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2020.12.02 15:44 1923mainstreet What Exactly is the Magic of a Disney Vacation? Episode 49

1923 Main Street: A Disney Travel Podcast, covering everything to do with Disney travel.
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2020.12.02 10:11 vpmoney Serana skin color is a blueish purple

I changed my characters body to a 3bbb one in bodyslide then i loaded up my save and serana was a smurf
load order
0 0 Skyrim.esm
1 1 Update.esm
2 2 Dawnguard.esm
3 3 HearthFires.esm
4 4 Dragonborn.esm
5 5 Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
6 6 CreatureFramework.esm
7 7 Lanterns Of Skyrim II.esm
8 8 ZaZAnimationPack.esm
9 9 FlowerGirls SE.esm
10 a SexLab.esm
11 b SexLabAroused.esm
12 c Devious Devices - Assets.esm
13 d Devious Devices - Integration.esm
14 e daymoyl.esm
15 f Heels Sound.esm
16 10 High Poly Head.esm
254 FE 0 Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl
17 11 PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest.esm
18 12 SGEyebrows.esp
19 13 ApachiiHairFemales.esm
20 14 Devious Devices - Expansion.esm
21 15 Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm
22 16 Overwrite.esm
23 17 OverwriteRNAM.esm
24 18 hdtHighHeel.esm
254 FE 1 Ecotone Dual Sheath.esl
254 FE 2 SimpleVampFixesSSE.esl
254 FE 3 Overwrite.esl
254 FE 4 OverwriteRNAM.esl
25 19 SkyUI_SE.esp
26 1a Audio Overhaul Skyrim.esp
27 1b SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp
28 1c Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
29 1d BAC_Serana.esp
30 1e BAC_Valerica.esp
31 1f UIExtensions.esp
32 20 AddItemMenuSE.esp
254 FE 5 [COCO] Pinup Cheongsam.esp
33 21 SLACS.esp
34 22 FNIS_PCEA2.esp
35 23 FNISSexyMove.esp
36 24 SLALAnimObjBillyy.esp
37 25 SexLab Extra Voices.esp
38 26 EnhancedLightsandFX.esp
39 27 RelightingSkyrim_SSE.esp
40 28 Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
41 29 Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
42 2a Castle Volkihar Rebuilt.esp
43 2b JKs Skyrim.esp
44 2c Cutting Room Floor.esp
45 2d MoreNastyCritters.esp
254 FE 6 BakaFactoryABC.esp
46 2e Valeera.esp
47 2f NoOverpenetration.esp
254 FE 7 [immyneedscake] RyanReos Primrose Egypt.esp
48 30 Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp
49 31 Skysan_ELFX_SMIM_Fix.esp
254 FE 8 ELFX Fixes.esp
50 32 LoS II - Tamriel Master Lights.esp
51 33 SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp
52 34 AmorAdvExtended.esp
53 35 Particle Patch for ENB SSE.esp
54 36 SimplyKnock.esp
55 37 Immersive Weapons.esp
56 38 SexLab More Creatures.esp
57 39 animal_mansion.esp
58 3a sanguinesDebauchery.esp
59 3b Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp
60 3c FlowerGirls SE - Wintersun.esp
61 3d PrvtI_HeavyArmory.esp
ELE-ELFX Patch AIO.esp
62 3e SexLabSkoomaWhore.esp
63 3f ZaFromTheDeepsV2.esp
64 40 SimpleSlavery.esp
65 41 NewArmoury.esp
66 42 SexLab-Parasites.esp
67 43 The Amazing World of Bikini Armors REMASTERED.esp
254 FE 9 (Pumpkin)-TEWOBA-TheExpandedWorldofBikiniArmor.esp
68 44 Picturesque.esp
69 45 Aequinoctium.esp
70 46 QQQQQQQQQ.esp
71 47 RaceMenu.esp
72 48 RaceMenuPlugin.esp
73 49 KS Hairdo's.esp
74 4a TheEyesOfBeauty.esp
254 FE a MildHairColors.esp
75 4b Daring Demon Hunter.esp
76 4c SexLab TDF Aggressive Prostitution.esp
77 4d sr_FillHerUp.esp
78 4e Sylvanas Windrunner Cuirass.esp
254 FE b Demon Hunter Armor.esp
79 4f ShowRaceMenuAlternative.esp
80 50 FMS_FemaleMakeupSuite.esp
81 51 High Poly Head Vampire Fix.esp
254 FE c 3BBB.esp
82 52 AnotherVampireLeatherArmor.esp
83 53 SOSRaceMenu.esp
84 54 The Eyes Of Beauty - Elves Edition.esp
85 55 Ecotone Dual Sheath Patch.esp
86 56 CommunityOverlays3.esp
87 57 Brows.esp
88 58 zzEstrus.esp
89 59 DW.esp
90 5a SLAL_K4Anims.esp
91 5b SLALAnimObj.esp
92 5c SLAL_SHanimAnimObj.esp
93 5d NibblesAnimObjects.esp
94 5e SLAdventures.esp
95 5f SexLabDefeat.esp
96 60 SLAL_ProxyAnimObjects.esp
97 61 SexLabTools.esp
98 62 imp_helm_legend.esp
99 63 Rapier and Dagger.esp
100 64 DX Necromancer Robes.esp
101 65 DX Succubus Armor.esp
102 66 LrsamwaysExpandedSkyrimWeaponry.esp
103 67 Animated Immersive Weaps.esp
104 68 AnimatedHeavyArmoury.esp
105 69 Rapier&DaggerNA.esp
106 6a AnimatedExpandedWeapons.esp
107 6b EstrusChaurus.esp
254 FE d TAWOBA REMASTERED Leveled List.esp
108 6c OneWithNature.esp
109 6d HornyCreatures.esp
110 6e WetFunction.esp
111 6f SLAnimLoader.esp
112 70 SexLab Aroused Creatures.esp
113 71 AnubAnimObj.esp
114 72 SexLabDangerousNights2.esp
115 73 RaceMenuHH.esp
116 74 LADX_SSE.esp
117 75 Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
118 76 SOS - Shop.esp
119 77 Prison.esp
120 78 HentaiCreatures.esp
121 79 Crimson Blood Armor.esp
122 7a SexLab Eager NPCs.esp
123 7b Tirk the Horny Riekling.esp
124 7c WeaponsOf3E_SSE.esp
125 7d SexLab Romance.esp
126 7e Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
127 7f SL_Kidnapped_Redux.esp
128 80 LazyTools.esp
129 81 SD Addons.esp
130 82 ImprovedHearthfireLighting.esp
131 83 ELFX Fake Light Remover.esp
132 84 SimpleOutfitManager.esp
133 85 Realistic-Voice.esp
134 86 VioLens SE.esp
135 87 CBBE.esp
136 88 SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp
137 89 Bijin AIO.esp
138 8a Fresh Faces - Legendary.esp
139 8b Elisif Makeover.esp
140 8c icepenguinworldmapclassic.esp
141 8d Metalsabers Beautiful Orcs of Skyrim.esp
142 8e Overwrite.esp
143 8f OverwriteRNAM.esp
144 90 SLAL_AnimationsByLeito.esp
145 91 HavoksLipPatterns.esp
146 92 SFO_SkinFeatureOverlays.esp
147 93 HVBodyPaints.esp
148 94 Sakora's Make Over Kit for SKSE64.esp
149 95 12FemaleBrows.esp
150 96 FNIS.esp
254 FE e KSHairdosSMP.esp
254 FE f KSWigsSMP.esp
254 FE 10 SlaveTatsEventsBridge.esp
254 FE 11 AnimatedArmourySpearPerks.esp
254 FE 12 ABMM.esp
254 FE 13 Apocalypse - Balance Patch.esp
254 FE 14 HD Lods SSE.esp
254 FE 15 Audio Overhaul Skyrim - Immersive Sounds Patch.esp
Bijin NPCs.esp
Bijin Warmaidens.esp
Bijin Wives.esp
DX Witcher Armor.esp
151 97 XPMSE.esp
152 98 RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp
153 99 RichMerchantsSkyrim_x10.esp
154 9a Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remastered.esp
155 9b WACCF_BashedPatchLvlListFix.esp
254 FE 16 Bashed Patch, 0.esp
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2020.12.02 07:06 SmokestackJones Baked Goods

New episode.
I talk about mixing magic and baking in your adventures.
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2020.12.01 16:31 Instatetragrammaton DX7 in Vital? Sure, why not (plus a crash course in FM synthesis)


As you may have heard, there is a new synth in town called Vital. (if you didn't, go to and be prepared to be blown away). While there are lots of special things about this synthesizer, one very special thing is that it can recreate some of the DX7's FM algorithms (and thus sounds).
Proof? Sure - check out the "FakeFullTines" patch here - - if you're not at all interested in the theory behind it.
But this is Synthrecipes, so of course you are interested in the theory! Great, let's start.

FM synthesis basics

First, a general overview. FM synthesizers don't actually perform frequency modulation - they modulate the phase. This is important to keep in mind, because it's something that throws people for a loop when they try to modulate the frequency (i.e. the pitch of an oscillator) and then wonder why it doesn't sound like they expected.
The most basic form of FM requires two of these boxes. Let's put them in a diagram!
+-------+ B +-------+ V +-------+ A +-------+ 
So, as mentioned - in Yamaha's terminology, both A and B are operators.
B modulates A, so that makes B the modulator.
A receives the modulation of B, so it's also called the carrier.
Generally speaking, you only want to hear the carrier, though flexible FM synthesizers like FM8 allow both to be heard. In Yamaha language, that makes the modulator unvoiced (you're not hearing it) and the carrier voiced.
There you have it - part of why FM seems so complicated, because Yamaha made up all of these difficult terms and you have to tell them apart and know what they are. Do they matter? Kind of - it basically helps you to describe an algorithm without having to draw anything.
So, summarized:

FM in other synths

In several existing synthesizers - such as Serum - you can kind of do this already. You set both oscillators to sine waves, and you select "FM From B" in oscillator A. Then you turn the level of oscillator B down completely. That makes A the carrier, and B the modulator; and A is voiced, and B is unvoiced.
In screenshots, it looks like this:
In the case of Serum, the oscillator's warp amount is controlled by an envelope that looks like that in Operator - zero attack, 1 second decay, zero sustain, zero release, but it would've resulted in a more crowded screenshot).
Note: these sound pretty close but not identical, and I think it has something to do with the FM implementation that Serum uses.
The way of thinking most FM synthesis tutorials seem to skip over is that the diagram I showed you above is essentially equivalent to having 1 oscillator on a regular subtractive synth where you can choose some cool and complex waveforms.
The big difference is that here, there's no sound going into a filter - the "brightness" of the sound (its high frequency content) is controlled by the modulation amount and the tuning of operator B. B has its own envelope, so in this case you can perceive that as the "filter envelope" of this pair; A's envelope is the "amp envelope" (or volume envelope) of this pair.
Of course, a DX7 has 6 operators, not 2, which allows us to do this:
+-------+ +-------+ +-------+ B D F +-------+ +-------+ +-------+ V V V +-------+ +-------+ +-------+ A C E +-------+ +-------+ +-------+ 
(In the diagram, A, C and E go into a simple audio mixer, but drawing that makes things more confusing)
Basically, this means algorithm nr 5 is effectively the DX7 equivalent of a 3 oscillator synthesizer. You get the 1983 equivalent of a Minimoog (just kidding, - not really).
However, unlike a 3-oscillator synthesizer, you don't have 3 oscillators going into a single filter - and thus having a single filter envelope for everything. If 1 operator pair has a "filter envelope", then 3 operator pairs like this means you have 3 filter envelopes and 3 amp envelopes. Wonderful! That gives far more control over the sound, but it also means that you have to approach building sounds on the DX7 in terms of layers.
You have a "low" layer, a "mid" layer and a "high" layer. How do you make them as such? Well, that brings me to the next part.

Tuning and Ratios

Let's go back to our diagram again.
+--------+ B: 2.0 +--------+ V +--------+ A: 1.0 +--------+ 
The numbers I've added show the tuning of each operator. In this case, if the frequency (pitch) of A is 100 Hz, then the frequency of B is 200 Hz. If the frequency of A is 500 Hz, then the frequency of B is 1000 Hz. In short - take the frequency of the key you press - for A4 it's 440 Hz - and A will be 1 times that frequency, and B will be 2 times that frequency.
We could also say that the ratio of B to A is 2:1.
A 1:1 ratio produces a saw-like wave. A 2:1 ratio produces a square-like wave. A 3:1 ratio produces a pulse-like wave. I say "like" because they don't resemble the graphics of the basic waveforms you know and love at all. The ratios sort of follow those of tuning systems - so 2:1 is an octave, 3:1 is an octave plus a fifth, and so on.
Anything higher than 10 creates something that sounds really sparkly and bell-like, and it only gets worse from there. However, that also makes a great "high" layer.
Of course, you can also choose fractions and rational numbers - like 2.5 or 3.1415. The result is that you get something that sounds inharmonic, but that could be just what you need. It works well for clangorous bell sounds.

Yeah, but what about Vital?

Well, as I mentioned, in Serum you can mimic 2-operator FM by using oscillator 1 and 2. The problem is - Serum only has 2 operators that really allow this. You can't do "FM from B AND the sub oscillator". At most, you can set oscillator A to have FM From B, and oscillator B to have FM From Sub. That creates a chain of 3 operators - or one half of algorithm 3 on the DX7 - but you've sacrificed everything, and since the sub and B are both at level 0 (unvoiced because they're carriers, remember?) you're essentially left with a single oscillator.
In Vital, you also have "FM from 2" and "FM from 3", which at a glance makes you think it's just the same (and as limited) as Serum. Fear not, because this is not the case.
The solution is in using an LFO as a modulator.

Interlude: Audio-rate modulation

We briefly interrupt our bulletin to talk about modulation rate. In Serum, the LFO's maximum speed is capped at 100 Hz. The only way to make it faster is to draw an LFO shape that's for instance a double sine wave (or triangle wave, which is easier), like this:
The reason for this is that audio-rate modulation - i.e. calculating an LFO and sending the result to a filter or oscillator - costs a lot of CPU power. If you have to spend every cycle on generating the waveform but only one cycle in 10 to generate an LFO signal, it's much cheaper than spending every other cycle on generating an LFO - especially if you don't need that speed most of the time. In other words, LFOs are slow because in most cases you don't want to use them for outlandish purposes like FM.
In Vital, LFOs work at the speed of sound. This means we can use an LFO as an oscillator that doesn't make any sound, and we can send the result to the phase of an oscillator and get real FM synthesis that sounds just as clear and clean as a DX7.

A single operator pair in Vital

To build this, we must set up some things.
First, in the oscillator itself, we choose a sinewave from the basic waveforms. The phase is set to 0. The phase randomization is also set to zero - just like it is on the DX7. See
Second, we need to set the LFO to run at the speed we want it to. This means clicking the little note icon on the LFO and choosing "Keytrack" instead.
Remember how I talked about ratio? This ensures that if you press a key, an oscillator will sound at frequency X, and the LFO will play at a multiple of that frequency - and if you play a higher key, the LFO's speed will move along with it. Right now, oscillator 1 is tuned at 0 semitones above the pitch you're playing, and LFO 1 is tuned at 0 semitones above the pitch you're playing, so the ratio is 1:1. If I moved the LFO 12 semitones up, the speed would be twice as high (because an octave up doubles the frequency) - so in other words, that'd give me a 2:1 ratio.
By default, the LFO has a triangle waveshape. A sinewave shape would be nicer, so we pick one from the Factory waveforms. Also, we set the LFO phase (the little white slider below) to 0.25. This means that it's now a sinewave that looks identical to that of the oscillator - starting at zero, going up, going down, and going to zero again. See . Set Smooth to 0 - it would only reduce the output volume of our sinewave (which is arguably not that high already).
Third, we need to tell the LFO to modulate the oscillator's phase. This is easy; go to the modulation matrix and create a new entry. Choose for Source LFO 1, and Destination Oscillator 1 Phase.
Now comes the magic part: the envelope. Create another entry in the modulation matrix, but this time by dragging Envelope 2 on top of the "amount" slider of the first entry. See and
If you now change the tune of the LFO from 0 to 36, you'll hear the FM-ness in its full glory, and proof that the concept works.
There's just one downside - the modulation amount won't go as high as that of an actual FM synth, so most sounds may be a little less bright than you expect. It's not like Operator where you can crank up the level of an operator to +12 dB.

More operator pairs

To recreate algorithm nr. 5, all we have to do is repeat this exercise. All oscillators should look like the first - with a sinewave and phase randomization set to 0. The first 3 LFOs should look like the first - with a sinewave loaded and keytracking enabled.
This means LFO1 becomes operator B and oscillator 1 becomes operator A. LFO 2 becomes operator D and oscillator 2 becomes operator C. Last but not least, LFO 3 becomes operator F and oscillator 3 becomes operator E.
By routing envelopes 2, 3 and 4 to the modulation amounts of the LFOs to the oscillators, you've recreated most of the DX7. By routing envelopes 5, 6 and 7 to the volumes of the oscillators, you've pretty much completed the job.
Envelope 1 is used as the global volume envelope, so you don't want to use that for anything, but it's probably good to set the release to the longest value of any of the other envelopes so the sound isn't cut off immediately.
In case this confuses you, please refer to the patch I posted which has this pretty much worked out already.

Higher tunings

One issue is that the tuning of the LFO only goes up 3 octaves (i.e. 36 semitones). The first way to work around this is to drop the tuning of the oscillator.
Remember how I talked about ratios? +36 semitones to +0 is 3:1. If we drop the oscillator's tuning to -12, we've effectively created a 4:1 ratio. If we drop it to -24, a 5:1 ratio, and to -36, a 6:1 ratio. This is because the ratio between the operators is what matters. It's trivial to play notes 3 octaves higher - just use key transpose in your DAW.
There is of course another way, and that's the same as Serum's way to get around the 100 Hz limit: draw an LFO that's twice as fast. Instead of one cycle of a sinewave, draw two - or three, or more.

Different algorithms

Of course, on the DX7 you also have different algorithms. How would you approach those? Well, the good news is - we can modulate the phase of an LFO as well. The downside is that this is not implemented to work at audio rate. Instead, this is the point where we must use the "FM from 1" method - so at most, we can make:
LFO > Osc 1 > Osc 2
LFO > Osc 3
We can also make a 4-operator stack, but that leaves us not much:
LFO > Osc 1 > Osc 2 (FM from 1) > Osc 3 (FM from 2)
There are a number of extra options: we can use multiple LFOs to modulate the phase of the same oscillator, which gives us the left-hand side of algorithm 10.
We can also use more than just plain sinewaves - by drawing a more complex LFO shape (or wavetable), we can attempt to work around some of the limits. All of these can act as workarounds - some algorithms feed the sum of two operators into a single one, and if the sum repeats itself in a single cycle (i.e. one operator's frequency is a multiple of the other), then you can make this sound.
While a true DX7-to-Vital patch converter is probably a bit far-fetched, it's amazing how close you can get, and in the 4-operator realm, most patches should be doable.
A workaround for only having half of the algorithm in a single instance is of course to use two instances of Vital listening to the same MIDI channel :)

What about feedback?

One operator of the DX synths always feeds back into itself. For values below 45 (out of 0-99) this approximates a curvy saw wave; higher values devolve into digital noise. It's probably best to use straight up saw waves with some bending action, or a sample of digital noise to emulate this part.

Can I PM you with questions?

Just ask them here, then everyone gets to see them.

That's a lot of text. Can I make a Youtube video out of this for some sweet views?

Feel free to do this - just refer back to this post :)
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2020.12.01 01:44 IzzyGrate Jimmy Singleton's Melvor Idle Challenge (already in progress)

I had just died on some dungeon runs on my main account one day a week or so ago, when I had the thought, "What if I made this harder on myself considering I don't even have a character at all 99s yet?"

So I made a new character: Jimmy Singleton and Jimmy has one rule and two exceptions to that rule:

THE RULE: Once you start a skill, you cannot use a new skill until that skill is 99. Skills are either 1, 99, or the skill you're currently leveling. You CAN use the previous 99's while leveling (i.e. if you're working on smithing and have 99 mining, you can mine more coal if you run out). However, some skills may be traps if you cannot stop until you're done leveling it.
THE EXCEPTIONS: Hitpoints (because you can't control it) and Farming (because fuck that noise)
STILL UP FOR CONSIDERATION: Prayer (Haven't figured out all my rules yet and prayer seems like it would be a really large hassle, but hassles are what I'm in this for)

The Story So Far:

I started out with mining, rushing to use gem gloves as soon as I had mined 330k+ rune essence. I mined only coal and mithril so that I could flow right into smithing afterward. Although I had gem gloves for money purposes, I have saved a lot of the gems for crafting later. (This may be a misstep as I could just buy leathedragonskins but I have enough gold for the upgrades right now.) I also have a lot of money saved from selling gems to buy upgrades for other skills. Still, I mined past 99 with a coal cape to make sure I had enough for smithing.
My Thanksgiving break was spent making bronze, iron, and steel throwing knives until I could start making Mithril Platebodies. The throwing knives are for ranged (later). Once I hit 99, I had a lot of mithril bars left. I let it go about half a day making mithril arrowheads for fletching later. Smithing is nice because it gives lots of mastery tokens and has one of the highest mastery xp pools so any item you want to make you can lvl 99 and probably still be above 50%.
I have now moved on to woodcutting. If I were to make a second Jimmy, I would start him with woodcutting to get to the fire-making cape faster. The lack of FM cape, however, may have led to me being so rich off of gem gloves so maybe long run it was for the better.

Future plans:
Firemaking is next. The cape is too strong to not have this early any longer.

Fishing and cooking seem like they would go after. Fishing is a decent money-making opportunity and cooking will get some extra love so I won't have to come back.

Combat stuff can get messy w/t the rule. I will say that I won't use any hybrid attacks (ranged/defense, magic/defense) unless one of them is at 99 already. Similarly, I won't use the barbarian fishing grounds for strength/fishing.

I do see some streamlining that is possible. Any of the herblore skill potions would make things easier or give more materials. However, that seems like a trap until I have a combat skill at 99. Using Alt magic seems like the safest bet so I can get seeds from enemies whenever I need, but that would require runecrafting to be at 99 (not that hard, but still an extra skill). Alternatively, I could get my thieving up at 99, stealing seeds the entire way, but I would have low hitpoints. In either case, fishing and cooking would come before it. The rules also make the slayer skill absolutely dead last on my list, so I have that to look forward to.

The path (so far)
Mine -- > Smith --> WC (here) --> Fire --> Fish --> Cook --> RC (?) --> ???

I realize I missed an opportunity not marking my start date if for no other reason than just timing things. If I do this again, I would start a spreadsheet for the timeline. The more I talk about it the more I am tempted.

If people are interested in this progress or have any ideas for streamlines, please let me know and I'll post more about this as I go on.
Last and least importantly, I did not get the pets for either mining or smithing wtf
Pics for reference:
submitted by IzzyGrate to MelvorIdle [link] [comments]

2020.11.30 23:10 Sckathian We need to have an open conversation about BBC Have Your Say

I've gone through todays news as any one does. My own opinion, my own background to help form that opinion and my own temperament in whether something is worth actually bothering over.
I was quite surprised to find the main article on the SNP Conference to be under Have Your Say, I honestly was. Despite always mocking the BBC for making all SNP articles Have Your Say articles this stuck out at me, stuck in my teeth.
As someone who works in the private sector, a good year usually means a good year for top performing staff but an outstanding year usually means the company provides for everyone a bonus. It exists to overwrite direct managers and ensure the existing team stick about. Health workers deserve a bonus, they deserve some cash, its not much - but its something.
Have Your Say is consistently a unionist den. The BBC know this. It is propaganda and the state protecting itself. What in the below is fair or balanced? This is just nuttery promoted by the BBC.
So lets go through the BBCs UK wide provision of opinion - I have provided all top voted original content, the default for BBC. The BBC is promoting this utter gibberish:
[Speedy edit; article in Q SNP conference: £500 'thank you' payment for healthcare staff - BBC News ]
Ah, the good old buying votes from your core supporters. Never saw that coming. What do I get for being stupid enough to work and pay another £1500 tax a year in Scotland?

Buying more votes with your taxes.
The SNP are totally reliant on the votes of the poor, hence the delay in locking down the SNP heartlands
Scotland, the new banana republic, where everyone is equally disadvantaged

It’s official! Scotland has its very own Waffling Buffoon!In an interview with BBC the FM dodged every question asked, not just dodging questions, but answering questions that were not asked (if that’s possible) .As the people of Scotland try to avoid Covid, all the SNP can come up with is Independence.

Now we know where the £1billion from Sunak is going. Free kids meals, £100 for struggling families. Both good causes but the £1billion was to help those impacted by the lockdown and the economy, not to buy vtes for the SNP.
Wow, talk about blatant vote buying. I do wish the SNP would either start to govern for all of Scotland on matters such as health, education and just stop with the carping on about independence at any price. If they can't then they should step aside and let others take over who can at least make an attempt at proper governance.

One minute they've no money, next they can magic up over 300 million pounds! You can bet your bottom dollar this has come from the money sent from WM to help Scottish businesses through the pandemic! Absolute shameful tactics from the SNP, you can see right through them, brought to book yesterday by Andrew Marr, shown up for the liar she is!

Not only is this a bribe aimed at voters in the run up to an election, it's also going to be announced at the SNP's conference because it's important to keep the wolves at bay too.
And who's paying for it? Oh never mind, just stick it on the deficit.

At long last Nicola Sturgeon called out by a credible journalist as a consumate liar. Thank you Andrew Marr. Popularity built on lies and half truths. She got her backside handed to her on a plate and some.

So the SNP fail the people of Scotland yet again and throw £100 at it in an effort to cover their tracks.
Yet more delivery failure set against a PR message that tries to paint a different picture.
Where are the Scottish journalists who can hold ‘The Nicola’ to account like Andrew Marr?
Nothing is free. It's taxpayers money being used to buy votes by this despicable lot.

Is this a bribe??
Perhaps this blatant bribe should be referred to the Electoral Commission

That amount is pitiful, it won't even scratch the surface of family bills this Christmas.Where is the money coming from? The magical mystery SNP money tree?If they spent less time and money on independence and put it into the welfare state Scotland might just be a better place.2021, and vote these one trick ponies out!

Great that all these giveaways come up just before an election! It is about time she started spending some of the money she received from Westminster.
Good idea Nicola, but where oh where is that money coming from? Your booming economy?

I fully expect NikeLa to thank the UK for paying for all the nationalist 'free stuff'
SNP Conference: Winter payment pledge for low income families....
Sturgeon making hay from the Westminster handouts and taking all the credit. She truly is a one trick Indy2 pony. She continually criticises all things Westminster and English but is first in the queue with the begging bowl. What an absolute disgrace she is.

A grubby attempt at cash for votes and a tacit admission that poverty has got steadily worse under the SNP.How about addressing the underlying causes, invest in education, infrastructure, and support the struggling businesses which might create jobs.But then keeping folk reliant on state handouts suits the SNP agenda a bit more doesn’t it?

Why is this year any different from others ?Most people in this group are not working, what about all the people who have lost jobs , homes and income, many of whom have naff all and they contribute to the tax coffers.

Death rates up when you've one eye on the transcendental indy and one eye on the pandemic.
You get what you pay for.
submitted by Sckathian to Scotland [link] [comments]

2020.11.30 22:51 ecish Transparent Eyes, Hair, and Tattoo Textures

I've never seen this bug and can't seem to find anything on it or narrow down the mod causing it. It also started happening randomly even though I haven't made any changes to my mods. When I change my armor or weapon, I lose my textures. Using a "self" spell like fast healing fixes it until I change something again.
It's obviously not game breaking or anything, especially since I mostly play in first person, but it's still annoying. I also noticed that before this, my whole body would go invisible, similar to when you cast the spell, but it wouldn't go away until I, again, casted a self spell. I thought I fixed it, but I feel like these two bugs are related. Anyone have any experience with this issue? Thanks!
Here's a before and after pic

And here's a mod list
# Automatically generated by Vortex
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm
FlowerGirls SE.esm
WARZONES - SSE - Civil Unrest.esp
WARZONES - SSE - DLC - Assault Attack.esp
SMSkyrim - Meshes.esp
Crimson Blood Armor.esp
Legendary Shouts.esp
SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp
Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp
Book of UUNP Iron And Steel.esp
Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
Book of UUNP - Textures.esp
Helgen Reborn.esp
Skyrim Romance Animated.esp
Death Consumes All.esp
TeraArmorSSE Level List LOOT.esp
Vigilant Voiced.esp
Civil War Overhaul.esp
Sjel Blad Castle_SE.esp
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
The Brotherhood of Old.esp
Immersive Encounters.esp
Dual Blocking for Idiots v1.35a.esp
Daedric Bitchs.esp
KS Hairdo's.esp
The Ordinary Women.esp
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
Immersive Patrols II.esp
Phenderix Magic World.esp
Convenient Horses.esp
Better Vampire Weapons.esp
The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp
Haem Projects Goblands.esp
Ars Metallica.esp
Perk Points and More Gold for Bounty Quests.esp
TeraArmorsSSE LOOT USSEP Patch.esp
My Home Is Your Home.esp
Ish's Souls to Perks.esp
SDA-AA Patch.esp
SexLab TDF Aggressive Prostitution.esp
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp
Better Vampires.esp
Add Sacrosanct Spells to BV.esp
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
submitted by ecish to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

2020.11.30 17:08 pentuner [WTS] High-end Japanese Pens, an ASC, and a Platinum Pocket Pen

Hello all, and happy Cyber Monday. All pens will come with a surprise number of ink samples. I also have loose Tomoe River if anyone has never tried it, just let me know and I will include a few loose sheets for you to sample.
All prices are shipped USA. Canada +$7, World +$15.
Verification Photo
All pens are untuned and original; ready-to-write exactly from the factory. If you would like any tuning or flow adjustment let me know but this will delay shipping a couple days. Thank you!
submitted by pentuner to Pen_Swap [link] [comments]

2020.11.30 00:01 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: November 23rd - November 29th

Weekly Round-Up: November 23rd - November 29th
/bangtan Weekly Round-Up
Previous thread: November 16th - November 22nd
This round-up is for everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have feedback, please leave a comment or send me a PM.
The latest weekly round-up is linked on the sidebar of the subreddit. The link to the archive of past round-up posts can always be found in the wiki index.

New Releases

Date Link Thread
201126 [MV] BTS (방탄소년단) 'Life Goes On' Official MV : in the forest Thread

News & Information

Date Thread
201123 ARMY Bomb Ver.3 and 'Map of the Soul Special Edition' can now connect to "seoul (prod. HONNE)" lyric video on Weverse
201124 Big Hit has registered a new brand name: Bang & Baker’s
201124 BTS have been nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for 'Dynamite' at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards
201124 GRAMMYs created a profile of BTS after the nomination
201125 Big Hit Entertainment's press release on BTS' 2021 GRAMMY Award nomination
201125 Grammy nominee BTS will be doing the OST for the Japanese version film of the popular Korean drama Signal. The film is scheduled for release in April 2021.
201126 BTS will be performing Dynamite on 2020 FNS Music Festival (1st night) sometime between 18:30~23:28 JST/KST on 2nd Dec
201127 BTS nominated for annual Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year'
201127 'Sweet Night' by V wins OST of the Year (Itaewon Class) at APAN Star Awards 2020
201127 BTS "hour-long takeover to celebrate BE" on Monday, Nov 30th 9PM CST @ 103.5 Kiss FM (Chicago Music Station)
201128 BTS won the Daesang for "Song of the Year" for "Dynamite" at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards (AAA)
201129 VMA Japan 2020 - BTS (Dynamite) won for Best Group MV International

Official Merchandise

Date Thread
201123 ‘BE’ album merchandise is now available to preorder on Weverse Shop Global and USA
201122 Orders of $100 or more made on Weverse Shop USA from November 22, 6PM - December 30, 11:59PM (PST) will receive free shipping (exclusions apply)
201123 A look at the BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL Showcase in SINGAPORE
201126 Break the Silence: The Movie Persona Commentary is coming!
201126 [NOTICE] VOD Available Exclusively For Purchase
201128 BIGHIT OFFICIAL MERCH Twitter Update: Stationary, Temporary Tattoos, Tableware and Bathware

Expired News

Date Thread
201123 BTS will be performing "Life Goes On" on the Late Late Show with James Corden
201123 BTS 'Dynamite' performance on ABC GMA3 today at 1PM EST
201124 BTS to appear on NTV's 'Best Artist 2020' on November 25 from 9 - 10PM JST
201124 BTS on James Corden tonight
201124 Grammy Nominated BTS on Zach Sang Show Friday at 7pm EST

Official Media

Type Date Link Thread
Bomb 201123 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Life Goes On' Stage CAM (BTS focus) @ 2020 AMAs Thread
Bomb 201123 “Life Goes On” Stage CAM @ 2020 AMAs Member Focus Compilation
Bomb 201124 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Dynamite' Stage CAM (BTS focus) @ 2020 AMAs Thread
Bomb 201124 "Dynamite" Stage CAM @ 2020 AMAs Member Focus Compilation
Bomb 201127 SUGA ‘BE’ Album Review Thread
Episode 201129 [EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) 'Life Goes On' MV Shooting Sketch Thread
Live 201125 Bangtan on V Live Thread
Magazine 201123 Weverse Magazine: Jimin: “I’m the kind of person who likes to be loved”: BTS BE comeback interview Thread
Magazine 201124 Weverse Magazine: j-hope: “Even just one, single love is beautiful, but we’re getting love from all over the world” Thread
Magazine 201125 Weverse Magazine: V: “I wish we were back with ARMY, laughing together”: BTS BE comeback interview Thread
Magazine 201126 Weverse Magazine : Jin: “It feels like my memories of ARMY were all a dream” Thread
Magazine 201127 Weverse Magazine: Jung Kook: “I hope this feeling never fades”: BTS BE comeback interview Thread
Magazine 201128 Weverse Magazine: RM: “I spend a lot of time thinking about where I am now” Thread
Magazine 201129 Weverse Magazine: BTS Another Cuts + Coming Soon SUGA Thread
Performance 201125 BTS (방탄소년단) 'Dynamite' @ Best Artist 2020 Thread
Performance 201126 BTS (방탄소년단) 'Life Goes On' @ Good Morning America Thread
Performance 201126 BTS (방탄소년단) 'Dynamite' @ Good Morning America Thread
Photos 201128 BTS 'Life Goes On' Official MV Photo Sketch Thread
Run BTS! 201124 Run BTS! - Ep. 117 Thread
Run BTS! 201126 [Behind] Run BTS! - EP.117 (ENG/JPN/CHN SUB) Thread
Video 201125 BTS 7-Second Interview Thread
Other 201123 Learn! KOREAN with BTS: [Bon BORAge] Video Call from BORA Thread

BTS Appearances

Date Link Thread
201122 [Megathread] BTS @ the 2020 American Music Awards (AMAs)
201123 [Megathread] BTS @ Good Morning America (GMA)
201123 BTS performs ‘Dynamite’ on ‘GMA3’ Thread
201123 [Megathread] BTS @ The Late Late Show with James Corden
201124 BTS performs Life Goes On live on GMA Thread
201124 [Megathread] Grammy Nominated Artist BTS @ The Late Late Show with James Corden
201125 [Megathread] Grammy Nominated Artist BTS @ The Nippon TV Music Festival "Best Artists of 2020"

BTS Interviews

Date Link Thread
201123 Esquire: The Boundless Optimism of BTS Thread
201123 Esquire: Explain This - BTS Reacts to BTS on the Internet Thread
201123 BTS Outtakes from Esquire Winter Cover Shoot Thread
201124 Esquire's BTS Cover: The Selected Transcript Thread
201124 Here's Every Look BTS Wore in Their Esquire Cover Story Thread
201125 Esquire: The Members of BTS Explain Which of Their Songs Defines Them Thread
201126 Free Press Journal: 'Feels like our hard work has finally paid off': BTS on Grammy 2021 nomination Thread
201127 Print copies of Rolling Stone India’s BTS Collectors Edition are now available to purchase, includes a free poster of cover with each copy Thread
201129 Esquire: BTS wanted ‘BE’ to bring the world some much-needed good vibes Thread

Video Messages

Date Link Thread
201123 Access: BTS Hopes New Album 'Be' Will Help Fans During Covid-19 Thread
201123 ITV News: BTS' message to UK fans as band aims for first number one single with Life Goes On Thread
201123 E! Red Carpet & Award Shows: BTS Talks "Life Goes On" Single on New "BE" Album Out Now Thread

Official SNS


Account Date Link Thread
@BTS_twt 201123 BTS for AMAs Thread
@BTS_twt 201123 Taehyung Thread
@BTS_twt 201125 SUGA Thread
@BTS_twt 201125 BTS reacts to GRAMMY nomination Thread
@BTS_twt 201125 BTS thanks the Recording Academy Thread
@BTS_twt 201125 BTS reacts to GRAMMY nomination 2 Thread
@BTS_twt 201125 j-hope Thread
@BTS_twt 201125 Bangtan Thread
@BTS_twt 201125 Twitter Compilation
@BTS_twt 201125 Grammy Nominated Artists BTS Thread
@BTS_twt 201125 Bangtan Thread
@BTS_twt 201125 vcut📸 Thread
@BTS_twt 201126 Bangtan Thread
@BTS_twt 201127 SUGA Thread
@BTS_twt 201128 Jimin Thread
@BTS_twt 201129 j-hope Thread
@BTS_twt 201129 vcut📸 Thread
@BTS_twt 201129 vcut📸 2 Thread
@bts_bighit 201123 BTS @ AMAs Thread
@bts_bighit 201123 BTS @ AMAs #2 Thread
@bts_bighit 201123 Spotify "This is BTS" Playlist Stories Thread
@bts_bighit 201124 Today's Bangtan @ GMA Thread
@bts_bighit 201123 BTS Tweet Spotify: Which BE song are you most like Thread
@bts_bighit 201124 Today’s BTS at The Late Late Show with James Corden Thread
@bts_bighit 201125 Today’s Bangtan @ The Late Late Show with James Corden Thread
@bts_bighit 201127 We have put a new canvas video up for @Spotify! Check it out here 👉 Thread
@bts_bighit 201127 [Notice] Suga's 00 00 returns after 5 years Thread
@bts_bighit 201128 BTS official - last chance to ask questions for 'Ask Anything Chat' Thread
@BTS_jp_official 201125 BTS Japan Official Thread
@BigHitEnt 201123 Fly To My Room Thread
@BigHitEnt 201124 Blue & Grey Thread
@BigHitEnt 201125 Dynamite Thread
@BigHitEnt 201126 Skit Thread
@BigHitEnt 201127 Telepathy Thread
@BigHitEnt 201128 Dis-ease Thread
@BigHitEnt 201129 Stay Thread


Date Link Thread
201124 j-hope Thread
201125 Taehyung Thread
201125 SUGA Thread
201125 j-hope Thread
201125 Compilation
201125 Taehyung Thread
201126 Seokjin Thread
201126 Compilation
201127 Taehyung Thread
201127 Compilation
201129 Compilation

Other Official SNS

Date SNS Link Thread
201123 Instagram BTS Official Instagram Story Thread
201123 TikTok Jimin on TikTok Thread
201124 Instagram BTS Official Instagram Story Thread
201124 TikTok j-hope on TikTok Thread
201125 Instagram BTS Official Instagram Story Thread
201125 TikTok Taehyung Thread
201125 V Live BTS Vlive Post Thread
201126 Instagram BTS Official Instagram Story Thread
201126 TikTok Jung Kook Thread
201127 Instagram BTS Official Instagram Story Thread

CF & Partnerships

Date Thread
201123 GmarketGlobal: BTS X MATTEL Fashion Doll Limited Quantities
201124 MapleStory X BTS: 📺Preview – I can't believe this is really happening! BTS Dreams Come True
201125 IONIQ x BTS: We're In Charge
201125 FILA x BTS 2020 Winter Collection
201125 Hyundai Worldwide: For the launch of IONIQ, #BTS have taken over our channels to creatively explore what it means to take charge.​
201126 [Episode with BTS] MapleStory X BTS: Once Upon a Time EP.01 - The MapleStory Originals
201126 Bodyfriend 'Happy Thanksgiving'
201126 Amazon Sale on BTS Idol Dolls and Giant UNO
201127 BTS Galaxy Buds+ are on sale on for ~$130!


Date Publisher Article Thread
201123 Forbes BTS’s ‘BE’ Is On Track To Become The Group’s Fifth No. 1 Album On The Billboard 200 Thread
201124 Entertainment Tonight BTS Makes GRAMMYs History (Again) With Nomination for 'Dynamite' Thread
201124 Teen Vogue BTS Member Suga on Mental Health and Masculinity Thread
201124 InStyle BTS Reinvented the Classic White Button Down at the 2020 AMAs (shirts designed by LEMETEQUE) Thread
201125 TripleJ “It’s wild!” How Cosmo’s Midnight wound up on K-pop titans BTS’ new album Thread
201128 Forbes BTS’s ‘Life Goes On’ Is Projected To Become Their Third No. 1 Hit On The Billboard Hot 100. Thread
201128 LaineyGossip Esquire's BTS cover feature by Dave Holmes is the best western profile of the band to date Thread
201008 Fonts In Use “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)” [BTS Remix] single cover and lyric video Thread
201129 Bandwagon Asia EDM producer Arston talks his musical inspirations, breaking out of his bedroom, and working on BTS' 'Stay' Thread

SNS Mentions

NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
201123 💜 Esquire Instagram Thread
201123 Dave Holmes Thread
201123 Dave Holmes 2 Thread
201124 Prada on Instagram Thread
201124 John Cena on Instagram Thread
201125 pdogg on Instagram Thread
201124 Jimmy Fallon Thread
201125 Son Sungdeuk Thread
201125 Slow Rabbit Thread
201125 Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men Thread
201125 BTS on The Late Late Show with James Corden Thread
201125 Samsung Thread
201125 💜 Esquire Instagram Thread
201125 Alicia Keys Thread
201125 Jeremy Lin on Twitter Thread
201125 pdogg on Instagram Thread
201126 Valentino on Instagram Thread
201127 Bad Bunny gets asked about tweet requests for a collab with BTS, says he needs to learn how to dance first (the Rundown Instagram Live) Thread
201127 💜 ABC: Guess who is coming to town? 🎅 It's @bts_bighit during the #DisneyHolidaySingalong! Thread
201127 BTS on Zach Sang Show Thread
201127 💜 TikTok: Zach Sang showing his dog to BTS Thread
201129 💜 More BTS Outtakes from Esquire Thread
201129 💜 RM’s note at the exhibition “The moment of ‘ㄱ’” at Seoul Arts Center Thread
201129 Jennifer Lopez and family listening to Dynamite on her IG Live Thread

Other Media

NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Type 💜 Date Link Thread
Cover 201125 BTS (방탄소년단) - Life Goes On COVER BY NIDA (With Dad) Thread
Cover 201128 BTS (방탄소년단) - Life Goes On Acoustic Ver. Cover by Boramiyu (보라미유) Thread
Podcast 201123 Smartless Podcast: Sir Paul McCartney says he enjoys watching BTS Thread
Reaction 201123 [ENG SUB] [Korean] MV Director Reacts to Life Goes On Thread
Video 💜 201122 Entertainment Tonight: BTS told us what to expect for their first performance of #LifeGoesOn— tonight at the 2020 #AMAs! Thread
Video 201125 “Blood, Sweat & Tears” lyrics analysed by Kang Seungyoon (WINNER) and Kim Taewon (Boohwal) @ K-POP Lyrics Helper [ENG SUB] Thread
Video 201125 MAX - Blueberry Eyes (Feat SUGA of BTS) [Behind The Song] Thread
Video 201127 DJ Swivel: In The Mix: BTS - Magic Shop Thread
Video 201128 MAX mentions SUGA and thanks Army in his AAA Best Pop Artist award speech Thread
Video 201129 [The Needle Drop] 2021 Grammy Nominees & Winners Prediction Thread
Other 200924 Annie Stoll illustrations
Continued below in a comment!
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2020.11.29 21:00 ThePetalCafe The Petal Cafe, Episode 11: Candy and Cake

The Petal Cafe Episode 11: Candy and Cake
--Spoiler warning: Birthdays-- See notes for timestamps if you don’t want to know what happens on your birthday in ACNH!
In this episode, travel back in time with us to Halloween and Biscuit’s birthday for Candy and Cake! Then we’re featuring a designer we love!
Highlights and Links:
Intro and chitchat
We’ve changed up our looks!
Island updates on Butter Bay [02:10]
Island updates on Cookieland [4:00]
Cookieland’s dream address: DA-2100-8991-7910 Cookie’s Creator Code: MA-6114-4131-2365
And Butter Bay again [07:00]
Happy birthday Biscuit, First AC Birthday!
Come share Biscuit’s birthday! [9:00]
We’re doing a play-by-play of the birthday party - spoiler alert! If you don’t want to know what happens on your birthday - skip to the next section!
Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat [17:45]
Come along with us as we play Halloween!
Pixel Art Across AC: Creator MidnightJello [24:30]
We get to feature creator MidnightJello who has created some My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic-inspired costumes - the dresses from the Grand Galloping Gala!
Midnight Jello’s deets:
Creator ID MA-1590-2791-2528 / / Twitter u/sugarloopxo
Total run time: [31:01]
submitted by ThePetalCafe to ThePetalCafe [link] [comments]

2020.11.29 18:48 thecambridgegeek Audio Drama/Fiction/RPG Debuts - November 2020

I've got what I think is a mostly exhaustive list of the new audio drama series that came out in November, which may be of interest to those looking for new shows. See below. Anyone want to tell me any I've missed, and I'll update it? (Note, "new" here means that the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released, or a previously non-fiction feed started producing fiction.) Listened to any of them that you would recommend?
Previous months are available here:
And the ongoing updates (just in case you don't want to wait for the end of the month) are available here:
And I do a weekly podcast collecting a few trailers here:

11/1: Reverie's Curse (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: This podcast is a Fantasy Audio Drama with voice actors and sound fx. It is made to play like a show in your ears.
RSS Feed:

11/1: The Miseducation of John Mark (Dramatised - Thriller)
Synopsis: After an unarmed black man is killed by a local officer, an unassuming activist, John Mark, sets out to unite his divided city together and stop both sides from descending into chaos. Will he succeed or only make things worse? Find out in this gripping audio drama created and directed by Joshua Williams. Starring Trevon Foster, Adrian Justis, Christina Connerton, Justice Hall, and Jonathan Dauermann. Produced by Joshua Williams, Evan Carrington, and Michael R. Salas. The Miseducation of John Mark is a C-Space Media production.
RSS Feed:

11/1: The Stygian Chronicles (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: A collection of stories and tales of horror and fantasy that stretch the boundaries between the real, and unreal - releasing weekly from Halloween 2020.
RSS Feed:

11/2: Getting Our Crit Together (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: A comedy D&D 5e podcast where our heroes are actually just interns at a local heroes guild working to fix their mistakes.
RSS Feed:

11/2: The Call (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: THE CALL is our brand new podcast drama which deals with the themes of connection and disconnection, timely for the world we find ourselves in today.

11/2: The Dragon's Mark (Fiction - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Do you believe in dragons? Michael and Brida don't, but that's about all they have in common. After all, he is coming to take the city she has sworn to protect. But a chance meeting leads to a secret friendship---one that will test Brida's resolve and Michael's loyalties. Welcome to a world where art has power, where a friend can be a deadly enemy, and where imaginary dragons are oddly important. There will be magic and monsters, fighting and romance, mystery and geometry, currant buns and pigeons.
RSS Feed:

11/2: The Piper (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: When strange music makes a girl vanish, a detective and her daughter uncover a terrifying force.
RSS Feed:

11/3: Astronomica (RPG - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Welcome to Astronomica, a Stars Without Number actual play podcast. Join Star Master Stan and regular players Colin, Cullen, Geoff, and Kristen as they crew the definitely-not-piloted-by-a-rogue-AI ship The Admiral Grace. From encounters with magnificent space whales to swashbuckling adventures across the galaxy, there is nothing this crew can't make way more complicated than it needs to be. Tag along every Wednesday and listen in as we learn that the true friends were the ones you decompressed and maybe accidentally spaced along the way.
RSS Feed:

11/5: Adventure On, Everyone! (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: We are an actual play podcast! We plan on uploading on a roughly biweekly basis! Currently running a D and D 5e campaign! Follow us across the socials for any announcements or information we have to pass along to everyone! Hey, also never forget your A.o.E and Adventure On Everyone!!
RSS Feed:

11/5: Smothered (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Synopsis: Join two weary homicide detectives as they uncover the disturbing truth about a seemingly simple, open-and-shut murder case. In times of extreme stress and scrutiny, will they make the right choice?
RSS Feed:

11/5: Tabletop Tiddies (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Tabletop Tiddies is a weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5e Actual Play podcast that’s run entirely by marginalized genders. Join Dungeon Master Char and players Amanda, Emily, Rachel, and Sara for their weekly adventures, released every Thursday! It’s our mission to provide a safe place at the table for everyone, and we are thrilled to invite you to join our fun, hilarious, queer, and feminist adventure!
RSS Feed:

11/7: Pod of Wonders (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Role play gaming podcast generally focusing on Dungeons and Dragons.
RSS Feed:

11/8: Lost Souls Monologues (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: Fictional monologues exploring the idea that we're all a little lost from time to time. Beautiful new writing, performed by an impressive cast including Maggie Wheeler (‘Friends’, ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’), Tamla Kari (‘The Inbetweeners Movie’, ‘The Musketeers’) and voiceover superstar Rupert Degas (‘Red Dwarf X’, ‘Pope Joan’).
RSS Feed:

11/8: The Hidden Gate (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: A short stories podcast produced and hosted by narrator William Cook and author Eugene Chernett.
RSS Feed:

11/9: A Bad Feeling Horror Podcast (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: A Bad Feeling Horror Podcast is a WODC original horror anthology series. Each episode includes multiple creepy tales written by the WODC presented by ghoulish hosts.
RSS Feed:

11/9: Adventure Check Podcast (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Adventure Check is an actual play TTRPG podcast that runs campaigns using Adventures in Middle-Earth and Dungeons and Dragons. With two main campaigns, join this group of friends as they adventure through fantastical worlds.
RSS Feed:

11/9: Taverns, Travel & Tests (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Taverns, Travel, & Tests is a meme and Food Network infused Actual Play podcast, taking inspiration from cooking shows, internet culture, and a genuine love of tabletop roleplaying games. If you like memes, Guy Fieri, or memes about Guy Fieri, you'll like this podcast. It's like a rib burn-off in a fantasy world.
RSS Feed:

11/10: Arcane (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: A man with no name investigates the supernatural.
RSS Feed:

11/10: SPR - Superhuman Public Radio (Dramatised - Superhero)
Synopsis: A podcast on the lives and stories of superhumans like you.
RSS Feed:

11/11: From Sad Shires (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: A Podcast Audio Drama to mark the centenary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey. Harry Harmes and Maisie Merman fall in love in the East End of London in 1914 and marry. Then Harry takes the King's shilling to go off to war. Written by Clive Stubbings and produced by theatre company Little Pixie productions.
RSS Feed:

11/11: Sub-Class Act (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: A clean 'Actual Play' podcast with a focus on storytelling, sure, but also the lulz.
RSS Feed:

11/12: From Beyond the Broadcast (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: From Beyond the Broadcast is a storytelling podcast that delivers unusual radio content from other dimensions and alternate whens. Loosely guided by our unwitting host Jamb Handee, each episode gives a glimpse and escape into another realm not unlike our own. Bonus! FBTB acquires talent exclusively rooted in BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and female artistry-- because let's face it; the realms of sci-fi and horror are sorely lacking.
RSS Feed:

11/12: Margaret's Garden (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Everton was the perfect American suburb, cookie-cutter homes full of every modern appliance imaginable, green grass, and shopping malls, but that was 70 years ago. Now the town sits, empty and rotting. Something beneath the suburbs stirs, and threatens to change everything.
RSS Feed:

11/12: The Zip Code Plays (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: Celebrate the culture and history of the diverse neighborhoods of Los Angeles from the safety of your home. Antaeus Theatre Company presents The Zip Code Plays: Los Angeles, a series of six original audio plays, each set in a different L.A. zip code.
RSS Feed:

11/12: Vile Trials (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Vile Trials is a story of a medical researcher who is forced to think about what it means to do good. In order for someone to make a difference, they need control and power. But at what point does their primary focus switch from doing good to securing control and power? What are they willing to sacrifice? We also explore the amazing world of (real) medical research on (fictional) gut bacteria strains and give it a nice twist of sci-fi horror.
RSS Feed:

11/13: Adventuring for Dummies (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Welcome to Adventuring for Dummies! The DnD Actual Play Podcast in a world of no adventuring! Will the Dummies find there way through ancient runes and stacks of paperwork!?
RSS Feed:

11/13: Novice Kidnappers (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Synopsis: Will they achieve the goal?
RSS Feed:

11/13: The Oyster (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: In a not so distant future, due to overwhelming carbon emissions, The Earth is on the brink of becoming uninhabitable. These conditions are made far more horrifying because the available housing shelters (that can produce sustainable air quality) will only be able to house 80% of the world’s total population. To try and save the human race, every person has a government-mandated microchip implanted in their brains to attempt to facilitate the migration of a portion of the population to an underground shelter. In order to decide who gets to be protected and who must stay above ground, the government implements a value scale they have determined based on “usefulness” to future society. If you are valued at a 50 or above, you will be chosen to enter the bunker, and, if not, you must stay above ground and face the end of days. “Neuron” (which acts as both a prestigious brain implant and also a software company) is folded into a sanctioned branch of the government called, “The Ministry of Experience.” Their job now is to develop technologies and software that can replicate the human experience above ground. But what is far more pressing is The Ministry must find a way to reduce the use of resources, or they will run out of all survivable assets before being able to relocate to “Eden” - the one place above ground that might be salvageable in a few years time. Whether Eden will be ready in time remains to be seen, but its existence is literally the last hope for the human race surviving. In a drastic effort to cut emissions and resource usage, “The Oyster” is created. The Oyster is Nirvana - A state absent from the mind while being filled with complete pleasure and bliss. What, then, happens when reality begins to fade and The Oyster is all that remains?
RSS Feed:

11/14: Recital (Dramatised - Thriller)
Synopsis: A slick and surreal drama about ambition behind closed doors.
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11/14: The Far from the Tree Broadcast (Dramatised - Adaptation)
Synopsis: Far From the Tree Productions is a grassroots theatre company based in Vancouver, BC. The seedling of Far From the Tree grew from a desire to create theatre that looked all the way back to its origin, the sacred act of storytelling. Now, as we delve into the auditory landscape, we are excited at the prospect of reaching an audience far and wide. Where will we end up? Who really knows! Expect thrilling audio dramas, discussions on life and art making, complex examinations of simple things, maybe a little music, and much much more! Let's see where the wind takes us!
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11/15: The Reignition Theory (Fiction - Science fiction)
Synopsis: The truth of the world’s most sinister conspiracy is finally revealed - how was the great city of Corraban really destroyed? An account of the final days of the city with interviews, diaries, letters and more. An audiofiction podcast full of espionage, adventure and zombies.
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11/16: Id, Ego and Dice (RPG - Anthology)
Synopsis: Hey there and welcome to Id, Ego, and Dice. A weekly live play podcast where I get together with friends and loved ones to play tabletop roleplaying games. We play everything from Dungeons and Dragons to Mork Borg to King Arthur Pendragon. Why the name Id, Ego, and Dice? Well besides it being lazily evocative, and the only name suggested that wasn’t already taken, our game and stories always tend to focus on the player characters themselves. Personal conflicts. Their relationships with other players, the relationships with non player characters, or their relationship with the world itself.
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11/16: The Gaia Miracles (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Join me, Barry Orsen, a journalist with Nice Guise Media, as I investigate the Gaia Miracles more than a year after the catastrophic ending in Chicago and the disappearance of Elisa Garvey, my friend and the first reporter to witness one of the Miracles. With each interview, the established story unravels. Who is to blame? The industrial giant at the center of the Miracles, The Hydell Corporation, or the mysterious group who made them a target, Gaia Prime.
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11/17: "Saint" Nick and the Big F*ck Up (Fiction - Comedy)
Synopsis: Nick is a part-time mall Santa, who really hates Christmas. And with good reason. But here he is, on Christmas Eve, wearing the red suit. He shouldn’t be working today, but he is. And he’s about to meet a terrible child who will ruin everything. This is not going to end well. But what’s about to happen, isn’t the worst thing he’s ever done...
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11/17: Dark Tides (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Dark Tides is a twice monthly improvised audio drama series, set in the Hookba Archipelago. The show follows Ernest Marsh, a newly commissioned Park Ranger arriving in the Archipelago. And Allister Stern, a local conspiracy theorist and aspiring cryptozoologist. Together these young investigators unravel a twisted mystery of disappearances and fatal encounters with the uncanny as they search for the truth. Can you trust the voices in your head? Can you survive the troubled waters? Beware the Dark Tides.
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11/17: Shadows (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: New York City, 1983. A private investigator with paranormal ties receives a call from a stripper, whose mother was murdered. A crime lord’s sociopathic son inherits his father’s fortune... and position. And Bakuul, the dark god, grows stronger, as he prepares to enter this world... Shadows is a noir dark fantasy crime thriller, written and produced by Reuben Saffer-Meng. Starring Johnny Salazar, Anna Castiglioni, and Michael Driscal.
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11/17: The Non-Canonical Chronicles (RPG - Comedy)
Synopsis: Prepare to hear chilling tales, mysterious mysteries and thrilling yet questionable battles between Heroes, Monsters and more in this Improvised Comedy Tabletop Podcast!
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11/18: Fast Radio Burst! (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: Contemporary audio dramas in quick, classic form.
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11/18: Script Sirens Presents: Siren Screams (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Script Sirens Presents...Siren Screams!! A six-part horror anthology series, performed as audio plays. These hair-raising tales are not for the faint-hearted. You have been warned. Who are the 'Script Sirens'? A powerful collective of female and non-binary scriptwriters situated in the West Midlands. What is 'Siren Screams'? A project supported (and made possible!) by the Arts Council England. Written, produced and released in 'social isolation' during the lockdown in 2020's extended spooky season of Halloween to Friday 13th of November. The series is an experiment in what new artists can create under these unusual conditions.
RSS Feed:

11/18: The Agitators: The Story of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: The Agitators tells of the enduring but tempestuous friendship of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. Great allies? Yes. And at times, great adversaries. Young abolitionists when they met in Rochester, New York in the 1840s, they were full of hope and a common purpose. As they grew to become the cultural icons we know today, their movements collided and their friendship was severely tested. Follow these brilliant, flawed, and rebellious activists with host Ashley C. Ford. Their message still matters. This six-part podcast is based on the play The Agitators; playwright Mat Smart used historical documents to imagine Susan and Frederick’s conversations. The Agitators is brought to listeners by the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission, the National Park Service, and PRX.
RSS Feed:

11/18: woe.begone (Dramatised - Thriller)
Synopsis: An investigation into an online ARG "game", with something mysterious going on in the background.

11/19: Spirit Box Radio (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Spirit Box Radio's new host, the spiritually-challenged Sam Enfield, does his best to guide you through queries about contacting the otherside, advice for the magically inclined, and general guidance for those seeking to participate in the spookier side of life and death.
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11/19: Tales From Your Mom's Basement (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: We are a group of Voice Actors, Writers, and Directors that have stories to tell and want you to come along for the ride.
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11/20: Fireteam Wildcats (Dramatised - Fanfiction)
Synopsis: Pasithea and the rest of Fireteam Wildcats work to overcome a solar system's obstacles in constant peril. Follow Fireteam Wildcats through their journey to become true Guardians. This Audio Drama is not made by Bungie and is a non-commercial fanmade work!
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11/21: Hi Nay (Fiction - Horror)
Synopsis: Hi Nay, literally translated to “Hi Mom”, is a supernatural horror fictional podcast about Filipina immigrant Mari Datuin, whose babaylan (shaman) family background accidentally gets her involved in stopping dangerous supernatural events in Toronto. Written, directed, produced, and created by Motzie Dapul and co-produced and co-created by Reg Geli.
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11/23: Doctor Who Journey Into Time (Dramatised - Fanfiction)
Synopsis: A new full professional-cast, unlicensed, non-profit, and FREE reimagining of the lost Peter Cushing Dr. Who radio pilot!

11/23: Greenhouse (Fiction - Romance)
Synopsis: GREENHOUSE is an anxious audio love story about a recluse writer and a lonely florist who learn, letter by letter, that the world is a whole lot brighter when you have someone to share your story with. It was created by Lillian Holman and produced by Atypical Artists.
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11/23: Jim and Jan (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Fed up of hearing about lockdown? In need of something full of frivolity? Join Jim and Jan in their Audio Drama. *Disclaimer* It is set in lockdown but it's fine because these two are having a blast! They love being confined together, they just love it. Jim, a 70 year old grump from the North of England lives with his wife Jan, a 69 year old alien from London who spends half her time away with the fairies. They're ever so happy so you will be too...nothing eventful happens on a daily basis don't worry. No one gets attacked by a cat. Jan doesn't tell unnecessary and terribly trivial stories that would send you to sleep...So come in for a cuppa as lockdown has brought Jim and Jan to the Irish countryside where they will reside and stay safe; safe in the knowledge that every sarcastic comment Jim makes will fly out of his mouth over Jan's head and hopefully into your ears, each Monday instead.
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11/23: Persona (Fiction - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Tales of phenomenal bodies.
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11/24: Rapture 518 (Dramatised - Thriller)
Synopsis: Rapture 518 is a horropsychological thriller Audiodrama produced in Canada. Dr. Sarah Penn is a resident physician, but she has not been at work for a few weeks. Part of this is because of an imperative need to move from her rental house. Part of this is not yet known. And part of this is because of the unpredictable outbreak that’s turned mild mannered pedestrians into flesh-eating sociopaths.
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11/24: The Wizard of Bombs (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: A Foundation agent must trek the wastes of a hostile reptilian wasteland to capture an evil sorcerer.
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11/25: Cold Storage (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Cold Storage is a sci-fi narrative podcast mini-series produced by Corvus Audio, an independent podcast production company based out of Dayton, Ohio, and created by sibling duo Savannah and Harrison Webb. The series follows two mechanics tasked with maintaining an underground doomsday bunker in the aftermath of nuclear war who stumble upon a dangerous conspiracy that threatens the last remnants of humanity.
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11/26: History is about to misbehave (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: A series of audio dramas, artistic creations and interviews inspired by the archive and local history collections relating to York. The city’s civic archive is one of the most significant outside London, covering over 800 years of York’s history as a self-governing authority. The collection is remarkable both for its continuity and its comprehensiveness, detailing all aspects of life in the city. Local organisations and individuals are also represented in the archive’s ‘community collections’ which date from 1529 onwards. Through our award-winning Explore Labs community arts project, we continue to challenge the imaginations of our archivists and artists to use the collections to reach new and diverse audiences of all abilities. History is about to misbehave...
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11/26: Strangers in Paradise (Dramatised - Adaptation)
Synopsis: Two True Freaks announces the audio drama adaptation of Terry Moore's STRANGERS IN PARADISE!
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11/27: Calls From A Friend (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Calls From A Friend are 5-minutes-or-less short episodes centering around receiving a call from a friend. As the story progresses, the atmosphere gets more chilling and psychological.
RSS Feed:

11/27: Witness the Critness (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Witness the Critness are a group of gamers, artists, writers, and performing artists who happened to get into D'n'D. Now, they want to share their story with everyone else! Current campaign: The Dark of Exandria. Five adventurers take on a journey through the continent of Wildemount!
RSS Feed:
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2020.11.29 08:41 EDMLiveset Listen or Download: Magic Sound - MAG FM 038 now

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2020.11.29 08:41 EDMLiveset Listen or Download: Magic Sound - MAG FM 038 now

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2020.11.28 23:09 XhangoGames 25 FREE Christmas items! Xhango's Magic Item Christmas Catalog!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Please enjoy my third FREE release, Xhango's Magic Item Christmas Catalog! These Christmas and winter themed magic items are perfect for your festive one-shots, RotFM, or to add a little Christmas-y fun to your campaign.
If you like the items or use them in your game, please leave a review on our DMsguild page. Feedback is greatly appreciated... let me know what you'd like to see next!
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2020.11.28 23:06 XhangoGames 25 FREE Christmas magic items! Xhango's Magic Item Christmas Catalog!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Please enjoy my third FREE release, Xhango's Magic Item Christmas Catalog! These Christmas and winter themed magic items are perfect for your festive one-shots, RotFM, or to add a little Christmas-y fun to your campaign.
If you like the items or use them in your game, please leave a review on our DMsguild page. Feedback is greatly appreciated... let me know what you'd like to see next!
Reddit Unearthed Arcana Link:
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2020.11.28 17:28 Rsubs33 [Game Preview] Week 12 - Philadelphia Eagles(3-6-1) vs Seattle Seahawks (7-3)

Philadelphia Eagles (3-6-1) vs Seattle Seahawks(7-3)
Another week has passed and the Eagles notched another in the loss column, the saving grace now is after the Football Team won on Thanksgiving the Eagles are no longer kings of shit mountain. That title rests with Washington, though it could end up in the hands of the Giants by the team the Eagles kickoff on Monday night. Pathetically they could take that title back with a win over the Seahawks, though that appears to be unlikely. The Seahawks pack a potent offense led by All-Pro QB Russel Wilson who has made Jim Schwartz is bitch the past 4 years. What this Eagles team has in talent it completely lacks in discipline, heart and accountability which rests entirely on this coaching staff which repeatedly fails to get this team motivated and put them in the best position to win football games. Seattle has one of the worst defenses in the league especially against the pass, however I doubt Doug Pederson will come up with a game plan to exploit it, especially with Carson Wentz struggling to find any rhythm this season and leading the league in all the wrong categories. Both the coach and the QB will need to find some of that magic from the 2017 season if they have any hope of beating this tough Seahawks team Monday night.
General Information
Posting Rules and Guidelines
Remember to Join us on Discord during the game!
New to the Eagles? Take a look at our New Fan Page!
Score Prediction Contest
Monday, November 30th, 2020
Game Time Game Location
8:15 PM - Eastern Lincoln Financial Field
7:15 PM - Central 1020 Pattison Ave
6:15 PM - Mountain Philadelphia, PA 19148
5:15 PM - Pacific Wikipedia - Map
Weather Forecast
Stadium Type: Open Air
Surface: Grass
Temperature: 64°F
Feels Like: 64°F
Forecast: Possible Light Rain. Rain throughout the day.
Chance of Precipitation: 56%
Cloud Coverage: 97%
Wind: South 13 MPH
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite/Opening Line: Seattle -5.5
OveUnder: 49
Record VS. Spread: Eagles 3-7, Seahawks 6-4
Where to Watch on TV
ESPN will broadcast Monday’s game to a national audience. Steve Levy will handle play-by-play duties and Brian Griese will provide analysis.
Week 12 TV Map
Radio Streams
List of Eagles Radio network member stations with internet broadcast availability 94.1 Desktop Streaming
Listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick
Calling the game on 94WIP and the Eagles Radio Network will be Merrill Reese, the NFL’s longest-tenured play-by-play announcer (44th season). Joining Reese in the radio booth will be former Eagles All-Pro wide receiver Mike Quick, while Howard Eskin will report from the sidelines.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA WIP-FM 94.1 FM and 610 AM
Allentown, PA WCTO-FM 96.1 FM
Atlantic City/South Jersey WENJ-FM 97.3 FM
Levittown, PA WBCB-AM 1490 AM
Northumberland, PA WEGH-FM 107.3 FM
Pottsville, PA WPPA-AM 1360 AM
Reading, PA WEEU-AM 830 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA WEJL-FM 96.1 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WEJL-AM 630 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WBAX-AM 1240 AM
Williamsport, PA WBZD-FM 93.3 FM
Wilmington, DE WDEL-FM/AM 101.7 FM
York/LancasteHarrisburg, PA WSOX-FM 96.1 FM
Philadelphia Spanish Radio
Rickie Ricardo and Bill Kulik will handle the broadcast in Spanish on Mega 105.7 FM in Philadelphia and the Eagles Spanish Radio Network.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA LA MEGA 105.7 FM
Allentown, PA WSAN 1470 AM
Atlantic City, NJ WIBG 1020 AM; 101.3 FM
Seahawks Radio
Seahawks Radio Network Steve Raible returns for his 38th season in the radio booth, his 15th as the play-by-play announcer and “Voice of the Seahawks” after 22 seasons as the Seahawks analyst. Former Seahawks LB Dave Wyman will provide color commentary.
National Radio
Westwood One will broadcast the game to a national audience with Kevin Harlan on play-by-play and Ron Jaworski providing analysis.
Satellite Radio
Station Eagles Channel Seahawks Channel
Sirius Radio SIRI 83 SIRI 81
XM Radio XM 225 XM 226
Sirius XM Radio SXM 225 4 SXM 226
Eagles Social Media Seahawks Social Media
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter
Instagram Instagram
Snapchat: Eagles Snapchat: Seahawks
NFC East Standings
NFC EAST Record PCT Home Road Div Conf PF PA Net Pts Streak
Football Team 4-7 .364 3-3 1-4 3-2 3-5 241 243 -2 1W
Eagles 3-6-1 .350 2-2-1 1-4 2-2 3-3 220 254 -34 2L
Giants 3-7 .300 2-3 1-4 3-2 3-6 195 236 -41 2W
Cowboys 3-8 .273 2-4 1-4 1-3 3-6 251 359 -108 1L
Series Information
The Seattle Seahawks lead the Philadelphia Eagles (11-7)
Series History
Head to Head Box Scores
First Game Played
December 12th, 1976 at Veteran's Stadium Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia Eagles 27 - Seattle Seahawks 10
Points Leader
Seattle Seahawks lead the Philadelphia Eagles (367-327)
Coaches Record
Doug Pederson: 0-4 against the Seahawks
Pete Carroll: 6-1 against Eagles
Coaches Head to Head
Doug Pederson vs Pete Carroll: Carroll leads 4-0
Quarterback Record
Carson Wentz: Against Seahawks: 0-4
Russell Wilson: Against Eagles: 5-0
Quarterbacks Head to Head
Carson Wentz vs Russell Wilson: Wilson leads 4-0
Records per Stadium
Record @ Lincoln Financial Field: Seahawks lead the Eagles: 5-0
Record @ CenturyLink Field: Seahawks lead 3-2
Rankings and Last Meeting Information
AP Pro 32 Ranking
Eagles No. 11 - Seahawks No. 7
Eagles: 3-6-1
Seahawks: 7-3
Last Meeting
Sunday, Nov 24th, 2019
Seahawks 17 – Eagles 9
The Eagles season ended with their first loss at home since Week 12 of the regular season, which was, coincidentally, also a 17–9 home loss to the Seahawks. They failed to score a touchdown for the first time since Week 17 of the 2017 season. Carson Wentz left the game in the first quarter with a concussion following a dirty hit by Jadeveon Clowney, where he led with the crown of his helmet into the back of Carson Wentz’s head when he was already going to the ground. No penalty was called on the play, and Wentz was later ruled out for the game. This was the Eagles' third straight home Wild Card playoff loss.
Click here to view the Video Recap
Click here to view the Stats Recap
Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
01/05/20 Seahawks Eagles 17-9
11/24/19 Seahawks Eagles 17-9
12/3/17 Seahawks Eagles 24-10
11/20/16 Seahawks Eagles 26-15
12/07/14 Seahawks Eagles 24-14
12/01/11 Seahawks Eagles 31-14
11/02/08 Eagles Seahawks 26-7
12/02/07 Seahawks Eagles 28-24
12/05/05 Seahawks Eagles 42-0
12/08/02 Eagles Seahawks 27-20
09/23/01 Eagles Seahawks 27-3
Injury Reports Depth Charts
Eagles Eagles
Seahawks Seahawks
2012 “Expert” Picks
Week 12 - "Expert" Picks
2020 Team Stats
Eagles Season Stats
Seahawks Season Stats
2020 Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Wentz 220 377 58.4% 2326 14 14 73.3
Wilson 256 362 70.7% 2986 30 10 111.5
Sanders 102 585 83.6 5.7 3
Wilson 55 367 36.7 4.7 1
Fulgham 31 451 64.4 14.5 4
Metcalf 48 862 86.2 18.0 9
Name Sacks Team Total
Graham 7.0 34
Adams 5.5 25
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
Singleton 60 37 23 1.0
Wagner 96 56 40 3.0
Name Ints Team Total
Singleton/McLeod/Mills 1 3
Diggs/Neal/Griffin 2 10
Johnston 45 2198 66 48.6 42.3 15 4 0
Dickson 37 1835 67 49.6 44.1 19 4 0
Elliot 14 10 71.4% 54 14/14
Myers 12 12 100% 61 36/38
Kick Returns
Scott 12 227 18.9 25 0
Homer 12 291 24.3 44 0
Punt Returns
Ward 13 88 6.8 22 0 13
Moore 8 91 11.4 20 0 12
League Rankings 2020
Offense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Seahawks Stat Seahawks Rank
Total Offense 330.1 26th 400.0 4th
Rush Offense 121.1 12th 121.3 10th(t)
Pass Offense 209.0 28th 278.7 5th
Points Per Game 22.0 24th 31.8 2nd
3rd-Down Offense 37.5% 28th(t) 41.2% 18th
4th-Down Offense 36.8% 27th(t) 77.8% 3rd(t)
Red Zone Offense (TD%) 63.3% 13th 77.8% 2nd
Defense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Seahawks Stat Seahawks Rank
Total Defence 342.7 10th 434.9 32nd
Rush Defence 133.4 25th 91.2 4th
Pass Defence 209.3 6th 343.7 32nd
Points Per Game 25.4 16th 28.7 28th
3rd-Down Defence 38.1% 6th 49.6% 30th
4th-Down Defence 41.7% 5th(t) 56.3% 18th
Red Zone Defence(TD%) 65.6% T-19th 70.0% 28th
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Seahawks Stat Seahawks Rank
Turnover Diff. -9 30th +1 12th(t)
Penalty Per Game 6.1 21st(t) 5.3 6th(t)
Penalty Yards Per Game 48.2 14th 39.2 4th
Eagles HC Doug Pederson was born in Bellingham, WA, and grew up in Ferndale, WA. Pederson recently admitted that he "Grew up a Seahawks Fan" and used to attend Seahawks games at The Kingdome.
Eagles LBs coach Ken Flajole is from Seattle and previously coached the Seahawks’ DBs (1999, 2001-02) and LBs (2000).
Eagles Safeties coach Tim Hauck played for the Seahawks in 1997.
Seahawks Northeast Area Scout Todd Brunner worked for the Eagles for four seasons (1994-97) as an area scout covering the Northeast. He joined the Eagles as a scouting intern in 1992 and worked as a scouting assistant in 1993.
2020 Pro Bowlers
Eagles Seahawks
DT Fletcher Cox (Starter) QB Russel Wilson (Starter)
OG Brandon Brooks (Starter) MLB Bobby Wagner (Starter)
TE Zach Ertz
C Jason Kelce (Starter)
LS Rick Lavato (Starter)
Referee: Brad Allen
Philadelphia hosts Seattle for the first time since the 2019 NFC Wild Card playoff game. The Eagles are aiming for their third con-secutive win at Lincoln Financial Field after defeating N.Y. Giants (W, 22-21) and Dallas (W, 23-9) during Weeks 7-8.
Miles Sanders leads the NFL with 5.7 yards per rushing attempt (min. 100 attempts). His 83.6 rushing yards per game rank 4th in the NFL, trailing only Dalvin Cook (118.8), Derrick Henry (107.9) and Nick Chubb (95.8) in that category.
Jason Kelce has started 99 consectuive regular-season games, which is the longest active streak among NFL centers as well as the longest by an Eagles center since the 1970 merger (previously 95 by Guy Morriss from 1977-83). The last NFL center with 100 consecutive starts was Chris Myers from 2007-14 (123).
Brandon Graham leads the Eagles defense with 7.0 sacks, which ranks 9th among NFL players. Graham (11 TFLs) joins T.J. Watt (9.0, sacks, 14 TFLs) and Za’Darius Smith (8.0 sacks, 10 TFLs) as the only NFL players with 7.0+ sacks and 10+ TFLs this season.
Draft Picks
Eagles Seahawks
WR Jalen Raegor LB Jordyn Brooks
QB Jalen Hurts DE Darrell Taylor
LB Davion Taylor OG Damien Lewis
S K’Von Wallace TE Colby Parkinson
OT Jack Driscoll RB Deejay Dallas
WR John Hightower DE Alton Robinson
LB Shaun Bradley WR Freddie Swan
WR Quez Watkins TE/WR Stephen Sullivan
OT Prince Tega Wanogho
LB/DE Casey Toohill
Notable Off-season Additions
Eagles Seahawks
S Will Parks S Jamal Adams
DT Javon Hargrave OT Cedric Ogbuehi
CB Nickell Robey-Coleman RB Carlos Hyde
CB Darius Slay RT Brandon Shell
DE Carlos Dunlap
DE Benson Mayowa
WR Phillip Dorsett
DT Bruce Irvin
TE Greg Olsen
CB Quinton Dunbar
Notable Off-season Departures
Eagles Seahawks
S Malcom Jenkins S Bradley McDonald
CB Ronald Darby DE Jadaveon Clowney
RB Jordan Howard OT George Fant
WR Nelson Agholor DL Quiton Jefferson
OL Halapoulivaati Vaitai DL Al Woods
LB Kamu Grugler-Hill OL Germain Ifedi
RB Darren Sproles DE Ziggy Ansah
DT Timmy Jernigan LB Mychal Kendricks
LB Nigel Bradham
Eagles QB Carson Wentz (109) needs 1 passing TDs to take sole possession of 4th on the Eagles all-time passing yards list moving ahead of QB Norm Snead.
Eagles DT Fletcher Cox (52.5) needs 2 sacks to move up to 5th on the Eagles all-time sack list tying DE Hugh Douglas
Eagles DE Vinny Curry (29) needs 1 sacks to move up to 18th on the Eagles all-time sack list passing DT Jerome Brown
Stats to Know
Stat to Know: Bird is the Word
The average Bald Eagle's wingspan is considerably more than an Osprey's. The weight disparity between the two is even more pronounced, the male Bald Eagle doubling its counterpart's weight. So whereas Bald Eagles are known to harass Osprey nests and even steal Ospreys' food directly from them, this Philadelphia Eagles team is anything but average and is an embarrassment in the turnover department, currently third-to-last in turnover margin at -9, while the Seahawks are middle-of-the-pack at +1. A Bald Eagle is expected to be large, strong, agile, pesky, and majestic. The 2020 Philadelphia Eagles field 2 Cornerbacks 5'9 and under, they field undersized Linebackers and Safeties, and don't have a bruising Running Back to feature. They have been incapable of imposing their will on Offense or Defense. The only consistency shown in 2020 is in just how bad the team is, while still on top of the division. Some mornings I stare into the foggy mirror, with Lionel Richie's "Hello" playing on my Google speaker, and wonder what we've done to deserve this. Sad Eagles
Matchups to Watch
Russel Wilson vs. the Eagles Run Defense
This Eagles team has been woefully pathetic against the run this season, but even more so against opposing QBs who are not afraid to take off. Of the top 5 rushing performances against the Eagles defense this season 3 of them are QBs (Lamar Jackson and Daniel Jones 2x). Russell Wilson may turn 32 Sunday, but he is still a threat with his legs as he currently leads the Seahawks in rushing yards and is on pace for his second biggest rushing season in his career. Jim Schwartz has had zero answer the past 4 years against Russel Wilson and I don’t expect that to magically change on Monday. Schwartz best bet may be to spy Wilson with Rookie Davion Taylor, who has the athletic ability to keep up with Wilson, however Schwartz has failed to used spies on Wilson in the past, so if he makes a change in how it operates it will be a large evolution in his character which doesn’t seem realistic. I expect much of the same with Schwartz against Wilson on Monday, base Nickel defense with Cover-1 man and the corners playing 10 yards off to give easy outlets to Wilson.
A Moveable Object vs a Stoppable Force
If Philly wants to have any chance to win on Monday they are going to need to score points on the offensive side of the football, something they have failed to do regularly this season. Carson Wentz has been one of if not the worst QB in the NFL this season, at least the worst who hasn’t been benched yet. He has been a turn over machine and has been sacked the most in the NFL. But the offensive woes don’t lay solely at his feet, Doug Pederson has done Wentz no favors. Despite Wentz’s struggles Pederson has continued to lead on the QB, despite having one of the best running backs in the league who is averaging 5.7 yards per carry and has big play potential in Miles Sanders. It isn’t just that Pederson is abandoning the run, he is also calling a bland predictable offense which has failed to put his players in the best position to succeed. On the other side of the ball, the Seahawks have had issues stopping anyone this season, especially through the air where they rank dead last. They have given up an average of 343.7 yards per game. In recent weeks, they’ve been better in this area. They have given up over 300 passing yards just once in the last four games. If the Eagles have any shot to win Sunday, they need to win this matchup.
Carlos Dunlap vs Jordan Mailata
After Jason Peters gave up 3 sacks, 3 QB hits and 7 pressures in just 47 snaps before leaving the last game with an injury, he's thankfully moving to right guard somewhere he should have been after returning from the IR. This means Mailata will be back at LT where he was playing well before being benched for Peters return. He will face off against Carlos Dunlap who has 3 sacks in 3 games since joining the Seahawks. This is going to be the second time the Eagles faced Dunlap who in Week 3, had 4 pressures, 9 tackles, a QB hit, a TFL and a batted pass when facing Peters. If Mailata can play the way he was before he was wrongly benched by this inept coaching staff. Suring up Wentz’s backside should give him a little more confidence, something he has woefully lacked this season. This should be a good matchup against the young Mailata and the ageless vet in Dunlap.
Special thanks to abenyishay for their help in creating this Game Preview.
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2020.11.27 00:45 1923mainstreet Our Disney at Home Christmas Decorating Episode is Now Live

Just found this Reddit and loving seeing all the great Disney podcasts going strong! A great community. This week on 1923 Main Street we share our top tips for how to include the spirit of a magical Disney Christmas into your home Christmas decorating. Enjoy the show and Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Play now or search 1923 Main Street on your favorite podcast player.
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2020.11.26 04:27 nutkja Guide - Nikki’s Holiday Wardrobe ⛄️❄️

Hello again!
I’ve seen some questions about Holiday/Winter outfits recently so I thought I would return with another guide since people seemed to really like my Halloween one.
Again these are items you can get in game now (excluding current events and random pav drops).
I’ve also included pictures of the suits this time.
*no diamonds needed
**pav drops or diamonds

Nikki’s Winter Holiday Wardrobe ⛄️❄️:

Background Items:
Best Value:

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2020.11.25 18:08 FreestyleKneepad League metal 2021

Waaaaaaay back in 2011, a dude named Giltia Zero posted a thread on the League forums giving metal themes to every League champ. I thought it was dope, so I revived it in 2013. Last year I revived it again, and now I'm back with another update after 365 days of new champions and new metal. [Here's my last thread, which includes a link to the last GZ thread as well.](UPDATE ME)
Disclaimers: Metal often contains explicit lyrics including violence, gore, and profanity. Listen at your own risk I guess. One song per band. Personally I lean towards classic heavy metal, thrash, sludge, and power metal, but I'll try to be diverse. Comments with "GZ" are from Giltia Zero, the maker of the OG thread, everything else is from me.
You're free to suggest songs for champs, but I'm also free to ignore them. It's a list, not a constitution, it's here to have fun and help people find sick new metal to listen to. Enjoy!
Spotify playlist here. (Thanks T-Snacks!)
Youtube playlist here.
Additions / Changes / Notes in this post:
  • Lillia: Dream Theater
  • Rell: Gojira
  • Samira: Orange Goblin
  • Seraphine: Epica
  • Yone: Vader
  • Kindred: Gojira -> Children of Bodom
  • Xerath: Blind Guardian -> Xerath
  • Bard: Soilwork -> Blind Guardian
  • Riven: Obtenebris -> Soilwork
  • Tahm Kench: Wolf -> Misery Signals
  • Swain: Tarot -> Dimmu Borgir
  • Vel'Koz: Dimmu Borgir -> The Faceless
  • Looking for a new song for Lee Sin; since he no longer made the solo protest against Noxian occupation and now uses the power of a dragon spirit, something dragon themed would be cool.
  • Jax could probably use a theme that fits his new lore better too, I have no idea what to look for though. Maybe something about a sole survivor?
  • Rapid Fire slaps so I'm not mad about keeping it, but Sivir could probably use another song too. Something about being a mercenary or having noble blood, perhaps.
  • A new Shen song would be sick too, preferably about balance or something. The Ninja Magic track is alright though.
Aatrox: VLTIMAS - "Total Destroy"
Ahri: Mötley Crüe - "Looks That Kill"
Akali: Iron Sphere - "Shadow Dance"
Alistar: Mastodon - "Trampled Under Hoof"
This list needed some of my favorite metal band.
Amumu: Candlemass - "Solitude"
Anivia: Crimson Glory - "Lady of Winter"
Annie: Mercyful Fate - "Welcome the Princess of Hell"
Aphelios: Nails - "Into Quietus"
Ashe: Sabaton - "White Death"
GZ: The Frost Archer is a suitable candidate for the theme of Simo Hayha, the deadliest man to have ever lived.
Quick shill from OP, almost all Sabaton songs are about real war stories and war heroes. It's dope. Here's the story of Simo Hayha.
Aurelion Sol: Twilight Force - "The Power of the Ancient Force"
Azir: Mystic Prophecy - "Hail to the King"
Bard: Blind Guardian - "The Bard's Song - The Hobbit"
Blitzcrank: Black Sabbath - "Iron Man"
GZ: Lot of people would stick this to Morde, I feel it suits Blitz better.
Brand: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - "Self-Immolate"
This album rules, but don't expect any other King Gizzard album to sound anything like this, they change up styles constantly.
Braum: Beast in Black - "Cry Out For A Hero"
Caitlyn: Anthrax - "I Am The Law"
Camille: Fear Factory - "Autonomous Combat System"
Cassiopeia: Angel Witch - "Gorgon"
Cho'Gath: Bal-Sagoth - "Behold, the Armies of War Descend Screaming from the Heavens"
GZ: Everyone's favorite voidborn horror deserves nothing less.
Corki: Saxon - "Fire in the Sky"
I would love to put Aces High here, but... Fiddlesticks.
Darius: Anaal Nathrakh - "Forward!"
Diana: Demons & Wizards - "Lunar Lament"
Dr. Mundo: Helloween - "Mr. Torture"
GZ: Power metal for Mundo? Mundo goes where he pleases.
Draaaaaaven: Steel Panther - "All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight)"
Hair Metal Draven, let's fucking go.
Ekko: Tyr - "King of Time"
Elise: Rage - "Strings to a Web"
Evelynn: Symphony X - "Eve of Seduction"
Ended up giving Elise's song to Eve because Eve isn't The Widowmaker anymore, so this is a better fit for her.
Ezreal: Saor - "Forgotten Paths"
Fiddlesticks: Iron Maiden - "Fear of the Dark"
GZ: I will NOT be giving this to Nocturne because you like Nocturne better. If you can't at least suggest a BETTER replacement, don't bother. I will not entertain anything beyond a superior song for Fiddlesticks.
Fiora: Dragonforce - "Die By The Sword"
Fizz: Early Man - "Feeding Frenzy"
Galio: Gorod - "The Sentry"
Gangplank: Alestorm - "Keelhauled"
I'm fighting the urge to swap this Alestorm pick out for "Shit Boat (No Fans)".
Garen: Manowar - "The Dawn Of Battle"
Gnar: Behemoth - "We Are The Next 1000 Years"
Gragas: Korpiklaani - "Juodaan Viinaa"
Option 2 would be "That Famous Ol' Spiced" by Alestorm or the other 500 Korpiklaani songs about various kinds of alcohol.
Graves: Overkill - "Charlie Get Your Gun"
Hecarim: Slayer - "Ghosts of War"
Heimerdinger: Voivod - "Killing Technology"
Irelia: 3 Inches of Blood - "Swordmaster"
Illaoi: Goatwhore - "Those Who Denied God's Will"
Ivern: Amorphis - "Tree of Ages"
Janna: Whispered - "Lady of the Wind"
Jarvan: Dream Evil - "The Chosen Ones"
Jax: Crescent Shield - "Above Mere Mortals"
Jayce: Hammerfall - "Hammer of Justice"
Jhin: Thy Art Is Murder - "The Final Curtain"
Jinx: Screaming Mechanical Brain - "Happy Happy Joy Joy"
Kai'sa: Fallujah - "The Void Alone"
Kalista: Arch Enemy - "Vengeance Is Mine"
Karma: Gamma Ray - "Rise"
Karthus: Skeletonwitch - "Despoiler of Human Life"
Kassadin: In Flames - "Behind Space 99"
Katarina: Razor - "Edge of the Razor"
Kayle: Avantasia - "Scales of Justice"
Kayn: Final Breath - "Yearning For Next Murder"
Kennen: Stormlord - "Stormlord"
Kha'Zix: The Locust - "Live From The Russian Compound"
Kindred: Children of Bodom - "Follow the Reaper"
Kled: Pantera - "Fucking Hostile"
Kog'Maw: Wormed - "Undeciphering the Inquantificability"
Leblanc: Coroner - "Mistress of Deception"
Lee Sin: Firewind - "I Will Fight Alone"
Leona: Accept - "Princess of the Dawn"
Lillia: Dream Theater - "Metropolis - Part I: 'The Miracle and the Sleeper'"
Lissandra: Dragonheart - "Gods of Ice"
Lucian: Static-X - "The Enemy"
Lulu: Timeless Miracle - "Into the Enchanted Chamber"
Lux: Masterplan - "Kind-Hearted Light"
Malphite: Bolt Thrower - "Granite Wall"
Malzahar: Celtic Frost - "Visions of Mortality"
Maokai: Sepultura - "Roots Bloody Roots"
Master Yi: Lost Horizon - "Highlander (The One)"
Miss Fortune: Warbringer - "Shoot to Kill"
Mordekaiser: Tenacious D - "The Metal"
I get that it's a goofy song, but come on, it's about The Metal being unkillable and slaying everyone, and has a section with his vanquished foes singing his praises. Even after his rework, Mordekaiser will always be The Metal.
Morgana: Grave Digger - "Morgane Le Faye"
Nami: The Ocean - "Mesopelagic: Into The Uncanny"
Nasus: Testament - "Dog Faced Gods"
Nautilus: Dethklok - "Go Into the Water"
Neeko: Wind Rose - "The Returning Race"
Nidalee: Elvenking - "Invoking the Woodland Spirit"
Nocturne: Metallica - "All Nightmare Long"
GZ: I wanted to give him Judas Priest's Night Crawler, but there's no way Taric is losing Exciter.
Nunu & Willump: Immortal - "Blizzard Beasts"
Olaf: Kvelertak - "Berserkr"
Before you complain about the lack of Amon Amarth, see Rengar.
Orianna: Meshuggah - "Clockworks"
Ornn: Falconer - "Lord of the Blacksmiths"
Pantheon: Turisas - "Stand Up And Fight"
Pantheon's rework made this a perfect fit.
Poppy: Gloryhammer - "Gloryhammer"
Pyke: Zeal & Ardor - "Row Row"
Avant-garde black metal blending the genre with slave spirituals in order to sing about eldritch abominations and unseen horrors emerging from the water? It's like this song was made for Pyke.
Qiyana: Unleash the Archers - "The Matriarch"
One of the best power metal albums I've heard. The sequel album, Abyss, is just as dope.
Quinn: Stratovarius - "Hunting High And Low"
Rakan: Heavenly - "Lost In Your Eyes"
Rammus: Raven - "Run Them Down"
Rell: Gojira - "The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe"
Look, I wanted to give Rell an Iron Maiden song too, but Fear of the Dark is perfect for Fiddle. This Gojira song is a good compromise for League's "ultra-heavy" support tank.
Rek'sai: Municipal Waste - "Terror Shark"
Renekton: Blood Tsunami - "Infernal Final Carnage"
This is possibly the most metal band and song name I've ever read.
Rengar: Amon Amarth - "Live For The Kill"
I'm sorry, but this song is too utterly perfect for Rengar. If anyone's got another awesome viking metal band for Olaf or a better "hunter" song for Rengar, please suggest something.
Riven: Soilwork - "Exile"
Rumble: Anvil - "Metal on Metal"
Ryze: Kamelot - "The Spell"
Samira: Orange Goblin - "The Devil's Whip"
Any suggestions for Samira had better be as much of a breakneck headbanger thrill ride as this song. League's daredevil deserves no less.
Sejuani: Kiuas - "Across the Snows"
Senna: Clutch - "Ghoul Wrangler"
Seraphine: Epica - "Requiem for the Indifferent"
Sett: High on Fire - "Bloody Knuckles"
Shaco: Toxik - "World Circus"
Shen: Ninja Magic - "The Way of Life"
Shyvana: Rhapsody - "The Power of the Dragon Flame"
Singed: Megadeth - "Poison Was The Cure"
The big brain move is still Yakety Sax on repeat.
Sion: Omen - "The Axeman"
Sivir: Cryonic Temple - "Rapid Fire"
Skarner: Catamenia - "The Ancient"
Sona: Vitalij Kuprij - "Symphony V"
Soraka: Freedom Call - "Starchild"
Swain: Dimmu Borgir - "The Invaluable Darkness"
Sylas: Rage Against The Machine - "Voice of the Voiceless"
Not exactly metal, but lyrically a perfect fit.
Syndra: ARKONA - "Liki Bessmertnykh Bogov"
Tahm Kench: Misery Signals - "River King"
Tahm's old song is still pretty great too if you're not into metalcore.
Taliyah: Brothers of Metal - "Weaver of Fate"
Talon: Vio-Lence - "Kill on Command"
Taric: Judas Priest - "Exciter"
Teemo: Murderdolls - "People Hate Me"
Same reason as Sylas.
Thresh: Igorrr - "Parpaing"
Thresh's old song is still a good fit, but I love the crushing, punishing guitar on this Igorrr track, and lines like "this is the house of corpses" still fit Thresh's whole 'jailer of the dead' vibe to me.
Tristana: Rammstein - "Feuer Frei"
Trundle: Finntroll - "Trollhammaren"
Tryndamere: Twelve Foot Ninja - "One Hand Killing"
Twisted Fate: Motorhead - "Ace of Spades"
GZ: Who didn't see this one a mile away?
Twitch: Napalm Death - "Scum"
Udyr: Running Wild - "Wild Animal"
Until I moved Wukong's old song here, I was gonna use the W.A.S.P. song "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)". You know you love it.
Urgot: Krisiun - "Slaying Steel"
Varus: Devildriver - "Back With A Vengeance"
Vayne: Dio - "I Speed at Night"
Veigar: Emperor - "I am the Black Wizards"
Vel'Koz: The Faceless - "Coldly Calculated Design"
Vi: Girlschool - "Demolition Boys"
Lowkey one of the more difficult picks, if only because I've been listening to hundreds of songs while I've played Vi since her release. Judas Priest's "Jawbreaker", Rage Against The Machine's "Street Fighting Man", there are a LOT of good Vi songs. I may or may not have stolen one to give to Sett.
Viktor: Gama Bomb - "Atomizer"
Vladimir: Bloodbound - "Nosferatu"
Volibear: Destroy Destroy Destroy - "Born of Thunder"
Warwick: Powerwolf - "Night of the Werewolves"
The other pick I was considering
Wukong: Ojo Rojo - "Monkey Nation"
Xayah: The Sword - "Cloak of Feathers"
Xerath: Xerath - "Demigod Doctrine"
Shoutouts to the dude in the last thread who was like "imagine not using a Xerath song for Xerath." ...Touché.
Xin Zhao: Ensiferum - "Unsung Heroes"
Yasuo: Trivium - "Kirisute Gomen"
Did you know that "kirisute gomen" was a principle where samurai could basically kill anyone who offended or fucked with them as "self defense"? Samurai were pretty fucking hardcore.
Yone: Vader - "Demon's Wind"
Shoutouts to the other dude in the last thread who was upset about the lack of Vader. Your wish has been granted. The new album slapped btw.
Yorick: Pain - "Zombie Slam"
Yuumi: Volbeat - "Devil or the Blue Cat's Song"
Zac: Lordi - "Would You Love A Monsterman?"
Zed: Victorius - "Shuriken Showdown"
Ziggs: Sodom - "Bombenhagel"
Zilean: Demon - "Father of Time"
Zoe: Babymetal - "Distortion"
Zyra: Michael Angelo Batio - "Rain Forest"
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2020.11.25 11:07 mikeali12 You can talk to trees. Excerpts from the book „Conversations with trees” and a messsage from trees for Reddit’s people and not only.

Welcome, My name’s Konrad and I’m from Poland. I’m writing to you, driven by a deep desire that sprouted in me a few days ago. I would like to give you some knowledge about communication with tress, to share some excerpts from the book and a few words for you from the author of this book. And most importantly to give you a very important message from the Trees who are the initiators of this post.
Let me start with writing briefly about my own experience. My conscious adventure with trees began about three years ago. Then I found the book entitled ‘’Conversations with Trees’’ by Weronika Dąbrowska. After reading it, my world was turned upside down. The knowledge that the trees passed on in this book was something I had never encountered before. At that time I had the impression that the secret of life, the ancien knowledge of our existence, was being revealed to me. Fascinated by what I’ve just discovered I started to go to the forest and look for contact with trees. My girlfriend and I started hugging on of the Birches, who was the first to call us. Since we didn’t know how such a contact takes place, at the beginning we just cuddled up to the tree or sat down by it. Over time we started to feel the energy of the tree more and more clearly, its intentions, and contact have become more and more conscious. Trust, in what we have felt, turned out to be crucial here. After about a year ago or so I took a part in the Workshops with two people who teach this form of communication in my country. What I’ve experienced there was a completely different level. Since then, my contact with trees has taken on a completely different, deeper dimension.
However, the fact that the trees have asked me for support and write this text, writing it to you, is something I’m experiencing with these beings for the first time. And the trees are very, very keen to get people back to nature, to start talking to and working with it. But starting from the beginning, about a month ago, for a reason, that wasn’t known to me at that time, I started watching YouTube videos showing nature in the United States, mainly National Parks. I was very drawn to it. I couldn’t get away from these films and I could look at the beauty of the nature that is manifested throughout your entire continent for several hours a day. I felt an unspeakable longing for these places, for contact with the local nature. But why? Since, I’ve never been there, not in this incarnation. Once life has taught me ‘Everything happens for a reason’, everything has a purpose and everything leads us somewhere. Only then I’ve realized that it was not only my longing but also the longing from the Earth, the longing from a nature, the longing from trees. The longing for Us, for people who live so far away, living asleep, in their illusions of systemic life, inaware of who they really are and why they came here. And that’s where the story of that post begins.
I’ve already mentioned you that there are two people in Poland who teach communication with trees. These people are: Sebastian Czeremcha and Weronika Dąbrowska. I noted about Weronika- she has written a book about Talking to Trees. She has already published two volumes, and Sebastian has lived to see his book. All these publications are in Polish but from several months Weronika possesses the first Volume of her textbook translated into English. It is a working translation so far but the book will be published next spring. But today, on behalf of Weronika, I would like to make the excerpts from this book available to you. You’ll find the link to the download below. That’s what the forest asked me to do when I was on a walk about a week ago.
At that time, a very strong desire to write this post appeared in me as well as the urge to write to Weronika with a request for the book, who apart from making fragments of her book available has written a few words from herself. And there a message from the trees themselves appeared in me. A message for you. And although it is still a little difficult for me to go out into the world with this knowledge, I was so pushed to it that I’ve known there was no turning back. So I’m there and that’s why I’m writing. In all this, I was also led by an almost 100-year-old oak tree, which is situated near me, named Helion, who for some reason didn’t want to be left out here : ) Thank you, Brother. So underneath, I put what the trees want to tell you and the message from Weronika about the language of the trees. The trees love us, they see us as their brothers and sisters, and they are very keen to live with us consciously.
The trees point out that this is a very important message and talk about seeing/ discovering the depth of these words:
You are conscious because you were born by a conscious
You are nature because you were born by a nature
You are the earth because you were born from the Earth
Everything is conscious because everything is a consciousness
Everything is connected because everything is one
Everything has a spirit in it, feel its call
And go back where you come from
We see your thoughts, we hear your words
Come to us, we call you, our Comrade of ‘Experience’
We need each other more than ever
If reading our words you feel a longing for a forest, you feel the need to meet nature
Do not hesitate, follow the voice of your heart
We are waiting to remind you of your connection with the Source
We are waiting to heal you
We are waiting to lead you out of the illusion of separation
Open yourself to our coexistence And this will open the way to the end of what you call suffering.
I have to add few more things to the message. First of all, trees are like people, they feel emotions like us, they have feelings, they are conscious and they communikcate with each other and with the world. They have an observational nature. If anyone has doubts about trees as conscious beings, I refer to a typical, scientific, research book ‘’Secret Life of Trees’’ by Peter Wohhlebben. A wonderful book.
As for the communication itself, if one of you, while reading this text, felt the urge to make contact with trees, the matter is simple. Just go for a walk in the forest, walk around the are where the trees grow. Go out with the intention of contact. The tree that wants this contact, will call you, will attract your attention, you will be driven to this tree, sometimes you can also have the impression that a tree even appears to us in the forest. It stands out from other trees. It’s that feeling! Such a tree can rustle with leaves to summon us, it works especially when it is windless and no other tree acts that way. The tree can even call you throught birds. When you are familiar with this experience it will be more and more interesting with time.
The contact does not have to appear immediately, when you express you intentions, it can sometimes take couple walks before THAT tree appears in your space. And when that happens and you come to such a tree, move your consciousness into the space of your heart, open up to feeling. Feel the Energy of the tree. You can either hug or sit under the tree and lean back. Do as you feel. Don’t expect a big deal out of this, of course these experiences are magical but they are both ordinary and natural, like everything else you do. And they will become over time so. While you’re by the tree, watch what appears in your space, in your interior. Watch your thoughts and feelings. Throught them trees can speak to us. Most of these contacts are subtle experiences and require sufficient attention to capture them. What we think or feel by the tree may be a message from it. Very often you can just feel the peace and quiet, which with a period of time can turn out to be a very deep cognition. The trees won’t always talk but they will often just work with you (actually they always do) and more precisely clean up your energy field. Then we just feel like we’re just sitting there. Some people cry under a tree, while others experience ecstasy or a beautiful joy of existence. It’s s all very individual.
Another thing that is important is the questions, if you feel like asking them, do it, the answers can come immediately or only after time. And in various forms. Trust what comes to you. Tell the tree about yourself, your life, your problems. This also opens up communication links. Solutions to these problems may come to you. At any given moment or later. Of course, there may be more intense or even mystical experiences, such as putting by the tree into the Theta State and visions combined with the message but from my experience I know that this doesn’t happen very often. I’ve only experienced this a few times myself. But it's my experience, for someone else it may be much more often. The range of experiences is actually unlimited and over time new forms of experiencing this communication appear. What Sebastian and Weronika sometimes experience is often beyond my comprehension.
Remember that communication with trees is a skill that each of us has but because we have forgotten about it, we have to learn it anew like any other language. It all depends on your openness, the more internally ready you are for this contact, the faster it will appear. It i salso good to go in a group, it may intensify the contact. And last but not least, youe heart’s voice, there’s your navigation. Follow the voice of your heart and what you feel and it will guide you like no one else. Your soul lives in your heart, ask it to lead and open up to it. TRUST YOUR INNER INTUITION. DO WHAT YOU FEEL AND YOU WON’T NEED ANY EXTERNAL NAVIGATION. So much for me. Thank you. Let’s reunite with nature.
There is presented below a message from Weronika Dąbrowska:
Talking to trees
"The trees are creatures that have within them the memory of the dawn of the Earth, the time when the was Earth was created, the source codes from which it was created, the memory of the basic matrix. The conversation with the Tree is simple because it is enough to remove from consciousess to the conviction specific to human modern civilization- that apart from people other beings are conscious and communicate. The basis for the knowledge of correct communication is cosmic physis and knowledge of the elements. The material version of our world is a frozen structure. It vibrates at the level of Beta waves of the human brain, which is the transmitting and receing antenna. The central management point of a living being is a place in the heart, in the third heart ventricle - an immeasurable point with a temperaturę of several thousands degrees and a strong electromagnetic field called the inner sun. Every living creature has this point. It is responsible for the consciousness and memory of the being and the physical form that it displays in a specific reality as a hologram. Trees are creatures with, different that human, specialized in their task physical bodies. Apart from the structure of the hologram of matter, there are only creatures and soft plastic darkness from which everything is made. Humans create at the beta wave level. Communication with the Trees takes place on delta/ theta waves where there are plasma thread connections between creatures. The stronger the electromagnetic field of the inner sun is, the more these threads create more and more durable. Through the plasma threads, information flows in both directions, increasing the size of the thread and thus increasing the electromagnetic fields of the heart. We cal lit love. It is an element that fills the entire universe. Communication with the Trees reminds us of the correct cosmic information exchange. The trees communicate with each other through thsese threads. The truth about the universe flows to us through the Trees. The older the Tree is, the more complex the communication on the space level is. The human brain decodes this information as it i salso a receiving aerial. I invite you to communicate at the level of heart coherence."
Weronika Dąbrowska The author of the books: ‘Conversation with Trees’, ‘The Secrets of the Universe- Andromedianica’
Exerpts TO DOWNLOAD (first time i use this site to share file, hope it's ok): https://files.fm3w6n2dy8b
This Was Posted Also Here:
If I have to add something to the text, I will add this content at the bottom of the post.
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2020.11.25 09:18 TitanSubZero15 Skyrim SE Terrain Clipping Help

So I'm just about done modding and ready to begin with my Imperial Agent playthrough.
But for some reason there's this horrible terrain clipping outside the Solitude gates. I'm not sure what the culprit could be.
Possible culprits:
- Solitude Expansion
- Harborside Home
- Blue Palace Terrace
I pretty much spent all day today trying to get this fixed to no avail. Any help is appreciated!
# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Unofficial Saints and Seducers Patch.esl
Unofficial Vigil Enforcer Armor Set Patch.esl
Unofficial Umbra Patch.esl
Unofficial Shadowrend Patch.esl
Unofficial Daedric Mail Armor Patch.esl
Unofficial Arcane Archer Pack Patch.esl
Unofficial Stendarr's Hammer Patch.esl
Unofficial Nix-Hound Patch.esl
Unofficial Bone Wolf Patch.esl
Unofficial Staff of Sheogorath Patch.esl
Unofficial Ebony Plate Armor Patch.esl
Unofficial Dwarven Armored Mudcrab Patch.esl
Unofficial Stalhrim Fur Armor Patch.esl
Unofficial Dragonscale Armor Patch.esl
Unofficial Rare Curios Patch.esl
Unofficial Ruin's Edge Patch.esl
UHDAP - MusicHQ.esp
UHDAP - en0.esp
UHDAP - en1.esp
UHDAP - en2.esp
UHDAP - en3.esp
UHDAP - en4.esp
Kireina SSE.esl
RASS - Visual Effects.esl
Blacksmith Forge Water Fix.esp
Gray Fox Cowl.esm
Vibrant weapons.esl
Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl
High Poly Head.esm
dD - Enhanced Blood Main LITE.esp
Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
Enhanced Vanilla Trees SSE.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
Moonlight Tales Special Edition.esp
VioLens SE.esp
Smilodon - Combat of Skyrim.esp
attack commitment movement speed fluid.esp
dD-No Spinning Death Animation Merged.esp
Necromage USSEP Fix.esp
Realistic Haircolors.esp
KS Hairdo's.esp
Better Dynamic Snow.esp
ETaC - Better Dynamic Snow Patch.esp
Improved Eyes Skyrim.esp
Wooden Frame Packs.esp
Player Blink Fix.esp
Cathedral Landscapes.esp
JKs Skyrim.esp
Deadly Shadows for JK Skyrim.esp
Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim.esp
Solitude Expansion.esp
Immersive Encounters.esp
Cutting Room Floor.esp
Book Covers Skyrim.esp
Missing Apprentices CRF Quest Fix.esp
Qw_ISC_CRF Patch.esp
OCW_RudyHQ Silverware Patch.esp
Fluffy Snow - BlendedRoads Patch.esp
Better Dynamic Ash.esp
dark face fix.esp
AI Overhaul.esp
Friendlier Taverns.esp
S3DLandscapes NextGenerationForests.esp
Obsidian Mountain Fogs.esp
WICO - Immersive People.esp
WICO - USSEP Compatible Patch.esp
The Great Town of Karthwasten.esp
Unique Flowers & Plants.esp
Particle Patch for ENB SSE.esp
Soljund's Sinkhole.esp
Settlements Expanded SE.esp
Immersive War and Violence.esp
Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp
Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
Riften Eastern Road.esp
Point The Way.esp
Windhelm Bridge Overhaul.esp
JKs Skyrim_Holidays_Patch.esp
Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim - JKs Skyrim Patch.esp
Man Those Borders!.esp
JK's Dragonsreach.esp
ZIA_Complete Pack.esp
Qw_WACCF_ISC Patch.esp
Common Clothes and Armors.esp
Water for ENB.esp
Embers XD [ESL].esp
Undriel_QuaintRavenRock Ashbound.esp
ClefJ's Half Moon Mill.esp
Better Vampire NPCs.esp
Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp
Qw_BookCoversSkyrim_CRF Patch.esp
Riften Docks Overhaul.esp
JK's Riverwood.esp
Morning Fogs SSE.esp
River Rock Village.esp
Run For Your Lives.esp
Detailed Exteriors.esp
Tel Mithryn.esp
BluePalaceTerrace-JKs Skyrim-Patch.esp
Bijin_AIO 2018.esp
JKs Skyrim - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Tel Mithryn Ashbound.esp
JK's Sleeping Giant Inn.esp
JK's Arcadia's Cauldron.esp
Immersive Patrols II.esp
InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack.esp
Solitude Expansion Navmesh Fixes.esp
Qw_SofiaFollower_GDO Patch.esp
Wintersun - ZIA Patch.esp
Wintersun - BCS Patch.esp
HeavyLegion - WICO Patch.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass mods - Cutting Room Floor Locations.esp
ETaC - Riverwood LoS Patch.esp
Unique Uniques.esp
Bells of Skyrim.esp
Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes.esp
KaliliesNPCs - USSEP CRF AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Bijin Wives.esp
Bijin Warmaidens.esp
JK's Warmaiden's.esp
Qw_PANNPCs_AIOverhaul_CRF Patch.esp
Bijin NPCs.esp
Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
Qw_WACCF_CRF Patch.esp
Qw_CloaksOfSkyrim_CRF Patch.esp
Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp
Qw_RelightingSkyrim_CRF Patch.esp
Qw_WACCF_CloaksOfSkyrim Patch.esp
CL Ebonyblade2Hand.esp
CL BladeofSacrifice.esp
CL Nettlebane.esp
JK's Belethor's General Goods.esp
JKs Arcadias Cauldron - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Arcadias Cauldron - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Plocktons Culling Glitch Fix.esp
notice board.esp
Wintersun - Balance Tweaks.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - USSEP Patch.esp
Embers XD - JKs Skyrim Patch (XD).esp
Enhanced Ships of Solitude SSE.esp
JKs Skyrim_Cutting Room Floor_Patch.esp
Qw_SofiaFollower_USSEP Patch.esp
The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp
Bells of Skyrim - JKs Skyrim Patch.esp
JKs The Drunken Huntsman.esp
Landscape For Grass Mods - Military Camps.esp
Wintersun - USSEP Patch.esp
JK's SkyHaven Forge.esp
Qw_S3DLandscapes_CRF Patch.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Equippable Tomes.esp
The Notice Board SMIM Ropes Fix.esp
ETaC - Riverwood S3D Patch.esp
My Home Is Your Home.esp
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
Solitude Expansion [PATCH - BluePalaceTerrace].esp
JKs Dragonsreach - AI Overhaul.esp
JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - AI Overhaul SSE Patch.esp
Dylbills Positioner.esp
SavrenX Jordis Solitude.esp
Imperial Gratitude.esp
S3DRocks - Better Dynamic Snow - Patch.esp
Chapter II - Soundtrack mod by Dreyma Music.esp
More Radiant Quests for the Companions.esp
AMB Glass Variants Lore.esp
Differently Ebony.esp
Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp
Creation Club Autostart Quests.esp
Vigil Enforcer Set Integration.esp
AI Overhaul - PAN_NPCs_DG Patch.esp
Qw_PANNPCsDG_AIOverhaul Patch.esp
AI Overhaul - PAN_NPCs_DB Patch.esp
Kyoe BanginBrows.esp
Embers XD - Micropatch - Elis Breezehome.esp
JKs Drunken Huntsman - USSEP Patch.esp
WICO - Immersive Character.esp
WICO - Immersive Dawnguard.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - Embers XD [HD ESP] Patch.esp
High Poly Head Vampire Fix.esp
Distant Blur.esp
Shadows Of Sunlight - In Small Exterior World Spaces.esp
AI Overhaul - PAN_NPCs_Males Patch.esp
Nightingale Prime remaster.esp
Nightingale Prime replacer.esp
Arissa Re-Imagined.esp
Sofia Follower High Poly Heads-UNP.esp
AI Overhaul - Pan_ShieldSisters Patch.esp
Imperious - Races of Skyrim.esp
Imperious_HPH Vampire Fix Patch.esp
Containers and Leveled Lists Fixes.esp
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
Better Vampires.esp
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
Coldhaven LAL Extension.esp
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
Serana Dialogue Edit.esp
Serana Improvements & Fixes.esp
ETaC - Dawnstar.esp
ETaC - Rorikstead.esp
ETaC - Darkwater Crossing.esp
Landscape For Grass Mods JK'S Skyrim.esp
ETaC - Dawnstar LoS Patch.esp
Convenient Horses.esp
Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp
Provincial Courier Service.esp
ETaC - Rorikstead LoS Patch.esp
ETaC - Darkwater Crossing LoS Patch.esp
ETaC - Darkwater Crossing S3D Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Patch.esp
JK's Sleeping Giant Inn ICAIO Patch.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp
JKs Drunken Huntsman - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp
JKs Warmaidens - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp
Realistic AI Detection 2 SE Lite.esp
Immersive Citizens - ELE patch.esp
Qw_ELE_CRF Patch.esp
RTDocks - ELE.esp
Modern Brawl Bug Fix.esp
Everything sorted to LOOT and Mod descriptions.
submitted by TitanSubZero15 to skyrimmods [link] [comments]