 Nova Scotia 7-1 W Muirhead-3, Catliff-2, Lowery, Mitchell. 3,500 22 Away August 20, 1989 Hamilton 2-1 L Mitchell 4,104 23 Home August 23, 1989 Toronto 2-4 W Catliff, Easton, Mobilio, Titotto Swangard 5,904 F Home August 27, 1988 Seattle 2-0 W Mobilio , Easton Swangard 3,342 24 Away September 3, 1988 Victoria 1-1 D Mobilio 2,840 25 Home September 6, 1989 Edmonton 2-3 W Mobilio (3) Swangard 4,069 26 Home September 10, 1989 Ottawa 3-2 W Evans, Titotto, Mobilio 3,769 P Away September 20, 1989 Edmonton 5-3 W Easton (2), Catliff, Mitchell, Mobilio 1,539 P Home September 24, 1989 Edmonton 4-0 W Easton, Mitchell (2), Evans 5,772 P Home October 1, 1989 Hamilton 3-2 W Catliff, Valentine, Mobilio 7,942
1990 Game Home/Away Date Opponent Result Goalscorer(s) Venue Attendance F Home May 23, 1990 Bournemouth 2-2 D Muirhead, Lowery Swangard 1,479 1 Away May 27, 1990 Victoria 5-2 W Lowery, Titotto, Catliff, Saundh, Muirhead 2,100 2 Away May 30, 1990 Edmonton 2-1 W Catliff, Macey 1,450 3 Home June 4, 1990 Winnipeg 4-0W Catliff (2), Macey, Burns 3,692 4 Home June 6, 1990 Edmonton 5-1 W Evans (2), Lowery (2), Burns Swangard 3,137 5 Away June 10, 1990 Winnipeg 1-1 D Titotto 6 Home June 13, 1989 Victoria 2-2 D Catliff (2) Swangard 3,507 7 Home June 20, 1990 Hamilton 3-1W Mobilio (3) Swangard 4,522 8 Home June 24, 1990 North Yourk 3-1 W Lowery, Catliff, Evans Swangard 3,916 9 Home June 27, 1990 Ottawa 3-0 W Catliff (2) Evans Swangard 4,208 10 Home July 1, 1990 Montreal 1-0 L Swangard 4,072 11 Away July 4, 1990 Edmonton 5-1 W Mobilio (2) MacDonald, Lowery, Evans 3,211 12 Away July 8, 1990 Montreal 0-0 D 3,100 13 Away July 11, 1990 Hamilton 4-2 W Lowry, Catliff (3) 14 Away July 15, 1990 Kitchener 4-0W Catliff, Mobilio (2), Valentine 2,741 15 Away July 18, 1990 Ottawa 2-0W Catliff, Lowery 1,350 16 Home July 22, 1990 Kitchener 5-0W Mobilio (3) Catliff (2) Swangard 4,902 17 Home July 25, 1990 Toronto 2-0 W Evans, Mobilio Swangard 5,823 18 Home August 1, 1990 London 2-0 W Burns, Evans Swangard 3,189 F Home August 5, 1990 Seattle 5-3W Titotto, Muirhead (2), Mitchell (2) Swangard 3,046 F Away August 9, 1990 Seattle 2-3 L Mobilio (2) 2,200 19 Home August 12, 1990 Winnipeg 5-1 W Mitchell (2), Catliff (2), Mobilio Swangard 4, 510 20 Home August 15, 1990 Edmonton 2- W McKinty (2) Swangard 3,820 21 Away August 19, 1990 London 1-1 D Saundh 500 22 Away August 22, 1990 North Yourk 5-2 W Saundh, Mitchell, Catliff, Mobilio, Muirhead 1,650 23 Away August 26, 1990 Toronto 0-3 L 3,967 24 Away August 29, 1990 Winnipeg 2-2 D Mitchell (2) 2,598 25 Away September 1, 1990 Victoria 2-2 D Mitchell, Evans 5,532 26 Home September 9, 1990 Victoria 0-2 L 5,532 P1 Away September 12, 1990 North Yourk 2-0 W Mitchell, Catliff 1, 650 P2 Home September 16, 1990 North Yourk 2-1 W Catliff, Evans Swangard 3,340 P3 Away September 22, 1990 Victoria 2-2 D Mobilio, Evans 3,775 Pepsi Cup Home September 26, 1990 Maryland Bays 3-2 W Mobilio, Mitchell Swangard 2,643 P4 Home September 30, 1990 Victoria 6-1 W Mobilio (2), Evans, Mitchell, McKinty, Saundh Swangard 5,883 Mita Cup Home October 8, 1990 Hamilton 6-1 W Catliff (3), Mobilio, Evans, Mitchell Swangard 6,348
1991 Game # Home/Away Date Opponent Result Goalscorer(s) Venue Attendance 1 Away May 26, 1991 Nova Scotia 0-0 D 1,891 2 Away May 28, 1991 Montreal 2-1 W Karpun, Mobilio 2,037 3 Away May 30, 1991 Winnipeg 2-0 W Catliff, Titotto 1,465 4 Home June 5, 1991 Toronto 2-2 D Mobilio, Young 4,832 5 Home June 9, 1991 Hamilton 3-2 W MacDonald, Catliff (2) 5,024 6 Home June 12, 1991 Kitchener 3-1 W Odinga, Evans, Muirhead 3,420 F Home June 15, 1991 Benfica 2-1 L Evans B.C. Place 13,685 7 Away June 19, 1991 Hamilton 5-1 W Muirhead (3), Saundh, Karpun 3,241 8 Away June 21, 1991 Kitchener 4-1 W Karpun, Mobilio (2), Muirhead 987 9 Away June 23, 1991 North York 2-2 D Karpun, Evans 2,762 10 Home June 26, 1991 Nova Scotia 3-1 W Evans, Odinga, OG (NY-Sedgwick) 4,525 11 Away June 30,1991 Toronto 3-0 L 2,258 12 Away July 2, 1991 Kitchener 3-1 W Odinga, McKinity, Mobilio 875 13 Away July 4, 1991 Winnipeg 3-2 W Mobilio (3) 1,929 14 Home July 10, 1991 North York 2-0 L 4,423 15 Home July 14, 1991 Montreal 1-1 D Valentine 4,494 16 Home July 17, 1991 Kitchener 6-0 W Catliff, Odinga, Mobilio (3) 4,215 17 Home July 21, 1991 Winnipeg 3-1 W McKinty, Odinga, Titotto 4,715 18 Home July 16, 1991 Nova Scotia 4-0 W Saundh, Catliff, Mobilio (2) 5,117 19 Home August 4, 1991 Montreal 3-2 W Mobilio, Young, Titotto 4,676 20 Home August 7, 1991 Toronto 3-1 W Mobilio, Odinga, Lowrey 4,044 21 Home August 9,1991 Winnipeg 4-1 W Mobilio (4) 4,451 22 Away August 14, 1991 Nova Scotia 4-0 W Catliff, Valentine, Mobilio (2) 1,489 23 Away August 16, 1991 Montreal 2-1 W Evans, Totitto 5,487 24 Away August 18,1991 Hamilton 2-1 L Mobilio 3,100 25 Away August 21, 1991 North York 3-1 W Macey, Mobilio, Evans 2,452 26 Away August 25, 1991 Toronto 2-1 W Mobilio, Karpun 2,587 27 Home September 1, 1991 Hamilton 1-0 W Mobilio 5,529 28 Home September 4, 1991 North York 1-0 L 4,642 P Away September 22, 1991 Hamilton 1-1 D OG (HAM-Nocita) 4,113 P Home September 29, 1991 Hamilton 2-1 W Catliff (2) 4,431 1991 MINA Cup Final Home October 6, 1991 Toronto 5-3 W McKinty, Norman (2), Catliff, Mobilio
1992 Game # Home/Away Date Opponent Result Goalscorer(s) Venue Attendance F Home May 16, 1992 Dundee United 1-1 D Mobilio 1,792 F Home May 18, 1992 Van Island Selects 3-0 W Titotto, Muirhead, Carlos Batista 2,147 F Home May 20, 1992 Chelsea 2-2 D Carlos Batista, Muirhead 2,283 1 Home May 24, 1992 Winnipeg 5-0 W Kevin Holness, Catliff (2), Mobilio, Easton 4,173 2 Home June 3, 1992 Montreal 0-0 D 3,641 F Home June 6, 1992 AC Milan 2-0 L B.C. Place 10,228 3 Home June 17, 1992 Toronto 3-2 W McKinty, MacDonald, Macey 4,452 4 Home June 28, 1992 North York 3-1 W Norman, Catliff, Muirhead 3,902 5 Home July 1, 1992 London 5-2 W Mobilio, Catliff (2), Mobilio, Valentine 4,207 F Home July 4, 1992 Hong Kong 2-1 L Macey 5,468 6 Home July 10, 1992 Winnipeg 6-0 W MacDonald, Catliff, Muirhead (2), Mitchell, Batista 4,438 7 Away July 15, 1992 North York 2-1 L Muirhead 1,550 8 Away July 17, 1992 Toronto 3-2 L Easton (2) 1,123 9 Away July 19, 1992 Montreal 1-1 D Easton 3,846 10 Home July 24, 1992 London 4-1 W Mitchell (2), Muirhead (2) 5,197 Pro Cup #1 Away August 3, 1992 Colorado Foxes 3-2 L Easton, Mitchell 368 11 Away August 5, 1992 London 1-1 D Macey 400 12 Away August 7, 1992 Toronto 5-1 L Mitchell 2,716 13 Away August 9, 1992 Winnipeg 1-0 W Karpun 2,300 Pro Cup #2 Home August 11, 1992 Colorado Foxes 2-1 L Mobilio 3,083 14 Away August 23, 1992 North York 2-0 W Mobilio, MacDonald 1,588 15 Away August 26, 1992 London 1-0 W Batisita 625 16 Away August 28, 1992 Montreal 2-0 L 2,940 17 Away August 30, 1992 Winnipeg 3-1 L MacDonald 2,406 18 Home September 6, 1992 North York 3-0 L 4,163 19 Home September 9, 1992 Toronto 3-1 W Celebrini, Mitchell, Evans 4,683 20 Home September 13, 1992 Montreal 2-1 W Mitchell, Celebrini 4,583 P Away September 16, 1992 Montreal 1-1 D Titotto 1,009 P Home September 20, 1992 Montreal 1-0 W Easton 3,728 MITA Cup Final 1 Away September 27, 1992 Winnipeg 2-0 L 1,513 MITA Cup Final 2 Home October 4, 1992 Winnipeg 1-1 D Mitchell 6,087
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2020.09.25 10:49 BlueZky13 Can anyone recommend me some cheesy or good romantic comedies / comedy films?

For awhile now I've been just watching nothing but rom-coms and comedy films and have been loving everything I've watched so far but I feel like I'm running out of options, I need more suggestions!
So far I've watched;
What I really loved;
  • Bridesmaids. All these years later, still a masterpiece.
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Pretty Woman
  • The Holiday & What Happens in Vegas - Cameron is fun.
  • 13 Going 30 (LOVED 13 going 30. Makes me wish there was more films like it.) Really liked Big too.
  • Forrest Gump.
  • Hot Tub Time Machine (I weirdly like the movies that go back in time, or future?)
  • Groundhog Day
  • Peggy Sue Got Married / It Could Happen To You (this one was super cheesy, but I strangely liked it.)
  • Notting Hill and most Hugh Grant films...
  • Bridget Jones / Renee is great.
  • Me, Myself & Irene
  • Jerry Maguire
There's so many more I'm not thinking about that I loved / have watched. BTW, sorry that my list is so long, I'm pathtic.
Any good comedies that are worth watching? Esp rom-coms?
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2020.09.25 08:20 coy-coyote The Circumstance of Coincidence

. The Circumstance of Coincidence (One-Shot)
Staging a series of social runs, this is the odd run out of three run dynamics exploring the nature of media manipulation amongst the social elite.
Players met the Johnson at a pop-up street club located in a shuttered parking lot in Downtown Seattle.
Runners were paid to follow Chaz Hunter, the social media mogul, for 36 hours, staging felonious events to pander to the belief that 'Seattle is full of runners doing runner stuff all the time' for Chaz's livefeed fans. Chaz's publicist hires Horizon's pathfinder media division for a boost - with pathfinder giving M1rr0r5 a new contract to find some runners for.
At the concert where the meet happened, runners staged the forced extraction of their own teammate Snowflake, with la Espuela and Shikoba playing kidnappers and Slicer wrecking nearby equipment until Firefly managed the getaway.
At the second interval, players disrupted a strip club party with unusual hijinks and a little mind magic to promote a small riot, while stealing a unique, collector's anthrodroid on the property.
At the third check, runners staged a drive-by shooting intending to make it look like a syndicate war style event, while Slicer hijacked and crashed a vehicle into the syndicate's building while Firefly did a drive-by shooting of the property.
+1 PA / Quality: Solid Reputation [Skraacha] for player SHIKOBA for double exposure, and an unusually public display of dancing talent at a strip club.
No expenses.
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2020.09.25 08:19 FishStyxRP [KrimeApp] Order # 351WW 2020-09-26 13:30 UTC

Order # 351WW 2020-09-26 13:30 UTC
Players: 2-4
Duration: 3-4 hours (Should be a short one as players go straight to the job.)
Communication: Roll20 and Discord
In-Game Location: Seattle
Game Type: Wet-work
Difficulty: Low-Med.

////////////////////////// Transmission start: …….
We have a very angry man as a client.... and he wants someone dead.... He seems a bit impulsive, so make sure you get the job down right or you might be next on his list. It's in a public place too. Try not to get caught...
Transmission ended……//////////////////////////
Warning: The sixth world is a dangerous place. You risk death, dismemberment or worse.
Please note your last run date.
Please link your Chr Sheet PDF

Warranty Disclaimer: Services Available on an "AS IS" Basis
Your access to and use of the Services or any Content is at your own risk. YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT THE SERVICES ARE PROVIDED TO YOU ON AN "AS IS" AND "AS AVAILABLE" BASIS. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, TO THE FULL EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, KRIMEAPP DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. KRIMEapp makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the Services, including any representation or warranty that the use of the Services will (a) be timely, uninterrupted or error-free or operate in combination with any other hardware, software, system, or data, (b) meet your requirements or expectations, (c) be free from errors or that defects will be corrected, (d) be free of viruses or other harmful components; or (e) be entirely secure or that the information you share with us will be secure. KRIMEapp also makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to Bounties; Subscriber (AKA Mr Johnson) Bounties, in particular, is provided by and is solely the responsibility of, the Subscribers providing that Bounty. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained from KRIMEapp or through the Services, will create any warranty not expressly made herein.
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2020.09.25 01:53 FederalOpposite1 Date Night Options

With places starting to open up slowly, what are some good date night/day options in Seattle during these covid times? Looking for dine in restaurants (not too expensive), music venues, activities, easy hikes with nice views, etc
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2020.09.24 20:45 Cortezzful Building first Gaming PC

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
*Everything. Currently operating on a laptop so I don't have a monitokeyboard/OS.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
-First time building a PC, I was hoping to save money over buying a premade setup. -I don't mind spending a little extra for increased performance but I also dont want to buy something I won't ever use. -I started my own parts list a few days ago but I really have no idea what I'm doing:
Thanks for helping me find the right parts! This sub is awesome
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2020.09.24 20:32 Dream1467 [What Lies Beneath] Meeting the neighbours, 20/9/28, 1800 UTC

Players: 4
Threat: High
Duration: 4-5 hours
Theme: Mirrorshades
Location: Deep below Seattle
Communication: Discord and roll20
Game type: exploration/scouting
Scheduled: picks 24 hours before game.
/You have unread messages: 1/ > /Open (Y/N)/
Greetings runners this is an invitation for Dr Beefton and up to three other suitable candidates to a meeting on behalf of the Tiberium Boring Institute. We are recruiting contractors to place survey equipment in a dangerous region of Seattle's underground, come prepared. If selected you will receive a time and location, be there.
Fixer note: "I'll save you the trouble of looking, the company named doesn't exist. Don't know their game but keep your heads up.
GM notes: please post the usual below including the date of your last run. this run will feature HMHVV
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2020.09.24 15:11 PowerOnTheThrone [Job] Styling of the Ultra <2020-09-25 23:01 UTC>

{2020-09-25 19:01 (America/New_York)}
Player count: 4-5
Duration: 4-5 hours
Communication: Roll20 & Discord.
Edition: Pathfinder 2e Joking, it's Shadowrun 5e.
In game location: Seattle
Game theme: The Rich and their Toys
Game type: Player Choice
Threat level: Medium
Prerequisites: The ability to show up on-time, a working microphone, and a basic knowledge of the rules. Also you must want to have fun playing Shadowrun for a bit.
A job is posted, Tagged: [Guaranteed Pay][Verified Pay][New Johnson][Extraction][2-for-1]
My employer has a need for the return of one or two individuals. A minimum of ¥10,000 ¥ each is guaranteed for completion of this job. Discretion is required.
  • Girl Friday
((OOC: Role, Number of runs on the Hub, Date of of your last run on the Hub, Discord Name, and character's favorite way to relax?))
The Team:
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Seattle Singles - Dating for Local Seattle Area Singles Single In Seattle - Resources meet other singles #SingleInSeattle Seattle Singles - YouTube Single in Seattle- Relationships Part 1  Ep. 6 Best Friend Dating Your Ex?  Seattle Dating App Older Women Dating Single in Seattle - Learn about the Seattle Dating Scene #SingleInSeattle

Seattle dating scene The Seattle Times

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  9. Seattle: The Utopian Lie NOIR S7E8 - YouTube 'Seattle was supposed to be this shining beacon of what the possibilities were for your life, raising your kids, your family..... Seattle Singles is a local matchmaking service, catering to the singles of the Seattle – Bellevue area. Different from online dating, Seattle Singles takes t... The Seattle Dating App is the first dating app built specifically for one city. All of the app features have been crowd-selected by Instagram users in the Seattle community. We also packed in more ... Seattle Singles - #1 Dating Solution in Seattle WA. Suggested by HAAWK for a 3rd Party Monetize Your Music Today! Identifyy Content ID Administration. I am discovering that both women and men are dissatisfied with finding each other. They can get hookups, but not lasting relationships. We will talk to both men and women and dating experts to ... The Psychology In Seattle Podcast. Dr. Kirk Honda talks with Paulette about older women dating online. Music by Bread Knife Incident. June 6, 2016. #1 Single In Seattle Show - Interview with dating expert - Wendy Newman - Duration: 10:08. Jolene Jang Recommended for you. 10:08. Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day - Duration: 16:09. Made just for Seattle… Busy schedules and traffic can take a toll your dating life. We created the Seattle Dating App because we know that Seattle deserves b... Single In Seattle - Resources meet other singles #SingleInSeattle - Duration: 1:59. Jolene Jang 377 views. 1:59. Interview with Judge Alex Ferrer - Duration: 23:22.