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The data are intended for applications in ecology, agriculture and meteorology that depend on high resolution data. Although the main dataset is derived from a reanalysis, the CHELSA algorithms could be used to downscale climate model simulations of past and future climate. Originally published as a climatology, CHELSA data are now available ... Download data from CHELSA climatologies. This function retrieves files from the server via dowload request. Usage. 1 2. get_chelsa (type = 'bioclim', layer = 1: 19, period, model_string, scenario_string, future_years, output_dir) Arguments. type: Character. Currently only 'bioclim'. layer: Numeric. Select which bioclim layer(s) is/are downloaded. CHELSA (Climatologies at high resolution for the earth’s land surface areas) is a high resolution (30 arc sec) climate data set for the earth land surface areas currently hosted by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL. It includes temperature and precipitation patterns for various time periods. #### Note to self (27.06.2018) -- remove raster package functions and replace fs function with base (to keep it lightweight) #' Get CHELSA climate data #' #' Download data from CHELSA climatologies. This function retrieves files from the server via dowload request. #' #' @param type Character. Currently only 'bioclim'. #' @param layer Numeric. Select which bioclim layer(s) is/are downloaded. Downloads are currently only available via our ftp server: FTP SERVER NOTICE: We are currently having reoccurring access problems to our ftp server due to heavy download loads. We are working on it to solve the problem. If you cannot access the server, please try again in a few minutes. If problems persist, please email:… Match Report: Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2. Ten-man Chelsea suffered defeat at home to the reigning Premier League champions for the first time in 18 years, Liverpool capitalising on their numerical advantage after the break to leave the Bridge with all the points. Following today’s exciting news that Kai Havertz has completed his move to Chelsea, we take a look at some of the key statistics from his burgeoning playing career so far which help highlight his consistency and the areas in which he is so dangerous. Havertz burst onto the scene aged 17 and ... As part of an effort to be transparent and supply information to the public, the City of Chelsea has generated a variety of information containing current real estate data. If you wish to look up property value online, you may use the Property Field Cards to search. You will be taken to a third-party website to search for the property online. CHELSA (Climatologies at high resolution for the earth’s land surface areas) is a high-resolution climate data set for the global land surface area.It is hosted by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL and enjoys great demand among ecologists interested in the distribution of species. View the latest comprehensive Chelsea FC match stats, along with a season by season archive, on the official website of the Premier League.

Post-AMA Writeup of Questions & Answers

2019.03.07 00:47 kungming2 Post-AMA Writeup of Questions & Answers

ICYMI, we had an AMA (Ask Me Anything) today with the Pixelberry Studios Team and once again, we thank them (u/playchoices) for coming on and chatting with us!

I've put together a somewhat organized list of questions and answers for people to reference (especially for the Wiki) and to group together related topics as best I could. (Let me know if there are any corrections that need to be made!)

Book-related Questions

A Courtesan of Rome

Can you please confirm whether A Courtesan Of Rome will be one book, or multiple? Or has this not even been decided yet?
This came up in the Inside Choices, but I guess I wasn't super clear (sorry). The finale chapters after the hiatus will conclude your historical adventures in Rome. We currently aren't planning on a Book 2, but it's been a blast exploring Ancient Rome with all of you! The team is working super hard to create an awesome finale! -Jessica
Will we get the chance to stab Caesar during the Ides of march, ergo the real date of his death? (Maybe not this year but in the future?) -Chelsa
Why did ACOR go on hiatus? 😭 will we get a book 2, or is it just two parts? Marc Antony isn’t a red herring LI like Nathan, right?
A Courtesan of Rome returns in late spring with its concluding chapters for the book. We don't have plans for a Book 2 currently, but we're hoping you'll enjoy all the epic stuff the team has planned for the last few chapters. (Seriously, it's mindblowing. Cleopatra!!) Generally speaking, we'll sometimes put books on shorter breaks or longer hiatuses to give our writing, art, QA and other teams enough time to make the best chapters possible without placing too much pressure on said teams. We know that the delays can be a disappointment, and we're really sorry about that, but we never make these decisions on a whim. At the end of the day, we're in this for the long-term, and that means doing what's best for our teams. - Jessica

Desire & Decorum

Specifically for the D&D and ACoR writers, what were some interesting things you guys learned about in your research?
I can’t speak on the ACoR side, but for D&D, it was really interesting researching about the secret language of the hand fan! I don’t know if I buy into all this “secret” gesture stuff, but the dictionary for it all is quite fascinating. Also, did you know that the word “Hello” wasn’t around until the 1840s? But it didn’t become a popular greeting until the 1880s, which coincided with the rise of the telephone! -Rachel
Also, in the early days of D&D, Rachel took me to a regency dance class. It was wild. -Jessica
In the PB blog post about D&D II, there was an allusion to a scene that had been conceived very early on (maybe as early as Book I). Was that scene the duel scene or a scene yet to unfold?
Yes! That was the duel! -Rachel

The Elementalists

Who is your favorite Elementalists character?
T I M -Andrew
Also Tim -Jessica
Will there be more Aster in book 2 of the Elementalists? I love her.
yes! We love her too and we’re so happy to finally be able to bring Aster in as a full time student. This is something we’ve been planning since the start of the series, so we’re glad to continue the story with her being more involved. - Chelsa
What was your thought process behind the sexuality choice in The Elementalists? It was super cool to let us pick our sexuality for the first time in any book! Will we see it in future books? Also, why did you still include romance scenes ignoring the choice later on?
You'll see it again in The Elementalists: Book 2! So the thought process initially was to give players who were romantically interested in specific genders a way to avoid certain romantic interactions and play a story more tailored to them. The hookup scenes at the tail end of the book weren't at all intended to ignore that choice. We considered the choice at the start to be specifically about your romantic interests, versus sexual preference. Of course, we always have room to grow, and will definitely look at how to further improve this option going forward! -Chelsa
Will the sexuality options for the MC be present in book 2 of The Elementalists?
yes! -Chelsa
I was wondering what everyone's attunement was from The Elementalists?
Earth-att -Jessica
Fire. Surprising no one -Kathleen
Air-att -Chelsa
I’m Tim -Andrew
I love the magical system ("attunements") you came up with for "The Elementalists". What alternative systems were discarded when you decided on that one?
We came up with a huuuuuuuge list of different magic systems and tried to narrow down some ideas from there. I went in knowing that i wanted it to involve elements and kind of show the relationship between magic and science in a unique way that I hadn’t really seen before. The one thing that we really wanted to put our own spin on was the idea of “wands” which have their own sort of power in the magickal world but aren’t used at all anymore as a result of the Wand Wars. (More on that in TE Book 2!) -Chelsa
When TE came out, a lot of people compared it to Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is pretty funny because our intrepid book lead has actually never watched it! We've got a running joke on the team where we make obscure A:TLA references specifically to drive Chelsa up the wall. -Jessica
Any chance we could get the Their team captain (AKA Hottie McHot Hot Hot) as a love interest?
Sorry, Everett doesn't date underclassmen. 😢

Endless Summer

To the writers: which is your personal favourite ending for Endless Summer and why?
CONTROVERSIAL HOT TAKE but my favorite is the Rourke Wins ending! I know it’s ‘the bad ending’, but in a lot of ways, I kind of think it’s the most hopeful, because it sets up the possibility that the characters will all find each other again and work together to take down Rourke on a grand new adventure - Andrew
In the chapter of book 1 of Endless Summer where you have to find Iris’ name, would anything have happened if you told her the name she had before? Rot13 for spoilers: Vzbtra Ebhexr
Oh wow that is a DEEP pull. Uhhhh, I’m going to say nothing would have happened because the operating system only accepted the name IRIS? - Andrew
I want a Endless Summer 3 pt movie.
Why not a musical theatre production? -Rachel
Does Quinn still think about me?
Every day - Andrew


Will we ever get a hero book 2? (:
Yes. -Rachel

The Heist: Monaco

Hey Owen, will there be a sequel to The Heist: Monaco?
That's classified 😛
Why is Sonia so attractive?
Because our artists are FANTASTIC! -Rachel

It Lives Beneath

In ILB, can the MC having low nerve actually prevent them from even TRYING to escape the coffin in chapter 17?
I mean, you can always TRY to escape the coffin, but if your Nerve is too low, it’s not gonna go well. 😈 -Kathleen

The Royal Romance

Was Maxwell from The Royal Romance always planned to be a love interest or was that decided later?
Books are planned and outlined well before launch, and we generally don’t change plans based on fan reception. We’ve got a road map and we stick to it! Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate and value fan feedback; it just means that we tend to take a long-term, more big-picture view towards reacting to fan feedback. The one exception to the rule is of course, Maxwell from The Royal Romance -- and even that took a lot more planning and forethought than I think readers realize. -Andrew
It wasn't planned, but over time, he charmed us so much that we just had to include him! And of course, we loved the passionate fan reception to him. That being said, the process for making Maxwell a love interest happen started out pretty early! - Jennifer
From a scale of 1-10 how likely is it that Drake Walker will still be sporting a denim shirt in the TRR spinoff?
100% -Kara
Would he be Drake Walker without a denim shirt? -Jennifer
TRR Question that I had on my mind since book 1, specifically for Kara if she can answer. Was Olivia from the series intended to be an LI at one point during conception but scrapped? If so, what was the thought process behind that? Noted how MC can bluntly say "I'd actually rather date you" at the end of the book moments before possibly winning Liam's hand and always made me wonder if her as a 4th/5th LI after Maxwell was intended as some point.
We didn’t have any plans beyond the first three Love Interests for TRR when we started it, but we didn’t want your dynamic with Olivia to feel forced into being purely antagonistic. One of my favorite things about Olivia and Riley’s interactions is that you can usually be snarky back to her or sweet, sassy, or silly even from the beginning before your friendship with her really starts forming. Some of the funniest paths to me are when you’re silly or sweet to Olivia because it’s something that she’s just so not used to. -Kara


Would there be some type of option for accessorizing the MC’s in the future? I.e: adding Glasses, tattoos, a color palette for hairstyles etc..
Yes! We definitely have some more customization options coming up... including some that I think will be quite a surprise.
I would like to ask if there will be a possibility of choosing different haircolours for the hairstyles we are offered in the books. For example, having the ability to pick the same hairstyle in blonde and brown or maybe even some other colours. Would this be a possibility that you would consider in the foreseeable future?
This is something we’ll look into! - Andrew
Of the newly announced books that aren’t yet released, which are you most excited for fans to experience and why?
I’m super-hyped for Nightbound because if y’all like sexy monsters, we’ve got sexy monsters. I’m also very hyped for a Top Secret New Project that hasn’t been announced yet but pushes Choices in a new direction that I think fans will really enjoy! -Andrew
Also Nightbound! Though, I am really hyped for Wishful Thinking because I don’t know too much about the story -Chelsa
Nightboooooooouuuund -Kathleen
I’m excited to see what people will think about Passport to Romance. -Jennifer
I can’t wait for Wishful Thinking! I mean… look at the emus!! -Rachel
Have you thought about doing more books with the art style of Hero and Endless Summer?
Different art styles are definitely something we’re looking into! - Andrew
Will we get more books with a polyamory option?
Yes! - Andrew
Relating to my last question, have you ever considered making an in - game surveys ? Like you can make an option about attempting a survey within the app for different topics ? You can get valuable feedback directly from the players and in return, you can give a small diamond reward in accordance to the length of the survey.
This might be something we’re looking into! - Andrew
Are we going to get more trans representation in future or currently updating books?
Yes! - Andrew
Why are you not selling merchandise? I really, really want some Hartfeld stationery!
Can we choose our gender in Passport to Romance, Nightbound, and Wishful Thinking?
Nightbound and Passport to Romance will both have male/female main character options. Wishful Thinking will center a heroine main character. Now you know! #RedditExclusive -Jessica
What is the planned genre of Wishful Thinking?
“Quirky romcom” sayeth the Wishful Thinking lead. -Jessica
In Nightbound, are we a human or something else?
My lips are sealed -Andrew
Any upcoming genres you’re excited for?
Oh yeah. We’ve got some very very exciting stuff planned. I’m not allowed to share much so I’ll just say… we can’t wait til you SEA what we’ve got in store - Andrew
Will we be seeing more historical fiction books like D&D and ACOR.??
Yes! We have more historical books coming! - Andrew
when will red carpet diaries 3 be released? i'm getting antsy waiting on my thomas hunt reunion.
Red Carpet Diaries 3 will be released this summer! - Andrew
Hi guys! Just wondering if we will ever see a non-binary Main Character option, or perhaps even just some more flexibility with character selection?
That's on our radar! I can't promise when or if it will happen, but know that we hear you and appreciate you. ❤️-Jessica
Who’s your favorite villain? Who do you love to hate?
Gaius Augustine! And let me tell you, having just read the last chapter of Bloodbound 2… y’all have no idea what you’re in for - Andrew
SOooOooOoo…. I can’t really tell you yet. But you’re gonna love him as much as I do MWHAHAHA see ya’ll march 15th. -Chelsa
Would you all consider making any more books that take place in historical times rich with mythology (Greece, Africa, the Viking era, etc.?)
I would love to write a Viking book FOR THE GLORY OF ODIN -Kathleen
Does it have to be real mythology? -Chelsa
But seriously, we've got a bunch of books in different genres, settings, and maybe even time periods planned for the future, so stay tuned! In re: Veil of Secrets, it's a standalone book, but that doesn't mean it's the last time we'll explore mystery stories... -Jessica
The Heist: Olympus, coming soon! -Owen
(It is not. This is a joke) -Owen, seconds later


Do you guys keep stats on the choices people make? For example, which was the most chosen ending for Endless Summer, or who’s the most popular LI in a book? If so would you ever reveal some of them?
Nope! We actually don't keep track of individual choices; it'd be way too much data! -Andrew
Is there some sort of metric you use to determine when a book is successful? What does a “successful book” consist of? (Replays, keys, diamonds etc...)
It’s very complicated! We use a broad combination of metrics including things like spend, replays, etc. Also keep in mind that production cost is a big factor! Some books are a lot more expensive and complex than others, so the bar for what a success is can be very different depending.
Can you guys tell which books are replayed the most? Does the server actually let you know if a book is being replayed multiple times? (I’m asking because I have no idea how many times I’ve played TRR, and I’m wondering if they can tell, and think I need a life)
How does the writing team come up with new books? Is it led by an individual's idea or is it a team effort to brainstorm? Does fandom feedback have an effect on what genres are created?
It’s a huge effort that involves a whole bunch of people. It may start with one idea from one person but there’s definitely a long and involved team process that follows! -Chelsa
Would you guys be averse to revisiting a story that ended? Or having the fans vote to bring back a story? Or even being more interactive with fans and having fans vote for sequels?
Anything is possible in the future, but right now, we’re focused on new stories and sequels to some ongoing titles. Also I can’t speak too much to ACOR because I haven’t worked on it, but I can say the team is working very very hard to make sure it has an extremely satisfying ending! -Andrew
Hey! If you love a book, let us know. You can contact us via Facebook message or in-game Support, or tweet at us. We can't always give you the answer you might want, but we really value hearing from you. (At the same time, I'll take the chance to say that spamming us is not the way to go.) -Jessica
Who has been your favourite character to write for? Is there any character who's level of popularity surprised you? And if you could write a book about whatever you wanted what would it be?
Speaking for just myself, I love writing Endless Summer Book 2 and my boy Jake McKenzie. I also LOVE Kamilah from Bloodbound - Andrew
personally have my heart set on a ‘mean girls’ style book, where your main goal is to become the Queen Bee of the fancy new boarding school you’ve been transferred to. - Chelsa
My favorite character to write for was probably Becca from the freshman (see Queen Bee book answer above lol) I personally have my heart set on a ‘mean girls’ style book, where your main goal is to become the Queen Bee of the fancy new boarding school you’ve been transferred to 🤔 -Chelsa
Fave character to write was Sei from TC&TF, 'cuz she’s the fire-slinging badass I wish I could be in real life 🔥🔥🔥 Noah’s popularity shocked me and was honestly pretty awkward because of what I knew was gonna happen at the end of ch. 14 😅 I’m a huge folklore nerd so my dream book is probably a super dark Brothers Grimm-style fairytale with evil fae and quest-giving talking animals. -Kathleen
Recently, my favorite to write has been Sybil from The Heist. Anytime you let me go absurd… -Owen
My fave character to write: Mr. Sinclaire in D&D. The banter between him and MC are so much fun. Briar is the runner up… She’s so boy crazy, but fun. -Rachel
My fave is Griffin! He's such a sweetie, it's fun to write the most genuine, heartfelt lines for him. #TeamGriffin -Jessica
How do you calculate the +Romance interactions for books like Desire and Decorum and TRR as opposed to Endless Summer and AME where the points are more quantifiable?
We have our books totally planned well in advance of launch. On very rare occasions, we'll make adjustments based on what the data is showing us, but that's a rare exception. -Andrew
Jumping in as the Community team to say: We absolutely collect your feedback and comments, and pass them along to our team. But as mentioned in a different reply, the way we implement feedback is more of a big picture, long term view. It's not that we're changing books halfway through based on a comment online. We'd never get books out the door on a weekly basis that way! -Jessica
How to you judge the popularity of a certain book and record the opinions of the players about a book ?
There's a lot of factors at play, including how much it gets played, diamonds and keys spent on it, and so on. And the Community team fills us in on what the fan community thinks as well. I will note that what is or isn't popular on social media doesn't always reflect the bigger picture; there are some books that get very little social media love but are really popular in-game, and vice versa. It’s all quite complicated! - Andrew
What is your favorite or most memorable quote from the books/series you've written?
From D&D 1: “I may be the earl’s natural daughter, but you’re the one acting like a bastard.” -Rachel
I think it was the choice in Bloodbound 1 where you can tell The Baron to sit his punk ass down - Andrew
Ugh this question is too hard. I can’t think of a quote but one of my favorite story moments I contributed to in The Elementalists was we were trying to decide what to do with the unconscious student in swan’s office in chapter 11 (you may know her as Amy Stevenson), and I suggested that swan should just… roll her out of the office. It still cracks me up. -Chelsa
"Atlas pats a hidden pocket at their side, which squelches alarmingly." I mayyy have previously used this exact joke in the original flavor HSS Prime quest when Koh dumps a bunch of slime in her pocket. Also, "Sure, Jan" for the blonde hair in The Elementalists. -Jessica
Hmmm… most recently, it’s “I place faith in nothing... save for the lunar cycle, the loyalty of plants, and the eventual return of the McRib.” As mentioned, I love writing Sybil… Play The Heist with a low Sybil Trust Score to see it ;) -Owen
AUGH I CAN'T DECIDE Pretty much anything Tom says but this one's got a special place in my heart: "Tom: Hold on tight, passengers! Your friendly and enthusiastic tour guide has been playing a lot of Hydro Thunder at the arcade." -Kathleen
Can you confirm or deny if Addison and Kara are related? And related to Mr Sinclaire in some way?
But Mr. Sinclaire has the extra e! Addison and Kara don’t! Also, why does everyone with the same last name have to be related? Not every Smith or Johnson is related! -Rachel
I can’t speak to that… but on a related note, the fact that two different teams made villainous Sterlings was a very funny coincidence, but we decided retroactively, it’s canon. Nathan Sterling is a distant cousin! –Andrew
Hello choices team! Have you ever considered of making a book where the MC is a full on villain?
i would LOVE to - Chelsa
Mwahahahaha! insert maniacal laugh -Rachel
If you had to be trapped in any Choices book for a week, which one would you choose?
It Lives but only if I’m Redfield -Chelsa
I’d 100% choose Rules of Engagement. An all-expense paid cruise in the Mediterranean? Yes please! -Jennifer
Bloodbound, but only if I’m a vampire, or getting fed on by a vampire, or dating a vampire, or just hanging out with a vampire, yeah okay, just Bloodbound - Andrew
Only a week? Oh, that’s a tough one. Probably TRR… but only if I can be MC. Gimme the prince! -Rachel
I could never be in Bloodbound. I hate wearing turtlenecks! JK. I'd want to be in The Elementalists because magick! I'm an Earth-Att. -Jessica
If you could date any LI from any book who would you choose?
Zig one true love forever - Chelsa
Quinn Kelly and Flynn O’Malley - Andrew
Mr. Sinclaire… or the Prince. He’s a prince. - Rachel
Team Tom Sato for lyfe - Kathleen
Kaitlyn! - Jessica
Who’s your favorite villain? Who do you love to hate?
Tie between Hex and Empress Azura (who shines brightest) from TC&TF. I love me a villain who wants to do something VERY BAD but for reasons that kind of make sense -Kathleen
How do you decide on character names? Do you browse for name meanings, search for baby names of X time in Y place, or do the characters sometimes just speak to you (like the TRR corgi spoke through Maxwell) their names?
For me I usually have a direction or kind of vibe I’m trying to convey with a name. I don’t often do a ton of research on character names. Atlas I think just sort of popped into my head as soon as we thought up the character. Aster took a little longer to figure out, we just knew we wanted it to sound floral or nature-related. -Chelsa
What was the saddest thing for you to write (or read) among all of the books?
The endings of Endless Summer 3, no question. I was definitely tearing up throughout the Vaanu ending - Andrew
Oh man. The entire Hex/Whitlock saga that stretched across all three TC&TF books. That scene in book 3 where Whitlock holds Hex at crossbow-point? I was literally crying as I wrote that. -Kathleen
SPOILER ALERT! Writing your mother’s death in D&D. It was like the first thing I wrote for the book, and so… heartbreaking. - Rachel
the initial drafts of the death scenes in it lives 1 were very sad… and very fun for me to write mwahahhahahhahhah - Chelsa
I haven't written anything sad for Choices (yet), but the saddest thing I've written at Pixelberry would be in HSS Prime when Ace de la Cruz admits to you all his greatest fears and insecurities to you near the end of his quest arc. I poured a lot of my own feelings about academic achievement, parental expectations, and the pressure to succeed as the child of immigrants into that scene, and I absolutely cried while writing it. Whew. -Jessica
What do you consider to be the greatest classic novel of all time?
Pride & Prejudice… but I might a bit prejudice… -Rachel
Frankenstein (Mary Shelley invented Sci Fi fight me) - Kathleen
If you were a criminal, which Choices cop would you want to chase you, Dave, Sam, Parker, Damien or Sonia?
TRICK QUESTION! The real answer is Duffy - Andrew
Dave, because he seems like the kind of dude I could distract with flirting and then handcuff to a fence. - Kathleen
What is the hardest part of writing for two different genders?
Hookup scenes bc you can’t just ask your male coworkers how they do that (Jessica does not approve this answer) -Kathleen
What, if anything, leads to new characters being added as love interests like Maxwell?
This happens very very rarely, and it’s usually because it feels natural for the story! For example, Kate wasn’t supposed to be an love interest in Veil of Secrets, but the deeper I got into editing the story, the more it just felt really natural that she should be, like there was this really sweet story of long unrequited love between her and MC brewing just beneath the surface. - Andrew
Which Choices characters would you guys want to be friends with if they existed in the real world?
Miss Parsons or Briar… They’d be the best wingwomen EVER with great sassy comments. -Rachel
Zig, Tom from It Lives, Shreya Mistry, Becca, Kaitlyn, Eris - Chelsa
Ava! Spooky sass buddies for life 🖤 -Kathleen
Hana Lee - Jessica
I wanted to ask what gave y’all the incentive to diversify your characters (namely protagonists and LIs). I feel super blessed to see myself represented in the characters, esp. Andy, but I know plenty of other choice-based/roleplay games don’t go out of their way to include representation, opting to only appeal to their heterosexual female demographic exclusively and they still garner success. Were there any hesitations to broaden representation and were there any concerns about losing some of your audience?
I think that as long as I’ve been here, Pixelberry has been really devoted to diversity of our characters. I tell this story a lot but when I first started here, I worked on the original HWU and for my first quest I asked if I could make the storyline about the character’s struggles with her natural hair and everyone thought it was a great idea! That’s really when I started to feel like this was a great place to work and a place that was working hard to make people’s voices heard. There’s also SO MANY of us here that of all different ethnicities, sexualities, genders that it would be impossible for that not to be reflected in Choices! - Chelsa
Question for the writers: What is your favourite book (that you didn’t contribute to) and why??
I love the It Lives series… such an awesome cast and I love how dark it gets - Andrew
Home for the Holidays! It was such a sweet and simple book, very easy to cozy up with and i finished it in a snap.-Chelsa
AME because it’s got a super fun cast of characters!- jessica
I’m loving TH:M. So much sass! Honorable mention goes to RoD because it gives me major Fast and the Furious feels -Kathleen
TC&TF. It’s the first Choices book I played! And there are DRAGONS! -Rachel
Do you write books with a "canon" route in mind? In ILITW/ILB, for example, when you use the default settings from ILITW, it goes with the "everybody dead, MC took Jane's place" ending.
We try not to write the book to steer players toward a particular ending, but there’s usually one ending that is the one I’d pick if I was writing the story as a novel or TV show. It’s usually the meanest/saddest one 😈 -Kathleen
I think it’s definitely easier when there’s one specific goal you want the main cast to accomplish. Not to spoil anything, but I will say the current plan for the elementalists is to have different ending possibilities. -Chelsa
Who mixes the music? The soundtracks are pure 🔥 🔥
You can thank Daniel for your favorite tracks! He's our Music Director at Pixelberry! -Jessica
Although, I hope, some of your stories obviously haven't been drawn from from real life, have there been instances when you've remembered moments in your life and decided to use them for the stories in-game?
I draw from my own life a lot in my writing. Tom’s fraught experience as a Japanese-American is definitely based on my own, and I also drew pretty heavily on my own experiences of loss and grief when writing for the It Lives series. It can honestly be pretty cathartic, and it’s always super gratifying to see that experience resonate with other people who play our game ❤️-Kathleen
I’m Russian so I delight in constantly putting Russian characters and references in! Nikolai’s my man -Andrew
A lot of bits in LoveHacks drew on my experience growing up in the SF Bay Area, and a lot of The Heist drew upon my experience stealing the crown jewels of Monaco. Write what you know, amirite. - Owen
Who comes up with all the awesome puns in the achievement titles?
Usually each writer comes up with their own achievement puns (my best: Amulet you Finish). If we’re ever having trouble, though, we can just jump on the puns Slack channel and post “I need chair-related puns. Go!” -Kathleen
​> Seat Yourself. -Jennifer
My crowning achievement was "Thirst for Knowledge" for Beckett's hookup. Lol. -Jessica
i have a bad habit of just using song titles/lyrics that are relevant to the situation 😬 -Chelsa
The Heist was almost called “Pros & Cons”, which is about as punny as I get. -Owen
Seriously Loving the sexual/racial inclusivity. And just as importantly—loving the introduction of a kickass, take no shit MC (here’s to you, ACOR) It’s so heartfelt to play a character that feels evermore like a reflection of myself, instead of necessarily falling into the innocent ingenue archetype.
Thanks so much! But honestly, I believe we always have room to grow and improve when it comes to representation in Choices, so that's a conditional 'thanks.' - Jessica
My question is how much—or at all—fan reactions & suggestions play a part into the plot processes within the writing room? Is it a sealed room filled with brilliant, creative minds? Or do you guys ever look at Reddit (for example) to see where the wind blows for certain characters & craft potential new storylines using fan inspiration?
We touched on this a little in earlier comments, but: When it comes to fan reactions and feedback, we have a big picture, long-term approach to taking those into account. We generally plan things out in advance -- it's the only way to hit weekly chapter releases! So yes, it's essentially a sealed room. -Jessica


Do anyone of you have secret accounts to stalk the tumbldiscord/fb/reddit fan groups?
No. Since I'm not omniscient, I'll say: Not that I know of. People at PB had better not have any. 🙃 -Jessica
Well, they wouldn’t be secret anymore, now would they? -Rachel
Tea or coffee?
An unhealthy amount of coffee -Andrew
I’m from Portland so my body is composed of roughly 80% nitro cold brew. -Kathleen
A fragrant English Breakfast tea. With crumpets preferably. -Jennifer
These are all on point. -Jennifer
Whiskey. -Rachel
​> Wine -Chelsa
I've always wondered, who does your team actually consist of? - meaning, you have writers, illustrators, animators - so what kind of schools/majors did you people finish? I'm wondering if someone finished something completely unrelated to game design and ended up in Pixelberry.
I was an art major at a little liberal arts college, but that’s only because we didn’t have a creative writing major 😛-Kathleen
I was a theatre & journalism double major! -Rachel
I went to a private art school (go, chimeras!) and got a degree in Creative Writing and Literature. My parents thought i wouldn’t be able to get a job but look at me now suckersssssss! jk i love my parents, shoutout to my mom 😘 -Chelsa
English and Japanese double major at a UC school! I also did not own a smartphone prior to joining Pixelberry back in the day. That either tells you I'm super old, or that I'm super bad with technology. You choose. -Jessica
Do you first write the characters and then the story? Or the opposite? What is the order of the elements (characters, plot, conflict) during the writing process?
I usually come up with the basic context/plot for a book and then ask myself what sorts of characters the story needs -Kathleen
What do you enjoy doing in your free time when you aren’t working/writing?
I crochet… I crochet a lot. -Rachel
I don’t understand the question - Andrew
Sleeping. -Jessica
Mostly calligraphy, firedancing, bouldering, and costume making. Occasionally skydiving. -Kathleen


Hi! Can you please give us a 2-chapters book with Daniel the Waiter as Main Character - a story connecting all his appearances in the Choices universe? As an April’s Fools special maybe? :)
Ah, but who’s to say we don’t have already have a story about Daniel’s ancestor, Mr. Danforth, who lived in Grovershire, England back in the 1800s? Jk… But you never know what we have in store! -Rachel
Have you visited this subreddit before? Who was the first person that found the sub?
Yes! I actually came across it first! -Rachel
One of the mods actually reached out to us via Support a while back, so we as the Community team were aware of this subreddit. It's been pretty busy at Pixelberry lately, so I'm sorry that we didn't get around to reaching out sooner! But hey, now we're here! -Jessica
How would you hide a giraffe from the government?
Train it to stand very still in a museum and add a plaque on the wall that says “Giraffe, Mixed Media, 2019” -Kathleen
I would dress him up in a tuxedo, top hat, and monocle, and call him my very tall cousin Geoffrey. -Rachel
Who says I haven't already done it? -Jessica
I would make him a hat out of palm fronds and they would think he’s a tree. -Chelsa
Where'd the company name come from? The Pixelberry plush is so cute - can I kidnap it?
"Oo, the company name. That’s a great question, and it IS kind of a funny story.” -Jennifer
“A long time ago, Oliver had tasked the original PB writers with brainstorming a name for our new company. He was like “Maybe something cute, like Fireberry or Pixelberry”. Then there was an hour of the writers on their bullshit, throwing out things like “Deep Dish Kitten” and “Cookies Wild” and just the sound “Cheerm”… Then we ended up going with Oliver’s original suggestion. “Cheerm” did appear in Most Wanted as the name of the startup though, as an inside joke that we enjoyed very much.” -Owen
What is it with the weird advertisements of Choices I keep seeing? (My friends may have used these ads for teasing me for playing this game …..)
Our marketing team knows what they're doing! They're pretty data-driven, and the ads you see are the ones that do the best. Props to them! - Andrew
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2015.05.20 18:24 menge101 Eat This, Read That #210 - by Adam Schuck

This is an experiment to see how we can discuss the content of ETRT on /pittsburgh.
with a voter turn-out at a shameful 18.22% county-wide, here are some select election results (see the full data for democratic races here and republican races here): ​​
county controller - chelsa wagner* (51.87%) ; mark patrick flaherty (48%) city controller - michael lamb* (66.40%) ; natalia rudiak (33.45%) county council district 11 - barbara daly danko† (57.84%) ; caroline mitchell (41.66%) county council district 13 - denise ranalli-russell (50.29%) ; dan connolly (49.42%) city council district 1 - darlene harris (46.99%) ; bobby wilson (32.93%) ; randy zoter (19.94%) city council district 3 - bruce kraus* (96.82%) city council district 5 - corey o'connor* (84.92%) ; kimberly kaplan (14.89%) city council district 7 - deb gross* (64.46%) ; la'tasha mayes (35.17%) city council district 9 - ricky burgess* (44.96%) ; andre young (26.88%) ; judy ginyard (18.19%) ; twanda carlisle (9.47%) pittsburgh school board district 2 - regina holley* (99.11%) pittsburgh school board district 4 - lynda wrenn (81.26%) ; kirk burkley (18.59%) pittsburgh school board district 6 - moira kaleida (66.83%) ; tracy link (23.12%) ; samuel hurst (9.70%) pittsburgh school board district 8 - kevin carter (40.05%) ; patricia rogers (29.99%) ; rosemary moriarty (29.73%)
. both bellevue and wilkinsburg successfully passed their referenda allowing alcohol sales within their borders, both by a roughly 60% to 40% margin. however, "business owners in wilkinsburg and bellevue can't buy new liquor licenses immediately; allegheny county has reached the maximum number allowed by the public utility commission. owners can buy licenses from other businesses not interested in owning one anymore."
. with three vacant seats on the allegheny county court of common pleas, "voters cut the wide-open race ... from eight candidates to four." all but one of the judges ran on both party lines, and so the four finalists include the top three winners from both democratic and republican ballots cast:
jennifer staley mccrady dan regan hugh mcgough p.j. murray
. yesterday's primary also gave "six judges ... a shot at securing one of three open pennsylvania supreme court seats in november, the result of a quiet but expensive primary race." three candidates were chosen for each party, and in november, pennsylvanians will vote for three total, which is actually an unusually large number of vacancies:
democrat david wecht democrat christine donohue democrat kevin dougherty republican judith olson republican michael george republican anne covey
. in across-state news, this piece on former councilman jim kenney's primary win in the philadelphia mayor's race is worth a read: "on paper, kenney seems a peculiar champion for both voter groups. he's a lifelong politician who's held onto office by dint of the dwindling ethnic white rowhome vote. he was mentored by the corrupt vince fumo. controversial union boss john dougherty is his most crucial political ally. but in recent years, kenney expanded his legislative portfolio dramatically, and his image changed as well. he embraced--and more importantly led the fight for--a number of high-profile progressive priorities: marijuana decriminalization, urbanism, LGBT rights and pushing back on tough immigration enforcement. council takes few votes on education, but his rhetoric on schools moved to the left, away from more conservative positions he'd held earlier in his career."
. "i believe, for a number of reasons, that we ought to decriminalize marijuana use," said governor wolf yesterday, again expressing a position that's one step further than just the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.
. "pennsylvania was ranked first in the nation for structurally deficient rural bridges," "20th in the nation for poorly paved rural roads," and "17th nationally with a rural traffic fatality rate of 2.23 deaths for every 100 million vehicle miles of travel."
. "consol energy has begun horizontal fracking on the first three gas wells drilled at pad 2 at pittsburgh international airport."
. the verge covers uber's expansion in pittsburgh--a move that many see as an aggressive poaching of CMU's top robotics team rather than what was advertised as a "strategic partnership": "they took all the guys that were working on vehicle autonomy--basically whole groups, whole teams of developers, commercialization specialists, all the guys that find grants and who were bringing the intellectual property. these guys, they took everybody," said "a person who was there during the departures."
the allegheny riverfront is just one of several battlefields in the ramped-up self-driving car wars.
. in #ickygate news, the delta foundation vs. everybody else drama has reached national-attention-level: newnownext. NME. BET. billboard. jezebel. at, author trish reviews what is best referred to as "a kind of 'code of silence' in pittsburgh's LGBTQ community--we all know what it's like to be marginalized, so most of us haven't wanted to publicly badmouth the largest LGBTQ organization in town. but because we've kept silent, we've enabled some bad behavior," like, she notes, when "someone (whoever maintains their facebook page, that is) kept posting 'funny' pictures of crocheted penises." in addition, trish combs the foundation's 2013 IRS form 990 and finds the following: with total reported revenues of $926,609, it seems that $18,549 (or 2% of their total revenue) was spent on awards and grants--"by comparison, they spent $13,714 on 'shirts.'" trish concludes by saying, "i am not alleging that delta is doing anything illegal, unethical or even immoral. but it seems to me delta foundation of pittsburgh has become primarily a concert promoter and party planner." and in a public facebook post, pittsburgher dani lamorte beautifully dresses down the delta foundation, pointing out the flaws in the organization's defensive reactions to recent criticism and for their "longstanding abuse and misuse of power, money, and resources."
plus they're just tacky af.
. speaking of shady organizations misusing funds, "pennsylvanians made more than 45,000 donations to 'sham' cancer charities that used the majority of the cash for lavish salaries, for-profit fundraising and frills such as jaunts to las vegas, luxury cruises, dating website subscriptions, victoria's secret shopping trips and meals at hooters, according to federal and state charity fraud investigators."
. while searching for a public space in which to hold their annual LGBTQ pride party, flecia harvey and others involved with the pittsburgh black pride group are coming up against a "decades-old agreement between the city and the point breeze north development corp. [that] prevents the city from leasing out the park for events" because it's designated as a "passive park," as the p-g's diana nelson jones detailed in this 2005 article. peduto communications manager tim mcnulty assured that the passive status simply "goes way back," citiparks director jim griffin punted to public works, public works director mike gable "could not be reached for comment," and councilman ricky burgess "would not comment on the arrangement between the city and the neighborhood group but said he had 'every confidence' that the city workers are 'being fair and equitable in their treatment of park permits.'"
flecia harvey, center, and members of pittsburgh black pride stand in the city-block-sized passive westinghouse park.
. pittsburgh parks conservancy curator susan rademacher receives the title of honorary member from the american society of landscape architects, "one of the highest national honors" the organization bestows, only having been granted to 176 others since 1899.
susan rademacher.
. at april's p4 conference, city planning director ray gastil shared this pretty cool 3D modeling software with the audience. check out this video!
the short presentation focuses on smithfield street.
. pirates--but not those ones--swashbuckle through the southside. though the tour, from pittsburgh tour co., currently offers 45-minute rides "suitable for all ages," they soon plan to launch "an adult pirate event, with more mature themes, on weekend nights."
the adorned tour bus named the gypsy rose circles menacingly around the southside works looking for parking.
. in an amazing visual juxtaposition, restaurateur joey hilty chats with a burgh-ois "vivant" in evening wear about the vandal, his and entrepreneur girlfriend emily slagel's forthcoming butler street eatery.
Rest omitted due to reddit's character limit.
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  1. Feature: Data preview to Brighton v Chelsea in the English ...
  3. Chelsea FC. Top 10 Goal Scorers Ranking • Football Data ...
  4. Save Data Chelsea 2020-21 FT Malang Sarr And Edouard Mendy ...
  5. DLS Mod Save Data Team Chelsea 20-2021 Kits & Logo ...
  7. Why data scientists need to “study up”. ft. Chelsea ...
  8. Dream league soccer 19 get Chelsea FC profile data 2020/21 ...
  9. The Division - Chelsea - All Intel Locations: 22/22 - YouTube

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